YOGA Pro 14s 2022 review – How Strong is the 6800HS Creative Version?

The YOGA Pro 14s AMD Ryzen™ Edition notebook is a product with very balanced performance, screen, power consumption, and price. At the same time, it has unique innovations in display specifications and refreshes rates.

In addition, the YOGA Pro 14s AMD Ryzen™ Edition is equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 6800HS Creator Edition, a very personalized processor. Look, the 680M integrated with this processor, the graphics processing capability is stronger than the discrete graphics card MX570. It is 2.26 times the performance of the previous generation’s R7 5800H integrated graphics card.

The YOGA Pro 14s Ryzen Edition is a thin, light notebook product that deserves attention.


1. Appearance: sleek and elegant YOGA style


The YOGA Pro 14s adopts the aviation aluminum integral forming process, and the appearance design is similar to the design language of “jewelry,” which makes the appearance of the YOGA Pro 14s present a clear contrast with the harsh and sharp appearance style of the current industry process.

All the edges and corners of the YOGA Pro 14s are in a rounded style, and there are almost no hard-line elements in the whole body.

YOGA series products have always been a product system that is more fashionable by manufacturers. This time, the product design has major changes from the previous design style. The rounded shape can bring more soft feelings to users. Compared with the rugged industrial style commonly used in the market, the difference is quite apparent.

The most exciting thing is that the YOGA Pro 14s has only the dimensions of a 14-inch notebook in terms of appearance and size, but the screen size has reached 14.5 inches, which is a screen size between 14 inches and 15.4 inches, and the left and right borders are only 2.43mm. Since the screen adopts a ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of 3072X1920, the YOGA Pro 14s gives users the feeling that it is the display efficiency of a 15-inch notebook.

In addition, the screen display effect of YOGA Pro 14s is also good; the overall screen ratio reaches 92.5%, the little screen brightness is 400 nits, and the measured brightness exceeds 400 nits, but the overall uniformity is average. At the same time, the maximum refresh rate of the screen is 120Hz, and it supports adaptive refresh rate changes between 30-120Hz. This design is somewhat like a mobile phone screen.

Benefiting from the influence of screen hardware performance, the 3K screen of YOGA Pro 14s not only has a color gamut range of 100% sRGB but also supports Dolby Vision, and the color accuracy has also reached the level of Delta E, less than 1.


2, performance: excellent balance of performance and power consumption.


The YOGA Pro 14s is equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 7 6800HS Creator Edition processor, with a standard frequency of 3.2G, a maximum turbo frequency of 4.7G, and 8 cores and 16 threads.

In the actual test, whether it is an office software environment or a game scene, the 6800HS Creator Edition is slightly more robust than the current Intel 12500H, and it is almost the same as the previous generation 5980HS in terms of single-core or multi-core performance.

In the Geekbench 5 test, the YOGA Pro 14s achieved a single-core score of 1536 and a multi-core score of 9368, showing excellent performance.

In the CINEBEMCH R23 test, the performance of YOGA Pro 14s is as good as ever, with a single-core score of 1537pts and a multi-core score of 13119pts.

In terms of graphics performance, not only the 6800HS Creator Edition is equipped with an RX 680M that is good enough to compete with ordinary notebook discrete graphics cards, but the laptop still has a RTX GeForce 3050 graphics card, which brings good graphics performance.

In the actual test, if Geekbench 5 is used to test the graphics processing capability of the YOGA Pro 14s, in the OpenCL test, the performance of the integrated graphics card 680M is about 33578, which even exceeds that of the GTX1060 and is even better than the official AMD data. Some. The 3050 OpenCL running score of the YOGA Pro 14s has reached 59233, which is still in the upper-middle performance among the 3050 graphics cards.

To release the performance of integrated display and independent display, on YOGA Pro 14s 2022, the manufacturer launched X Power technology, which intelligently selects the choice of combined display output, graphics card direct connection, and mixed output. By intelligently selecting the graphics processing method, it can adapt to the needs of different software for graphics processing capabilities and achieve a balance between relative performance and battery life.

In daily use, with the help of the automatic switching between the integrated display and the independent display, in most scenarios, even if the integrated graphics card is used, the graphics processing power of the YOGA Pro 14s is sufficient to meet the daily office needs.

YOGA Pro 14s

YOGA Pro 14s 2022 has 16G LPDDR5 memory, and 512G PCIe 4.0 high-speed SSD hard drive. From the test of CrystalDiskMark (version 8.0.4), the sequential read speed is 6746MB/s, while the write speed is 4886MB/s. Read and write speeds are not bad. Running AIDA64 for the memory speed test, the memory read is 45105MB/s, the write is 51116MB/s, and the overall performance is also excellent.

The rated power of the 6800HS Creator Edition is TDP35W. How does it perform on the YOGA Pro 14s 2022? Running the AIDA64 roasting machine, in the case of a single roasting CPU, roasting machine for 10 minutes, the power is stable at a level close to 54W, the processor frequency is about 4.2G, and the CPU temperature is maintained at about 96 degrees, that is to say, YOGA Pro 14s 2022 is This portable notebook is still relatively good in terms of performance release. Judging from the temperature of the C side, although the temperature has increased compared to the low-power operation, it is only warm and does not feel uncomfortable. This temperature does not affect the regular use of the notebook. Cooling is also handled well.

In the actual use experience, the battery life of the YOGA Pro 14s 2022 is relatively good, and it can maintain a day of battery life for daily office work, which is related to its 70Wh power supply and intelligent system scheduling. At the same time, the keyboard of YOGA Pro 14s 2022 has a relatively long essential travel in thin and light notebooks, and the overall typing comfort is also excellent. The keyboard’s performance in thin, light notebooks, similar to YOGA Pro 14s 2022, is rare.

The overall weight of the YOGA Pro 14s 2022 is 1.52kg; although it is not the lightest, considering its 14.5-inch screen size and 70Wh battery, this performance should be viewed as an average performance.

Overall, the YOGA Pro 14s 2022 is a machine that has achieved an excellent balance in portability.

Such as weight and size, to ensure high performance. It not only unleashes the performance of the 6800HS but also intelligently realizes the automatic switching between high-power and low-power consumption scenarios through the X-Power tool and allows the integrated graphics card and discrete graphics card to adapt to the needs of different methods automatically.

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