DURGOD K620W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

As a new media worker, a keyboard with a good feel will really improve my work efficiency, and the speed of coding can keep up with my thoughts. This time, I experienced this DURGOD K620W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, which is a keyboard designed for wireless, supports a three-mode connection, and can achieve a long battery life of 360 days. Let’s take a closer look at this mechanical keyboard.

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On the front of the box is the rendering of the keyboard, and in the upper right corner is the English logo of DURGOD. We can see on the box that this keyboard supports three connection methods: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless, and USB.

There is a keyboard dust cover in the box to block some dust when not in use. In addition, there are Type-C cables, key pullers, shaft pullers, USB-A to Type-C adapters, manuals, and three keycaps for Mac systems.

Design & Experience

This DURGOD K620W keyboard is 87 keys, which means there is no numeric keypad, and it also launched a 104-key K610W. There are also two color schemes, “Island” (fog blue) and “Echo” (dark green). This one I got is the “Echo” keycap with a relatively refreshing color scheme. The keycap is composed of gray, white, and blue. The “Island” color scheme is relatively dark, and I prefer the refreshing style of “Echo”.

The keyboard shell adopts a double-layered design, the panel and bottom are white, the middle frame is black, and the logo is also printed on the middle frame, which makes the design more layered. And the whole keyboard belongs to the tough style, with sharp lines and corners, and has a high degree of recognition.

The Type-C charging port and power switch of the keyboard are designed in the upper left corner, which is quite convenient for blind operation. The Type-C charging port does not require a specific cable and can be found around. Moreover, the charging speed and battery life of this keyboard are quite strong, and it only takes three hours to fully charge. According to the usage of 8 hours a day, the Bluetooth connection can be used for 360 days, and the 2.4G connection can be used for 200 days. It can be used for a year on a single charge, and there is no battery life anxiety at all.

There is a certain height difference at the bottom of the keyboard, which will make the keyboard as a whole present a relatively small slope, and the hands will be more relaxed when typing. There are non-slip stickers at the four corners, which will not cause displacement when placed on the desktop.

The keyboard also provides two-stage foot support to meet the needs of the tilt angle when used in different scenarios, so that the keyboard has three heights to choose from.

A storage compartment to hide the 2.4G wireless receiver is built next to the foot support, which can be placed in it when not in use, which can prevent loss and is very convenient to use.

Through the connection line and the interface converter, the problem of high delay between the wireless receiver and the keyboard is solved when the desktop is used. In addition, this 2.4G wireless receiver has been redesigned to reduce the impact of complex environments on wireless signals.

There are four status indicators above the direction keys, the three on the left take into account the wireless connection and keyboard input status respectively, and on the far right is the power indicator.

By long pressing the Fn+Q, W, E, and R combination buttons, you can switch between Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless, and wired connections. It can pair 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time to meet the switching between different devices. In addition to connecting to a computer, I can usually connect to a tablet for efficient light office work.

This keyboard supports Windows and macOS dual system recognition functions, and will automatically match the corresponding key position after switching. Windows can customize buttons through drivers, but MacOS does not support drivers. I usually use a Mac a lot, but this keyboard doesn’t have a high degree of adaptation to Mac’s shortcut keys, so I can only use the original shortcut keys on the keyboard, which can only adjust the volume and music playback.

It uses the original height of the PBT two-color keycap, and the surface is a skin-friendly matte texture, wear-resistant, and durable for a long time without oiling. In addition, there are reinforcing ribs inside to improve the strength of the keycap and avoid the problem of twisting and bending. The concave arc of the keycap fits the curve of the finger, and the edge of the space bar is rounded to bring a comfortable feel. The characters on the front adopt a two-color closed molding process, which is not easy to wear.

In terms of the shaft, this keyboard uses a Durgod Custom-developed high-performance Mechanical switch, which is optimized on the basis of Jia Dalong’s CAP shaft, and it feels smoother and more comfortable. The one I got is a silver shaft, which is very suitable for typing. The total stroke is 3.4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.2mm, and the trigger force is 45gf. The key travel is relatively short, the hand feel is light and linear, and it is smooth and smooth to use. The large key is used for the satellite shaft design, and the stability is OK.

The DURGOD K620W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard also supports the hot swap of the popular axis, compatible with the triangular axis and the pentagonal axis. To meet the DIY needs of some players, by replacing some of the keys with other shafts, you can experience the feel of different shafts on one keyboard, and when the shaft is broken, maintenance is much easier.

Silicone pads and sound-absorbing cotton are added inside the keyboard, which can reduce the noise when the keyboard is tapped, and play a shock-absorbing effect, making the keyboard feel more solid and stable.


In general, this DURGOD K620W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard feels quite comfortable, and the silver switch feels light and smooth to me. It is a good office experience. The three-mode connection method can meet the connection needs of different devices, and the 360-day long battery life solves battery life anxiety. The refreshing keycap color matching and the double-layered appearance design make the overall appearance quite high. However, there is no light on this keyboard, and those who have no sense of the keyboard light can start.

Buy DURGOD’s Keyboards From Amazon Buy From at $129.99

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