Bomaker Cinema 500 Max 1080p Projector Review

There are now many cheap projectors from the Far East, for example, on platforms such as Amazon. However, these devices often have problems; either the resolution is shallow, the picture is far too dark, the overall image is basically blurred, or all of that together. There are many reasons for this; in order to achieve the low price, the manufacturers have to be creative in terms of quality.

However, we found a projector that we would say is usable. Bomaker introduced the Cinema 500 Max Projector for home use. The projector allows you to display an image in FullHD resolution. A stylish appearance, the ability to mount to the ceiling, and various connection methods – will allow you to organize a home movie show and diversify the evening. 

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The Bomaker Cinema 500 Max Projector is inexpensive, so it is made using LCD technology and has a maximum native resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, and is expressly optimized for high connection speed thanks to WiFi ac and low latency which makes it interesting for gaming too. At the same time, has 2x HDMI ports and, according to the declared parameters, has good contrast and brightness. Of course, there is also a function for playing video/photo/music from a USB drive and mirroring for our smartphone, and much more that we will show you in this review. 

Technical Specification


Before taking a closer look at the projector, let’s take a quick look at what’s inside the box. In fact, the box is full of details and once the external cover is removed we will find ourselves in front of the various accessories and the projector. More specifically, we find the power cable for the wall socket, remote control, guides, and an adapter from RCA to a 3.5 mm audio jack.

  • 1 x Projector
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x AV cable
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 1 x Power cord


The body of the projector has a rounded shape, and thanks to the finish of light plastic, the device will fit well into any interior. It can be easily put on a bedside table or hung from the ceiling on a special bracket. It weighs only 2.22 kg / 4 lb. This model turned out to be more compact than many similar devices of competitors and looks very dignified. Compactness and relatively low weight, as well as the presence of small built-in speakers, make it possible to use it on the road, but it is unlikely to watch the video, of course: the speaker power is only 4?-5W, although their sound quality is quite acceptable for such a solution.

Bomaker Cinema 500 Max sports a large lens on the front, to protect the lens, a translucent hard plastic protective cover is provided, which must be removed when using the device, and the IR receiver for the remote control. 

On the right side, there is a focus adjustment wheel. A nice little thing is the removable ventilation cover of the device. A powerful fan is an integral part of any projector, so the filters get clogged with dust pretty quickly and need to be cleaned regularly. And in Cinema 500 Max, it is not at all necessary to disassemble the projector for this – just remove the filter cover.

On the left side of the projector is a speaker hidden behind a grill with a declared power of 3 watts. The quality and volume of sound for undemanding users will be enough when watching videos and in some cases when listening to music.

On the upper part, there is a series of touch controls that help us to quickly control the projector without a remote control. On the back, we have 2x USB 2.0 ports to load files to be projected, such as photos, videos, and documents, and then two HDMI inputs and the audio jack input that can also be used to connect a soundbar or an audio system with the adapter in the package.

On the bottom side, there are 4 rubberized legs, stickers with information about the device, and a separate height-adjustable leg, which unscrews by about 4cm and changes the angle of the surface on which the monitored model is installed.

Under the rubberized inserts, VESA mounts are hidden for mounting the projector on walls and ceilings. Manual inserts are unlikely to be removed, so it is better to use some kind of tool. The distance between the holes is approximately 11.5 x 17 cm.

The complete remote control is made of black plastic. The included remote requires two AAA batteries. As for functionality, this is the simplest remote control, with a minimal set of buttons. There is navigation, projector control buttons, switch/rewind/pause, and a group of buttons for switching channels when connected to a TV.

OS and Features

The projector is controlled using the control panel on the case or from the remote control. When enabled, the main menu interface is displayed. There is no operating system in the projector software. All manipulations are carried out through pre-installed sections of the interface, this projector runs a version of Android under the hood, there are no streaming apps installed and there’s no way to add any app. The main screen of the operating system consists of large squares and rectangles that allow you to change the connection source, settings, and access files. Viewing different types of files is possible in special sections with the appropriate name – for example, only videos will be displayed in the Video folder. MultiMedia is a large menu item that includes a content management section:

  • Movie
  • Music
  • Potos
  • Office Suit 

Each of the sections displays content with a strictly selected category. Content search occurs on the connected device flash drives\external drives. The sections are limited in terms of functional settings, each of their items allows you to make adjustments or select preset presets.

All available settings are shown in the photos – depending on the signal source, certain image settings may not be available. There is a choice of color temperature and picture mode with a custom profile for more fine-tuning, as well as aspect ratio, zoom, horizontal or vertical reflection, and three noise reduction settings. Sound settings and auto off / on are also at your service. The “firmware update” item indicates the possibility of changing the software, but the question is whether there will be new firmware and whether it will be possible to find them in the public domain.

Bomaker Cinema 500 Max is based on a single-chip system with MTK358 Cortex 64bit, RAM – 1Gb, and ROM – 4 GB. Such a set of components, with its obvious minimalism, is quite enough to service all the functions of the projector. Using the latest MTK358 system-level processing chip offers a more enjoyable viewing experience than normal projection chips in terms of system performance and image processing. 1GB memory running, no lag, no screen splice. Bluetooth 5.0 can connect all audio equipment easily, without latency, enhancing your ultimate listening experience.

Finally, It is worth noting that the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max has an LED lamp inside. This means that it is not afraid of shaking (ordinary lamps are very fragile), and it will be safe and convenient to carry it due to its compactness: 10 x 9 x 4.3 in. The resulting image quality depends on the resolution and brightness, as well as the distance between the plane on which the image is projected. Bomaker Cinema 500 Max is capable of displaying a picture with a resolution of 1920×1080. According to the manufacturer, the luminous flux is 250+ ANSI Lumen. In a bright room or in daylight, the image will be faded. In the dark, the specified value is sufficient.

Picture Quality

In terms of picture quality, the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max has a 1080p (1080*1920) physical resolution and supports 4K hard decoding. For home projection, the resolution of 1080P is enough. Through the actual shooting pictures, you can see that the projection quality effect is definitely not inferior to TV.

In terms of color, the projector uses high-performance chips, and I personally think that the color of the picture is completely sufficient. In addition, the machine supports HDR high-definition dynamic decoding, which can restore more dark-field high-definition details. For example, the gray and black tones in the picture have obvious changes in layers. If the machine performance is average, there will be a large gray area, and the black is not dark enough, which greatly affects the picture quality experience. Therefore, watching blockbuster movies on this machine is simply exhilarating, no need to say more.

The Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector with the declared 250+ ANSI Lumen can be considered quite bright – for comparison, there are two projections: on the left – on a sunny day with the lighting turned on in the room, and on the right – in a curtained room with dim lighting. Projection size is 100” from about 3m distance in bright mode.

In reality, even the left projection looks acceptable for a presentation, although not very bright. In the case of shading from direct sunlight, the projector already copes perfectly, the brightness is enough with a margin. Brilliant Color technology helps to increase the brightness and saturation of the picture. Below is a comparison of images with minimum and maximum effects. The brightness differs depending on the selected projection mode, there are 5 presets to choose from. They differ in different brightness, gamma, and white balance.

As befits a high-quality DLP projector, the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max demonstrates excellent black depth – there is almost no glare, and the colors on the background look very contrasting. Detailing is excellent, there are no complaints about sharpness and focus adjustment either. 

The last thing to talk about is the brightness. Too low lumens will affect the basic clarity. This is also an aspect of smart projection that has a bad experience compared to LCD TVs. The Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector’s lumen brightness is 250ANSI, which can only be said to be a general level. The viewing effect is very good in the dark at night, but a little worse during the day, and the viewing experience will be better if you need to draw the curtains. But compared to the price of $200 for this machine, I personally think the price-performance ratio of this machine is worth considering.

As mentioned earlier, the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector is more eye-friendly than LCD TVs. If you have a child at home, you can choose. The main reason is that the imaging principle of projection is through the diffuse reflection of the screen, which can reduce the damage to children’s eyes compared with the direct sunlight of the TV.

In addition, the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector also supports the wireless Mirror screen function, which can connect the content on the mobile phone to the projection with one click.


In general, after a few days of user experience, I personally feel that the performance of the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector is excellent, and the brightness, resolution, and picture color can meet the daily use of the family. Compared with those 30-40 inch LCD TVs, it may be slightly inferior in brightness (after all, thousands of TVs are physical screens). But in terms of comprehensive experience: such as screen size, usage scenarios, operations, etc., it is better than the TV experience. 

Especially for families with children, it will be more protective of the eyes. Bomaker Cinema 500 Max is a simple and easy-to-use home projector. Built-in media player with support for most common audio-video formats and a simple speaker system allowing you to use it as a standalone device. In terms of price/quality ratio, Bomaker Cinema 500 Max is a good solution for entry-level home theaters, the Bomaker Cinema 500 Max projector is still worth experiencing.

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