SpeedyBee Flex25 FPV Drone now available for just $339

The latest SpeedyBee Flex25 drone comes in a unique physique and frame design along with an action-camera-friendly approach to bring an easy-to-access power plug on the top base. The new CineWhoop adopts a super tiny size along with massive power and is available with analog and HD digital FPV options. It comes loaded with a RunCam LINK digital VTX as well as a RunCam Falcon nano camera with 1920x1080p resolution. Let’s have a quick snap of the details.

SpeedyBee Flex25
SpeedyBee Flex25


SpeedyBee Flex25 FPV Drone: Features & Specifications


SpeedyBee Flex25
SpeedyBee Flex25

Physically, the latest SpeedyBee Flex25 HD drone reflects an ultra-portable and tiny design. The mechanical assembly of the machine looks impressive with the same size props and typical (2.5”) motors gained by overlapping the propellers by adjusting motors on different heights. The sturdy frame is hard to move with hands. You’ll notice a power plug on the top plate to power your HD camera. It measures 136x136x35mm and weighs 169g (without LiPo).


SpeedyBee develops proficient drones to let users enjoy great aerial photography experiences. The FPV drone comes equipped with a RunCam Falcon nano camera (1920x1080p@120fps) along with the RunCam LINK digital VTX. Also, users can mount the device with a Naked GoPro, RunCam Thumb, or Insta360 Go 2 camera. You’ll get 6 types of camera power cables to achieve the same purpose.


SpeedyBee Flex25

In terms of power, the new SpeedyBee Flex25 HD drone features an XT30 power cable while the PowerGrid hosts 4s 450-850 mAh LiPo batteries. It pledges to deliver up to 5 minutes of flight time with a 4s 850 mAh lipo battery.


SpeedyBee Flex25
SpeedyBee Flex25

The Gemfan D63-3 2.5” propellers are powered by 1404 4500KV motors to produce good performance across all environments. Also, it houses MPU6000 Gyro, HD Digital and 5.8G analog FPV options along with the optional customizable LED 3600 strip.

SpeedyBee Flex25 FPV drone now available for just $339

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