Oclean Endurance Electric Toothbrush available for purchase here

Tailored for beginners, Oclean Endurance Electric Toothbrush comes to address a versatile range of dental problems across all aged people. It provides various cleaning modes and other technical configurations to impart a comprehensive tooth-cleaning experience. With up to 72,000 movements per minute, the electric toothbrush ensures efficient cleaning and up to 10x plaque removal. Currently, the product is available for purchase on the official platform with exciting offers.

Oclean Endurance Electric Toothbrush – Features & Specifications

Design and Build

The latest Endurance toothbrush reflects a sleek, simple, and straightforward design and physical construction. It uses high-rated materials to form an anti-mould chassis and to be health-oriented. It has dual parts with the upper unit has the DuPont gentle bristles with a W-shaped design. Similarly, the lower part shows the main body with a power button and a charging point at the bottom. It comes in two (Black & White) colours along with an IPX7 waterproof body.

OCLEAN ENDURANCE electric toothbrush


The unit integrates a Maglev motor to produce efficient productivity across every session. It has the potential to create 72,000 movements/minute to bring an efficient cleaning experience. Therefore, users will have good outputs with 5-star cleaning and up to 10x plaque removal.


The Electric Toothbrush features dual working modes since it is specifically assembled for beginners. During the 1st week, you can use it in the gentle mode and can switch to cleaning mode after the 1st week. Moreover, the DuPont gentle bristles are suitable for sensitive teeth.

OCLEAN ENDURANCE electric toothbrush


The power station of the electric brush comprises a larger 800mAh capacity battery. On every single charge, people are supposed to enjoy a whopping 30-day power backup. The toothbrush includes a USB Type-C port to facilitate charging.


With an IPX7 waterproof rating, Oclean’s Endurance toothbrush promises to bring full freedom to use and wash the brush under the tap.

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99OCLEAN ENDURANCE Electric toothbrush now available for just $24.99

Also, OCLEAN Offers other products at a very reasonable price. Here below, we have provided all the details of the Happy brush Promotional offer.

  1. Oclean Flow

Oclean Flow sonic is an electric toothbrush with a larger battery. The battery last about 25 plus weeks with a single charge. Also, the brush can produce 38,000 strokes per minute, giving a better smile. Here below, we have provided the best offer to buy the brush now from the official website.

OCLEAN Flow Electric toothbrush now available for just $34.99


Oclean Air 2T is an ultra-quiet oral care ever. The brush comes with noise cancellation technology which introduces less than 37dB of noise. The 95g weight brush is easy to handle and carry in a small bag. Also, the brush provides ultra cleaning with up to 40,000 movements per minute.

OCLEAN AIR 2T Electric toothbrush now available for just $69.99

3. OCLEAN W1 Eater Flosser

Oclean W1 uses water and air mixing to achieve effective cleaning between teeth more efficiently and effectively, remove adjacent dental plaque, and create a clean and healthy environment between teeth and all dental restorations. Its size and design make it a magical device that can replace traditional dental floss.

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OCLEAN W1 Water Flosser now available for just $73.99


Oclean X Pro is a smart brush with a clean design. It launches with the 6-axis gyroscope that detects the motion and can generate blind spot reports. It comes with 2-in-1 charging and a holding wall mount magnet.


OCLEAN X Pro electric toothbrush now available for just $81.19


After buying the electric toothbrush, you will look for a holder to place the brush. So, the new Oclean S1 UVC sanitiser is the best product for you. We get a built-in Hall Switch which makes it safe and energy-saving.

OCLEAN S1 toothbrush sanitiser now available for just $32.99

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