AOHi Magcube 120W PRO GaN+ Desktop Charger Review

Users with high-performance laptops, often need to bring a laptop charger and a mobile phone charger when traveling on business. If they need to use a tablet, they may need to bring another tablet charger. The chargers for high-performance laptops are heavy enough by themselves and adding phone chargers and tablet chargers does add a lot of travel weight. AOHi launched the first Magcube 120W Pro Gan+ Desktop Charger, which can well meet the needs of these users. With 120W high power and multi-interface design, it is enough to bring a charger when traveling on business.

AOHi’s products not only have high power and small size but also bring a multi-interface design, AOHi Magcube 120W GaN+ Desktop Charger solves the problem of charging multiple devices at the same time. Thanks to the excellent AI chip, it can be distributed intelligently. Even when two laptops are charged at the same time, they can also charge other electronic devices such as mobile phones, and allow users to travel or work from home, as long as One charger is enough, and it also makes the desktop tidier and environmentally friendly.

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As a leading domestic GaN charger company, AOHi has launched a number of GaN charger products, covering 30W, 40W, 65W to 100W+, which can meet the changing needs of different users. Based on gallium nitride technology, the charger can achieve higher power while making the charger smaller and more convenient to carry. After some days of use, the AOHi Magcube 120W Pro GaN+ Desktop Charger is the most satisfying product I have ever used, Let’s start to review its performance and power mechanism for everyone.


  • Model: AOHI AOC-C006 120W Pro Gan+ Desktop Charger
  • Color: Black
  • PD Output: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 20V 5A, PPS 3.3-21V 5A, 100W Max Each USB-C Port
  • QC Output: 5A 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, 18W Max Each USB-A Port
  • AC Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 3.5A Max
  •  Charging Scenes
    Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously
    C1(Laptop) + C2(Cell Phone) + A1(Cell Phone) + A2(Cell Phone): 65W + 20W + 18W + 18W
    C1(Laptop) + C2(Laptop) + A1(Cell Phone) + A2(Cell Phone): 45W + 45W + 18W + 18W
    Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously
    C1(Laptop) + C2(Laptop) + A1(Cell Phone): 65W + 45W +1 0W
    Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously
    C1(Laptop) + A1(Cell Phone): 100W Max + 18W Max
    C1(Laptop) + C2(Laptop): 60W + 60W


The appearance of the AOHi Magcube 120W Pro GaN+ Desktop Charger and the AOHi brand Logo is printed on the front side of the box. On the back side of the box, three selling points of the product are printed and the yellow color is very conspicuous, and the product parameter is also printed on the backside.

AOHi Magcube 120W PRO GaN+ Desktop Charger

The box contains the AOHi Magcube 120W Pro GaN+ Desktop Charger, Two-Pin US Plug Power Cord, and an instruction manual in multilanguage.


The appearance of this AOHi Magcube 120W Pro continues the style design of the Magcube series, with a square shape and the main body is made of black shell PC material, and the overall frosted plastic shell has an excellent texture to the touch. The weight of 380g is much heavier than it looks in the hand, and the material is very solid.

AOHi branding is printed on the side of the fuselage, and on another side printed two major selling points 120W GaN+ and bezels also have the words MAGCUBE 120W PRO printed. The charger parameters are marked on the third side of the charger shell.

There are four 2C – 2A USB ports on the front which are symmetrical on the center line and can meet the changing needs of many smart devices. All the plastic core of the interface is yellow and the metallic matte finish is full of technology, the overall look is very delicate.

There is an indicator light on the top of the charging port, and you can see the charging power according to the indicator light.

The power outlet is arranged on the back. The AOHi Magcube 120W Charger is detachable from the power supply cable, which is convenient for users to extend fast charging to the desktop. It’s like a laptop power cord, but stronger than a laptop cord!

The built-in AI chip intelligently distributes the power required by the device. It can be seen that when the device is fully used, the charging port can intelligently identify whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone for power distribution. The three-zone temperature control is used to ensure the stability of the load, gallium nitride heat dissipation, nano-carbon copper heat dissipation, and aviation aluminum heat dissipation are still used, and the heat dissipation effect is still very strong. The AOHi Magcube 120W PRO GaN+ Desktop Charger can support up to 4 devices that need to be charged at the same time: mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and headphones that need to be charged together, as well as digital devices after returning, I need to find a suitable one. charger one by one.


AOHi Magcube 120W PRO GaN+ Desktop Charger has multi-color light that indicates fast and slow charging. Into the Laptop Both Type-C ports are plugged and the charger shows an orange indicator light. I feel that the indicator light is well designed and the desktop can see the charging status. The power displayed is good when the charger is connected to the tablet and notebook. Of course, charging a single port will be 100w.

After testing, the protocol support is relatively comprehensive, and the current mainstream charging protocols are basically supported. Of course, this part of the private agreement of the mobile phone is exclusively owned by the manufacturer. At present, this problem can only be solved unless all subsequent mobile phones use the public agreement uniformly.

When charged two mobile phones same time, the indicator light also shows the orange light which means its works as fast charging. If four charging ports at the same time, smart distribution is still very reasonable. I don’t have much testing equipment, but I have seen the notebook’s charging light comes on to show that it is charging (the indicator light won’t come on if the charging power is low).

When the mobile phone is plugged into port A, the power is not very high and the current mobile phone has a special contract, so there is no way. AOHi Magcube 120W PRO GaN+ Desktop Charger has AI intelligence power distribution, although it is fully connected, port c1 can charge a 65w battery and port c2 can charge a mobile phone or computer. Combined with the Apple PI chip + the third-generation semiconductor material GaN gallium nitride, it is not only powerful but also smaller in size. I also noticed that this charger doesn’t heat up easily when in use. Because it has the advantage of 3-zone temperature control: Multi-device charging at full speed at the same time: Area A: GaN heat dissipation, Area B: Nano-carbon copper heat dissipation, Area C: Aviation aluminum heat dissipation, the effect is still strong.


In general, this AOHi Magcube 120W Pro Gan+ Desktop Charger not only has high charging power but also supports 4-ports automatic distribution of power for simultaneous charging for multipurpose. In addition, when a new device is connected, there will be reconnection. It can charge high-performance laptops, as well as almost all digital devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and even Bluetooth headsets. Not only fast charging but also good heat dissipation, safer to use.

Such an excellent size once again broke through the industry ceiling. Such a charger is especially suitable for digital experts or business people like me who often travel or travel and need to charge a large number of digital devices. In addition, this product of AOHi Magcube 120W Pro Gan+ Desktop Charger may also be suitable for travel parties. Yes, the compact size and the extension cord design are actually very suitable for business trips.

20% OFF Discount Coupon: AOHI120W
Buy From Official AOHi Store at $72.00 Buy From AOHi’s Amazon Store at $99.99

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