Best Gaming phones 2022: Unique skills of All-round flagship

Best Gaming Phones 2022:

When it comes to all-around flagship mobile phones, on the one hand, everyone will think that flagship phones will be top-notch in terms of camera performance. Compared with professional gaming phones, will they be lacking in the playability of mobile games? Non-gaming mobile phones still do a lot of convenient functions in mobile games. The following introduces the innovations and efforts of the three flagship mobile phones in mobile games (Best Gaming Phones 2022).

The new palm game console

Guide to Best Gaming Phones 2022

iQOO 10 Pro

iQOO 10 Pro has just been released, and the 200W fast charge has refreshed the charging power of the mobile phone. After the actual measurement, it can be charged from 1% to 61% in 5 minutes. In addition to fast charging, iQOO 10 Pro has a very powerful function in games: it is equipped with Vivo’s self-developed chip V1+, which supports game frame insertion.

iQOO 10 Pro Gaming phone 2022
Best Gaming SmartPhone 2022

iQOO 10 Pro can insert 30 frames of 60 frames of games into 90 frames of 120 frames, taking into account power consumption and experience. For example, for single-player combat games with high-performance requirements such as “Genshin Impact,” select 30 frames under the picture settings, and you can insert frames to 90 frames and 120 frames.

In addition, iQOO 10 also supports the screen to support pressing on the left and right areas, respectively, corresponding to two pressure operations. The operation logic of mapping the two buttons is the same as that of the traditional pressure-sensitive shoulder keys. “Press” performs one mapping, and “release” performs the second mapping support. According to different games and key positions, mapping recommendations recommend users to set one key.

iQOO 10 Pro Smartphone now available here to purchase at just $919

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Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition

Although the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is not positioned as a gaming phone, it is equipped with a feature that is only available on gaming phones: hidden pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons.

Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition 2022
Best Gaming Phones 2022

When you were in Wan Mobile Games, you had such an idea: Why can you only use two thumbs when you have 10 fingers? Especially when playing FPS games, how to aim while moving while opening the scope? Two thumbs are not enough! Some readers and friends may say that a master can use four fingers. I’ve tried the four-finger gaming experience, and the gaming experience with two flexures hanging in the air is terrible.

The appearance of the shoulder button of the mobile phone can be said to save the operation of the mobile game and save the two thumbs. The mobile phone’s left and right shoulder keys can map various key positions. They can also realize macro operations, a one-click combo, which greatly facilitates the operation.

Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition now available here at just $649

Make charging safer

Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra has made a great breakthrough in camera, so what about the experience in terms of advantages? Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra will be the first to be equipped with a new generation of leaf-pulse cold pump cooling systems. The technology adopts a bionic design, and the design principle is similar to that of plant leaves, which opens a high-speed directional channel for the conduction of cold liquid. The thermal conductivity is 100% higher than that of VC.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra China
Best Gaming Phones 2022

This cooling technology can quickly disperse the heat around the fuselage in the limited space of the mobile phone so that the temperature of the processor can be maintained at a high frequency, which can reduce the occurrence of frame drop and freeze.

Xiaomi MI 12S Ultra now available to purchase here at just $1019

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro:

Earlier this month, ASUS launched its new smartphone series ASUS ROG PHONE 6. Where the pro version of the series arrives with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. e placed the smartphone in the top gaming phones because of its 16GB RAM and 165Hz refresh rate.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro 2022
Best gaming Smartphones 2022

Asus also made major changes to the cooling system in the ROG Phone 6 series. With this increase, Asus claims to be able to lower the temperature of the phone by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Similar to the previous model, Asus also embeds the ultrasonic AirTrigger button. ROG Phone 6 comes with two front-facing speakers, three microphones, Dirac Virtuo spatial audio, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Interestingly, Asus now includes IPX4 certification, so this device is splashproof. Regarding the camera, the ROG Phone’s main lens comes with a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor plus a 13MP ultrawide lens and a 5MP macro lens.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro now available to purchase here at just $1599

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Red Magic 7S Pro:

Another addition to the best gaming phone 2022 is Nubia’s Red Magic 7S Pro. The smartphone is very much similar to the Red Magic 7 Pro launched earlier this year. The new 7S Pro gets a hidden selfie camera on the front.

Best Gaming Phones 2022
Best Gaming Phones 2022

The device has the same 6.8-inch AMOLED screen as the standard model but only supports a 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone is equipped with Red Magic x Qualcomm LTM dimming technology. The Pro model is also integrated with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, along with the company’s exclusive Red Core 1 processor, supporting dedicated gaming and enhancing the device’s performance.

The phone also features an advanced Ice 10.0 cooling system. The rear camera system on the Red Magic 7 Pro has the same configuration as the standard model, but the selfie camera is upgraded to 16 MP. In addition, the Pro model also has a larger battery – 5,000 mAh and supports higher 135 W fast charging.

Red Magic 7 Pro has a Gallium Nitride charger with a charging capacity of 165 W, the phone runs Red Magic 5.0 interface based on Android 12.

Nubia also launched a special Red Magic 7 Pro with a design inspired by the character Bumblebee in the Transformers movie. Red Magic 7 and Red Magic 7 Pro come in two colors – Dark Knight and Deuterium Front Transparent. The Pro model adds the iconic yellow special Bumble edition.

Red Magic 7S Pro now available for just $939

Black Shark 5 Pro:

Best Gaming Phones 2022
Best Gaming Phones 2022

Black Shark is always leading gaming smartphones globally. In 2022, the company launches the new Black Shark 5 Pro to compete with other gaming smartphones. The smartphone runs on a snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor and 144Hz refresh rate. With the large 6.67-inch OLED display users get a great experience of the large display while playing games. It also packs a large 4,650mAh battery that can be fast charged at 120W for 15 minutes. It also flexes stereo speakers of excellent quality.

Black Shark 5 Pro now available to purchase here at just $661

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