Shuanghu Gaming Chair now available for just $82.49

Shuanghu Gaming Chair is specifically designed and assembled for those who sit at the desk a lot. The adjustable gaming chair allows you to find a comfortable position with height adjustable profiles and reclining between 90 and 150 degrees. It is a versatile computer chair to cater to your fluctuating needs of daily work. Also, the durable chair implements high-grade materials for cushion and headrest pillow to give you the apex of relaxation and joy. Here is a brief of its key specifications.

Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

Shuanghu Gaming Chair – Features & Specifications

Design and Build

Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

Physically, the latest gaming chair by Shuanghu is a reflection of extreme comfort and professionalism. It is built using top-class (thickened explosion-proof chassis) materials to deliver excellent design and construction. Also, the chair has passed the SGS standard test and offers more durability. Rollers are made of high-quality materials and it can rotate 360-degree along with up to 150-degree reclination. There is a retractable footrest as well. The leather-made chair measures 26.8×26.8×45.7 inches and weighs 41.4 pounds.


Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

The Shuanghu office and computer chair provides an adjustable design to let you get a comfortable position. You can adjust the reclining anywhere between 900 and 1500. Therefore, users will have more comfort and long sitting hours without worry.

3600 Rotation

Further, the Shuanghu office chair can rotate 360-degree to give you access around the table. With a 360-degree swivel, the chair will give you the flexibility for easy movement to make your gaming and office work experience more entertaining and comfortable.


With the implementation of the gas lift mechanism, the computer chair is super-easy to Up and Down using the pneumatic control handle. You can pull up on the handle to get the desired seat height to lower the seat.


Also, Shuanghu’s new chair is versatile in nature since it can be used for gaming, office work, study, and other day-to-day tasks.

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Shuanghu Office Chair now available for just $82.49

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Also, we have some other alternatives for the Shuanghu Gaming Chair with astounding deals. Let’s have a look!

PatioMage Gaming Chair

Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

PatioMage Gaming Chair highlights the ergonomic design with a strong metal frame to take care of your body comprehensively. It brings several proficient features i.e. adjustability, reclining, and pneumatic height adjustment. The chair can recline up to 180-degree and swivel 360-degree. It uses smooth PU leather which is durable and sturdy to be your perfect gaming partner. One can use the chair for the study, gaming, office, and other routine tasks.

In other features, the PatioMage Gaming Chair hosts a 4” adjustable armrest, Lumbar support pillow, high-density thickened cushion, gas lift, high-density sponge, and retractable footrests.

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PatioMagw Gaming Chair now available for just $170.99

Cadcah Gaming Chair

Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

Cadcah Gaming Chair is super-easy to assemble. The versatile product is perfect for gaming, racing, office computer, and work. The high-quality computer chair gets SGS BIFMA setting with a gas lift for improved comfort. It allows users to adjust the height as per desires and provides an adjustable armrest and 360-degree swivel. Furthermore, Cadcah Office Chair delivers ergonomic design, center-tilt control, metal frame, and Pu leather cushions. The chair requires only 15-30 minutes to complete the assembly.

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Cadcah Gaming Chair now available for just $132.99

Shuanghu Gaming Chair

Shuanghu Gaming Chair
Shuanghu Gaming Chair

The Shuanghu Gaming Chair comprises a 1.8mm thick steel frame and high-quality PU leather materials to ensure sturdiness and durability. It comes in an ergonomic design along with neck-protecting headrest features. It is an ideal solution for office, gaming, and other sitting jobs, thanks to a 3.15” high-density sponge, SGS-certified gas lift, top-quality Nelon base, and multi-directional spinner wheels. One can recline the chair up to 150-degree alongside enjoying a 360-degree swivel and easy assembly. The Shuanghu Gaming Chair measures 26.8”x26.8”x45.7. It can bear a weight of up to 300 pounds maximum.

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84.59Shanghu Gaming Chair now available for just $84.59

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