POCO M5 to launch with MediaTek Helio G99 as a stronger 4G chip!

I almost lost faith in them after using some phones with low-end chips. Chips with weak performance often cause various problems such as App freezes, frame drops while gaming, phone overheating, and even system unresponsiveness in my daily use. It seems like a difficult problem to buy a great smartphone under a limited budget for students or those people who pursue cost-effectiveness.

The good news is that POCO is heard to release a performance phone at a super affordable price — POCO M5. Its biggest highlight is that it is equipped with the latest 4G chip Helio G99 released by MediaTek, which is extremely cost-effective. How does this chip perform? What are the highlights of this new POCO phone? Let’s read together.


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All-in Performance

First, let’s look at the latest 4G chip — MediaTek Helio G99. As one of the strongest 4G chips, its overall performance is excellent, and the daily use of various APPs is stable and smooth, even for large games such as FreeFire and PUBG.

And I also found that it has exclusive optimization for games. Many mobile phones cannot run at full capacity due to scheduling problems during the game, leading to overheating and freezing after playing for a while, so the gaming experience is not great. The POCO M5 is equipped with Game Turbo 5.0 technology, which can make the CPU run at full speed with only one click! You no longer have to worry about freezes and frame drops while gaming for long, which is good news for people like me who love to play games.


Although it is a 4G chip, if your area is not fully covered by 5G, like me, the 5G chip is not very useful. Moreover, compared with some weak performance and expensive 5G smartphones, the POCO M5 equipped with this MediaTek Helio G99 chip is obviously more cost-effective.

In addition to chip performance, it is annoying that the problems of “killing background process” when running multitasking and insufficient storage space that is often encountered. The POCO M5 does well on this issue. Unlike other models, it is equipped with up to 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.2 ROM. You can switch back and forth between multiple apps when using your phone for office work. Chat software, shopping software, browsers, etc., can all be mounted in the background, which is very efficient!

All-in Display

Does high performance mean fluency? No! The performance can only guarantee the fluency of the operation, but the actual fluency is also determined by the screen, especially the screen’s refresh rate.


If you just changed from a 60Hz smartphone to POCO M5 with a high refresh rate of 90Hz like me,  you will feel that the M5 is smoother even if the performance is the same, which is the effect of the high refresh rate. There is almost no smear effect when fast scrolling, and it is fast and fluency, especially when using information flow software such as Twitter and Facebook,

Worried that using a high refresh screen will significantly increase power consumption and reduce battery life? POCO M5 also has an amazing display technology: DynamicSwitch display technology, which can change the refresh rate in real-time for different content. To put it simply, when you use information flow software such as Twitter and Facebook, it will use 90Hz to provide a smoother browsing experience; when watching TV series, movies, and other scenes that do not require high frame rates, it will use 60Hz regular refresh rates to save energy consumption. The fluency and battery life are guaranteed!

Are you always slower than others when firing bullets and attacking while playing games? It may not be that your game skill is not good, but that the screen touch sampling rate is not enough. The touch sampling rate determines how quickly the screen responds, which is especially important for game lovers. For this problem, POCO M5 uses a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz, which is extremely rare in the same class of phones. The actual effect is that you will be faster than others while gaming. It can be called a physical hacker to easily increase your game win rate.

All in all, as an entry-level performance smartphone, the POCO M5’s performance quite sanctified me; just the MediaTek Helio G99 chip has already surprised me. The price of other phones using the same level of chips in the market is over 200 euros.  Do you think how much is the price of POCO M5? Are you satisfied with the total configuration of POCO M5? Please comment on your opinion and let us talk about it.

Finally, if you want to know more highlights of POCO M5, you can also follow the POCO Twitter official account. this new mobile phone with excellent audio and video performance will be released at 8:00 pm, 5th September 2022? BJT Time ? at a launch conference. More surprises will also be announced at the conference too. Please comment if you have other ideas for this product, and we will discuss them together?

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