INMOTION V5 Review: Electric Unicycle with Cool Impression

The INMOTION V5 review for the well-balanced 550W INMOTION unicycle is still famous because it is still in demand besides being an old one-wheeler. Another reason for its popularity is the option to paste various stickers or DIY patterns to make it fashionable or a street sensation. Other bonus highlights include professional battery management, a dual atmosphere lamp, and a portable slim body with an epic balance. Performing juggling acts or attention-seeking spins is easy even for beginners. Let us explore more about this classic e-unicycle.



There are two models for the V5 series e-unicycle, the standard V5 with 450W motor and the V5 with 550W motor. Also, the basic V5 has a 2.2AH 160Wh battery, while the INMOTION V5 review shows it has a 4.4AH 320Wh battery. Both models have up to 120kg load capacity, Bluetooth 4.0, IP55 waterproof rating, 18-32km mileage range, 14-inch tire, and 18-degree slope climbing. Moreover, the V5 has a front Blue LED headlight with a Red LED rear lamp. The 450W V5 has only a rear Red LED lamp. You can reach a maximum speed of 15.6mph (25km/hr) on V5 and 12.5mph (20km/hr) on the basic V5 model. Both can connect to a smartphone app.


The INMOTION V5 has an 18.74×15.82×6.53-inch size and weighs around 10.9kg; V5 weighs 11.9kg. Unboxing the package, we find the one wheel scooter, handle installation tool, screws, charger, and instruction manual.


The inmotion V5 Review for Electric Unicycle Design

The plain white front surface allows the user to apply stickers, comic wallpapers, movie posters, graffiti art, street art, or any creative DIY style. No doubt, it is the highlight of the INMOTION V5 review. The pull-out handle has a touch power button, a battery indicator, and an LED touch button. A LED lamp on the front, side foldable pedals, with a 15cm thick body. PU leather pads are on both pedals, ABS material shell body, and the V5 comes in black or white colors. Both V5 and V5 have a 14-inch inflatable pneumatic tire. There is an air-inflating switch for convenient air pumping.


A compact e-unicycle size of 40.9 x 47.8cm with a 14-inch tire and a pull-out handle is easy to use. An LED headlight is enough for urban areas or cities but not suitable for absolutely dark places. Also, the INMOTION V5 review shows it has a 450W motor, with V5 having a 550W motor. There is a 35km battery life with 320Wh power and intelligent battery safe management. Pedals are foldable, and there are touch buttons for the headlight. You can speed it from 0-19mph within 3 seconds, and it has an excellent braking system.

Battery Life

Using the INMOTION V5 electric unicycle, riding 90% on city roads and climbing the rest 10% on slopes, the battery lasted up to 35 kilometers with the 73kg rider’s weight. As claimed by the company, it can cover up to 32-40 kilometers on paper, but the actual mileage is around 25 to 32 kilometers, according to the rider’s weight and the uphill slopes he climbs. Connected with the app on a smartphone or smart device, you can view all the mileage and speed stats.

The INMOTION V5 E Unicycle Riding Experience

You first notice the low distance between the pedals and the road when riding it. To be precise, a 14cm distance from the ground. For some riders, it can be a little uncomfortable, but it protects them from slipping or accidental drops. Also, the INMOTION V5 review shows it raises the center of gravity for better balance. It is why many vloggers and youtube videos perform stunts on this one wheel scooter. The 21cm large-size pedals can accommodate all foot sizes. Both acceleration and deacceleration are stable, braking adequate, and reduced vibrations. Overall, the riding experience was satisfying.

The INMOTION V5 e-unicycle has a 12kg weight and can feel heavy for some people to carry. Therefore, this one wheel scooter has a long handle that you can unfold for dragging along when the battery dies. A feature most the one-wheelers do not have. It has an IP55 waterproof rating, so riding in rainy areas or wet roads is not a problem. Also, the tire will not slip.

INMOTION V5 Specs Sheet

Motor: 550W Brushless
Weight: 12kg
Range: 21.8-25 miles
Max Speed: 15.6mph (25km/hr)
Max Slope: 18-degree
Battery: 4.4AH 320Wh
Tire 14-inch
IP Rating: IP55
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0


  • 550W Brushless Motor.
  • Long foldable aluminum alloy handle.
  • Up to 30 kilometers mileage range.
  • Better balance, braking, and reduced motor vibrations.


  • Large-size pedals can cause fatigue for some riders after a long ride.
  • Installing the hand push rod can be troublesome.

The Verdict


  • Personalized high-value appearance;
  • The lightest and thinnest high-horsepower unicycle in its class;
  • The most agile and responsive unicycle in its class, it is extremely fun to drive;


  • The performance and endurance are still not as good as their counterparts at the same level;
  • Comfort is not significantly improved;
  • The car body is more tense when cruising at high speed;

Who should buy?

  • Commuter users who often have to carry unicycles on buses and subways;
  • Young players who pursue fashion and individuality;

who shouldn’t

  • Fans who pursue ultimate performance;
  • A hardcore player who loves long-distance travel.

Although the highlight of the V5 INMOTION unicycle V5 one-wheel scooter is the creative DIY appearance with your choice of Iron Man or Wonder Woman poster, the INMOTION V5 review highlights its more practical use for urban riders. An ergonomic push-out handle, excellent balance, anti-skid, front and rear lamps, and good wet road e-unicycle grip. However, this electric unicycle is not for hills or mountains because it can climb 18-degree slopes and has a pneumatic inflatable tire. But for the city, it is a considerable choice.

XiaomiToday Rating: 4/5 

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