Ortur Laser Master Promo for August ($100 Discount)

The latest Ortur Laser Master 3 is a 10W laser engraver equipped with a dual-core laser module. The company has introduced the machine in the 10W segment to withstand the competition from Atomstack and xTool. They already have their 10W engravers in the market to support the high-end engraving and cutting requirements of users. The Laser Master 3 has multiple safety features, 20,000mm/min speed, and 400x400mm print size. Let’s have a look at the details!

Ortur Laser Master 3 Engraver – Features & Specifications

Design and Construction

Physically, the Laser Master 3 looks sturdy, efficient, and impressive in design and construction. It is successful in delivering an elegant build made of a metal-framed body. It adopts an integrated air assist, foldable gauge, and dual fans to add more to the value. Also, there is an emergency button, U Disk, security key, and some physical ports to ensure independent connectivity. In terms of physical dimensions, the engraver measures 580x550x150mm and weighs 6.5kg.

Ortur Laser Master 3 Laser Engraver
Ortur Laser Master 3 Laser Engraver


Indubitably, it is one of the highlighting prospects in the engraving machine. The manufacturer has studded the device with a dual-motor mechanism for better performance. It boasts 42×60 Y Stepper Motor x1 and 42×60 X Stepper Motor x1 motors to obtain enhanced productivity.

Materials Support

Ortur has promised the Laser Master 3 to engrave several types of materials, including paper, leather, and plyboard. Additionally, it can confidently engrave wood (12mm) and acrylic (10mm).

Ortur Laser Master 3 Engraver Review
Ortur Laser Master 3 Engraver Review


The latest engraving machine by Ortur is proficient in delivering matchless speed in the market. It promises to impart more perfection to projects with 20,000mm/min speed. It comprises the 4th-gen laser spot and 2nd-gen laser diode combining technology. Meanwhile, the laser engraver also ensures up to 0.01mm precision through the highlighting 10W laser module.

App Support

You can manage and control operations across Easy Mode and Professional Mode on a mobile app (Android & iOS).

Moreover, the Ortur Laser Master 3 integrates OLM-ESP-PRO-V2.4 motherboard chip, 0.05×0.1mm spot size, supports multiple file formats, and 7 safety features.

Promo time: Ends on 31st August

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Ortur Laser Master 3 engraver now available for just $599

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