HUAWEI PixLab V1 Color Inkjet Smart Printer Review

Those who have worked in the workplace must have been in such a dilemma. The leader asks you to print several documents that require doubles. Faced with a huge printer that is more than one meter high and dozens of buttons, even many buttons are still in English. In order to solve these problems, The operation of professional printers is complicated. Huawei recently released a HUAWEI PixLab V1 Color Inkjet Smart Printer that can be used without reading the manual. In addition, PixLab V1 also brings us a lot of surprising technologies such as primary color printing, and AI handwriting erasure and comes with the HarmonyOS 3, which has a good appearance. Here is a review of the Huawei PixLab V1 printer, let’s take a look~.

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HUAWEI PixLab V1 Color Inkjet Smart Printer Review

HUAWEI PixLab V1 continues Huawei’s consistent minimalist aesthetic design concept. It can be placed anywhere in the home and can be perfectly integrated into the home environment. Except for the hidden touch panel, the entire body is white.

PixLab V1 uses a separate ink tank design, with four ink tanks: red, yellow, blue, and black. The ink tanks must be installed into the printer before use.

The print life of the color cartridge is 4000 pages and the life of the black and white print is 7500 pages.

After all, the cost of printing a page of black and white documents is less than 4 cents, which is lower than most laser printers. One color nozzle and one black nozzle can be easily installed.

In response to the problem that inkjet print heads are easy to block, especially when the power is off for a long time, the nozzles are more likely to be blocked by dust. PixLab V1 has designed a triple anti-blocking solution.

On the mobile phone or PC client, you can set the intelligent flushing mode to clean the nozzle regularly. As long as there is no power failure, even if the printer enters sleep mode, the nozzle will be cleaned regularly, which greatly reduces the probability of nozzle blockage.


When the printer is under strike, touch the touch panel to wake up the operation.

There is an ID copy button in the middle, which is specially used to copy various documents.

Huawei has added the “AI Smart Correction” technology to the PixLab V1 printer. No matter how the documents are placed, they can finally be printed in the center, giving patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder an inexplicable sense of comfort. With this function, the documents are completely printed. No need to worry, just throw it away and leave the rest to Huawei PixLab V1.

There is a HUAWEI Share icon below, just open the photo or file you want to print, and you can start printing with a single touch.

1. Minimal network distribution: For users of Huawei mobile phones or computers, connecting to the Internet has become extremely simple. For example, with the Mate 30 Pro in our hands, we only need to bring the mobile phone close to PixLab V1 to connect the printer to the mobile phone to start. Print. The whole process takes less than 20 seconds. Huawei’s smart ecology is so terrifying.

2. Shared printing: After the network is configured, you only need to click the upper right corner of the Smart Life APP to share the printer with relatives and friends. One person can configure the network, and the whole family can share printing.

3. Remote printing: In the Smart Life APP, enable remote printing. No matter where you are, you can put the PixLab V1 at home to print out the data and test questions on your mobile phone.

The PixLab V1 printer equipped with HarmonyOS 3 is more intelligent than you can imagine. The PixLab V1 printer has added the HyperTerminal function, open the HyperTerminal of the mobile phone, pulls it together, all the printing entries are unified, click the floating ball, and any content can be printed directly.

What should I do if I want to redo the test paper I have already done?

In the education area of the Smart Life APP, click Erase handwriting. Put the test paper into the printer to scan, PixLab V1 can erase all the handwriting on the test paper, and then reprint the test paper, which is the same as the brand new test paper.

In different display devices, due to the difference in screen quality and display principle, the color displayed on different screens of the same photo often deviates greatly. At the same time, you will also find that the printed photo, the color, and the screen are completely two different things.

Based on the three technologies of 3DLut color tuning, color temperature follow-up, and production line aperture grading calibration, Huawei has developed a primary color printing engine. It can synchronize the color temperature of Huawei terminal equipment to the printer, realizing the “what you see is what you get” color printing effect.

This is what I use PixLab V1 primary color printing technology, the printed photos, everyone can see, and the colors on the phone are almost exactly the same.

Thinking about how we used the printer in the past, installing various drivers, various connection settings, and being unable to connect at all times, we have experienced PixLab V1 for 2 days, and we often trigger a feeling: printing can still be used like this.

Whether it is user experience or smart functions, PixLab V1 far surpasses the inkjet and laser printers of the same price on the market.


With the blessing of HarmonyOS 3, Huawei PixLab V1 gives more innovation and application performance and can bring a more efficient user experience in daily life and the office. Huawei PixLab V1, in addition to its high appearance, also has more abundant, easy-to-use, practical, and easy-to-use functions. Zero thresholds to get started, easy and efficient multi-scene application, you will fall in love with it after using it.

You can currently pre-order the PixLab V1 color inkjet printer in China with a deposit of 100 yuan (~US$15) or 200 yuan (~US$30), with the device costing 1,499 yuan (~US$222). It is unclear if or when the gadget could be released in other markets.

You can buy another model of Huawei PixLab X1 Smart Printer from Aliexpress and other brand’s printers from Amazon.

Buy Huawei PixLab X1 Smart Printer From Aliexpress Buy Other Printers From Amazon

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