Honymow Getting Angel Invested by Lenovo Capital and KIP

The intelligent lawn mowing robot brand “Honymow” announced that it has completed an angel round of financing of millions of RMB(= 150,000 to 1500,000 USD). This round of financing was jointly invested by Lenovo Venture Capital and KIPvc China. This round of financing funds will be mainly used for product research and development and investment. Mass production, marketing and team building. A new round of financing for the company is also underway.

Founded in 2021, Honymow is a lawn mowing robot company headquartered in Shenzhen. Honymow mainly adopts the navigation method of lidar + vision and makes efforts in safety protection and other aspects. Provide unmanned, borderless mowing solutions for home lawns, parks, golf courses, airports and other venues.

Tang Long, founder and CEO of Ruichi Smart, told 36kr that its lawn mowing robot solution mainly covers planning for four major advantages, including safety, positioning and navigation, self-cleaning and after-sales maintenance.

Lenovo Venture Capital Group and general manager of Lenovo Accelerator, said: “Artificial intelligence and automation are the general trends, and the robot market will also usher in explosive development. The application scenarios of robots will expand day by day. The demand for lawn mowers in the overseas household market has always been a hot spot in the industry. At the same time, there is also a broad market space in domestic and more application scenarios. However, due to the complex operating environment, the need for technology and product Design is more demanding than indoor sweeping robots. Honymow is a project incubated and invested by Lenovo and KIPvc platform Novel Robotics. The team has a deep accumulation in computer vision and industrial automation and has mature experience in industrialization and large-scale delivery.  As one of the early investors, we will give full play to the ecological advantages of CVC and continue to provide the team with a full range of industrial ecological support.”

KIPvc, said: “In Europe and the United States, there is a real demand for high customer unit price of lawn mowing robots, and the global market has great potential on the eve of the outbreak. At present, there are also hundreds of companies in China that are making lawn mowing robots. Honymow is backed by the core technology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Robotics. The team has efficient execution and has taken the lead in making a prototype. The cost-effective lawn mowing robot will come out soon in anticipation. The performance of Honymow’s lawn mowing robot is superior. We are not only optimistic about the Home applications but are also very optimistic about commercial applications.”

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