SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity Launched on Kickstarter – Emergency Powerbank with a 5000mAh Capacity

Charge Your Devices with 20W Output, Compact and Light Body, and Take it Anywhere.

Shargeek presents us with a new alternative of external batteries, which comes with some functions that other batteries do not have, for example, a stopwatch and timer, and it can give us an hour, day, month, and year. SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity is ultra-portable, and you can take it anywhere at any time! Whether you’re studying in the library or need to time yourself at the gym constantly, it’s easy to manage with Capsule Gravity.

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Capsule Gravity is Mini in size but more in functions. With multi-functional timers and even an emergency power bank built-in, SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity can not only power up your efficiency but also your digital devices. The SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity is a unique time management tool that helps you get more done in less time. Unlike the timer on the phone, it doesn’t require extra time to set your timer. Switch between a timer, countdown timer/alarm clock, and a Pomodoro timer instantly – without having to open the app.

SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity Launched on Kickstarter

Working as an emergency power bank for your electronic products with a 5000 mAh capacity, 20W fast charge charging. It can charge not only your smartphones but also your MacBook Air. It can charge your iPhone 13 to 60% battery in 30 mins which is 4x faster than a standard power bank. SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity can be charged to Samsung, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel, GoPro, Kindle, and more can be conveniently charged at home or on the go!

“Our team of designers and creators know very well the importance of time management. To create our products we dream big and work hard. To do so efficiently, we break tasks down into manageable actions and use the Pomodoro technique to maintain focus and work intensively between essential periods of rest. Having a powerful, accurate, and intuitive countdown timer and alarm at hand is the key to this proven efficiency method. SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity was designed to satisfy this need. It sits on the desktop and with a simple flip of the wrist, its countdown begins, keeping the users on schedule and in focus for any task that requires undivided attention. It’s the perfect time management tool to get into the zone fast.” –Meng Xianjie, Capsule Gravity Product Designer

In addition to being known for creating powerful, productive, and comfortable products, SHARGEEK gears are instantly recognizable. With a sleek retro-futuristic appearance and cyberpunk cool, the SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity design impresses with a bold look. The gravity of the capsule is unmatched, with an attractive futuristic design and a colorful digital readout that takes a stylish approach to time management and is intuitively controlled with a simple flip – giving users a safe way to block time for specific tasks, stay on schedule and stay healthy reminder of the rest. The tool is perfect for work, training, precision cooking, and more. Set the timer, rotate, and go! The capsule instantly switches between gravity timer, countdown timer/alarm clock, and Pomodoro timer, quickly improving focus and working efficiency as a time management tool.

In addition to time management, users can boost with the onboard 20W fast charger. SHARGEEK Capsule Gravity is compact but full of power, with a 5000mAh battery backup for devices as diverse as iPhones, iPad, and Macbooks – an EDC power solution with fast charging and 40 days of standby. Shargeek Gravity Capsule: The futuristic productivity booster is a daily necessity for modern digital life and provides a powerful time management tool to increase work productivity and personal effectiveness. With SHARGEEK’s retro-futuristic style and useful features, users can enjoy focus and efficiency at home or at work. Gravity Capsules are available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more, visit the Campaign Here.

Go On Kickstarter Campaign Here

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