6 of the Best Cameras you can Buy on a Budget

6 Of The Best Budget-Friendly Cameras

These days, photography is not just for those among us who studied it at university. You no longer have to buy rolls of film (unless you want to) and spend hours in a dark room developing your negatives (unless you like film photography). You also don’t need to have years of study or a $10,000 camera to your name to take decent photographs! Let’s say you’re going on holiday and you plan to take photography tours of your most beautiful destinations. You’ve already spent a lot of money on travel and accommodation; you don’t want to spend a fortune on your camera equipment as well! And thankfully, in 2022, you don’t have to.


If you’d like to try out photography but are operating on a budget, we have the scoop you’ve been looking for! We’ve put together a list of the six best budget-friendly cameras for you to try out this year. From vacation photographs to birthdays and content creation, these little gems are perfect for aspiring photographers who want to try their hand without spending a fortune.

Image by Matt Hardy via Pexels


1. Panasonic Lumix GX85 / GX80

This camera might be on the smaller size, but boy, does it pack a punch. While the 19MP four-thirds sensor is older tech than some of the other cameras on this list, the Lumix is no worse off for it. The camera features an electronic viewfinder (which is impressive in a mirrorless camera at this price point) making it easy to use in darker or brighter conditions. It also features a tilting screen which means that you can shoot at ground level and still see what you’re doing! The Lumix is the perfect lightweight companion to pack in your luggage when you jet off for a holiday in the sun.


2. Canon EOS RP

Hello, full-frame mirrorless camera! Though cameras aren’t usually called cute, we certainly think this one is. The small, compact body looks outsized when used with a bigger lens, but dynamite really does come in small packages. Video shoots at a whopping 4k and the pictures this Canon shoots are incredibly crisp and sharp. You have a vari-angle touch screen to make life still easier for you, and a lens adapter comes with the kit.


Image by Kaique Rocha via Pexels

3. Canon EOS M50/Mark II

The second mirrorless camera on our list is the Canon EOS M50/Mark II. Canon rarely gets it wrong, but they really, really got it right with this one. This camera is a beginner’s dream: an electronic viewfinder comes standard on the body, and the basic 15-45mm lens is able to retract so that the camera is much easier to carry. No disassembling is required to pack it safely away. This isn’t the newest camera on the list, so prices are already falling to a lower point than they were before. If you’re frequently on the move and don’t want to drag yourself down with a number of lenses, this EOS is perfect for you.


4. Nikon D5600

There’s always a more costly item, even on lists of cost-effective options, and this one is it. The D5600 is an older, excellent camera that was being sold at a much higher price point than it is now. The tech has aged well, and it’s still an excellent buy for a beginner who knows they are serious about photography. The terrific 39-point Af system offers far more focus points than what you’d find with most DSLRs at this price point. Add a touch screen to this, and you can already see why the camera is at the “higher” end of the lower-price models. We don’t recommend this model if you’re also hoping to use the camera for video.

Image by Min An via Pexels


5. Nikon D3500

This is an ideal entry-level camera for a photographer who is still learning their way around the maze of setting options. The 24.4MP sensor is a powerhouse and is just as good as many that are included in cameras which retail at double the cost. The specialized Guide Mode will help you learn how to set your camera for different kinds of shots and learn while you play around with your new equipment.


6. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

Our last pick! Though the name of the model is a mouthful, it’s an affordable place for any would-be photographer to start. This little camera is ideal for vloggers and travelers who are looking for a small-sized buddy to have on them at all times. Create fun stop motion videos by shooting with the 15 fps burst mode, and you’ll never miss out on a second of the action! The tiltable screen can flip a full 180 degrees, which means that you’ll get a picture-perfect selfie every single time.


Wrap Up

Think carefully about what your photography goals are before you choose any of the cameras off this list. They’re all excellent places to start from, but you should have some idea of where you’re actually going in order to get there!


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