MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Review: Super Cost Effective headsets of 2022

Nowadays, mobile phones are a must-have when traveling. Video, watching movies, and playing games on the road are inseparable from mobile phones. However, the loud noise in public places affects others, and the sound is too low to hear the sound, so headphones have also become a must-have. Small and easy to carry, comfortable, good sound quality, and other advantages must be considered when choosing earphones. Today, I will introduce a small Molang MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Active Noise Cancelling Earphone.


The exquisite packaging box contains a lot of information, including the earphones’ appearance, function, parameters, and factory information.

MIFO HiFiAir Poland
MIFO HiFiAir Headsets

The bottom of the box is accompanied by a certificate of conformity, an anti-counterfeiting label, a product manual, and three pairs of earplug covers of different sizes.


Open the earplugs and see the size is different, don’t underestimate these small earplugs because everyone’s ear canal is other, so the appropriate earplugs can not only improve the sound quality of in-ear earplugs but also increase The comfort of wearing, of course, this gadget is also a consumable item, and the earphone will not rot, but this earplug cover is straightforward. There are four pairs of the original machine. It seems that the manufacturer is still very considerate.

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Malaysia
MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir


Take a look at the charging box compartment; the streamlined design is beautiful and beautiful. Below the white arrow is three power indicator lights, which can remind you of the change of power at any time.

With the charging box, the six-hour battery life of the earphones can extend its battery life to 36 hours. So far, the subway has been used for about five hours back and forth. I usually climb mountains and go out to play a few times. The battery box has not been recharged yet.

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Spain
MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Earbuds

Open the box; MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir is small, exquisite, and full of texture. The TIP-C charging port can be used with most electronic data lines.

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MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Columbia
MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir

The original earphones, black body, and a small contrasting color design are beautiful.

The earphone adopts a coil iron-sounding unit, which can perform active noise reduction. It can combine the frequency bands that the moving iron unit and the moving coil unit are good at to divide the sound intelligently. Every detail can be expressed by the better-sounding unit. I took the subway to try it out, and it was perfect. The roar of the subway and the noise from the car didn’t affect watching TV or listening to music at all.

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir United States
MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Earbuds

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Waterproof

While achieving its strong waterproof function, there are no operation buttons outside the earphone, which also adds to the beauty of the earphone. All Magic Wave MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir earphone operations adopt a touch design and try its simple and sensitive operation. Rarely because of poor touch response. For specific operations, please refer to the manual.

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Greece
MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir Earbuds

Active Noise Cancellation

MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir uses ANC active noise reduction with three modes: mild noise reduction, strong noise reduction, and transparency, which can effectively reduce ambient noise, separate human voices, and make your calls unimpeded.

The exquisite and compact size and the inclined in-ear design are very suitable for the characteristics of our oriental ear canals. Compared with several wireless earphones at home, it is more comfortable to wear. The main reason is that this design allows the stability of the earphones during wearing. Even better, the anti-leakage sound is also perfect.

Let’s take a look at the process of climbing the mountain. Although I was sweating profusely, I couldn’t get rid of it when I walked around (the flesh on my face was shaking, but the headphones were fine).

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Therefore, MIFO HiFiAir is different from most wireless headphones. It is only suitable for urban life. It is also a good player for outdoor use. The previous wireless headphones were never worn outdoors because they were afraid of accidentally falling into the grass. If you can’t find it here, the Magic Wave MIFO HiFiAir lets you jump up and down and run at will.

The weather is too hot, sweating profusely, and the clothes are soaking wet. The magic wave MIFO HiFiAir has strong water resistance and no fear of sweat and corrosion.

While climbing the mountain, I have been chatting with customers. The sound quality is very clear whether their WeChat voice or mobile phone calls. There is no delay and no noise. This aspect is quite impressive.
You can freely enjoy the beauty of music and have fun by leisure camping, and hammock rest, accompanied by the magic wave MIFO HiFiAir.

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MIFO HiFiAir Earbuds


After a period of use, I feel that the Magic Wave MIFO FiiTii HiFiAir earphones are well-made, compact, and easy to carry; the sound quality of calls is very powerful, and the in-ear comfort is stronger than several other wireless earphones at home; it has strong waterproofness and is very stable after in-ear. Not only can it be used for daily commuting, but also a good player outdoors, not afraid of the erosion of rain and sweat; its battery life is super, very suitable for heavy users.

However, if you wear it for a long time, there is still a little discomfort. Maybe this is also a common problem with in-ear headphones. In addition, I feel that the effective connection distance of its Bluetooth is slightly poor and needs to be improved.

MIFO HIFIAIR Earbuds now available to purchase here at just $42.19

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