NIU X Razer SQi Edition E-Scooter Exclusive to China

The Razer Moped electric scooter, NIU X Razer SQi Edition, is exclusive to China but rising in high demand globally. Teamed up with NIU to produce a unique, appealing, sporty electric bike design scooter, Razer aggressively enters the commuting scene.

NIU X Razer SQi Edition e-scooter Razer electric scooter Razer moped electric bike

The renowned gaming accessories brand launched this limited edition electric bike with an eye-catching, stylish design on August 2 in China. The NIU and Razer collaborated e-scooter has a max speed of 25km/hr and weighs around 50kg. Also, the NIU X Razer SQi Edition e-scooter is best for urban commute and has a mileage range of 65 kilometers. However, we still do not know the details of the specifications of the limited edition scooter. Moreover, the NIU and Razer partnership is expected to blossom in future with further niche offerings.

NIU X Razer SQi Edition e-scooter Razer electric scooter Razer moped electric bike

NIU X Razer SQi Edition E-Scooter

People love the sporty and futuristic motorbike design, which is why it sold out within 2 seconds of its launch. The chassis of NIU X Razer is made from aerospace-grade magnesium alloy. In addition, the bright green central battery, fenders, center axle, and rear shock absorber showcase NIU X Razer SQi Edition e-scooter highlights. There are 17-inch tires, a 400W motor, dual disc brakes, a 220mm front brake, and a 180mm rear brake. A round LED headlight like the movie, Tron Legacy’s innovative motorbikes, and built-in rear light are other attention-seeking perks.

Other Features

Other features include smart electric scooter connectivity using Bluetooth or NFC with apps like WeChat and others. Also, you can use a smartphone as an ignition key to start NIU X Razer SQi Edition. The smart app lets you know the mileage, speed, battery, etc. An intelligent chip monitors the e-scooter health status at all times (200 times per minute). Moreover, a complete security system with GPS is installed.

NIU X Razer SQi Edition e-scooter Razer electric scooter Razer moped electric bike

Price and Availability

The CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, tweeted about the success of this electric scooter and a complete sell-out within 2 seconds in China. Also, there was overwhelming demand. However, it is not clear when it will be available globally. The NIU X Razer SQi Edition price at the time of release was 9,999 Yuan ($1,482).

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