Autel MaxiCharger Home Electric Vehicle Charger

Autel MaxiCharger Home is a proficient device to charge electric vehicles and let you enjoy green power to empower the future. It is a Level 2 (240-volt) electric vehicle charging dock that has the potential to charge any EV. It pledges to offer 7x faster speed than the Level 1 charging device. The Autel MaxiCharger Home also allows you to track, manage and schedule smart EV charging to cultivate the advantages of off-peak electricity rates. The following is a brief overview of various features and qualities of the charging equipment.

Autel MaxiCharger Home
Autel MaxiCharger Home

Autel MaxiCharger Home – Features & Specifications


Autel MaxiCharger Home
Autel MaxiCharger Home

Physically, the latest Autel MaxiCharger Home EV Charger manifests a sturdy construction with captivating aesthetics. It implements high-grade materials to ensure greater weather resistance along with the NEMA 4 protection rating. You can notice a small display as well as a durable 25-feet wire to gain maximum flexibility. The EV charger measures 7.36×13.23×3.35 inches and weighs 24.4 pounds.


Autel MaxiCharger Home
Autel MaxiCharger Home

Since Autel’s latest MaxiCharger Home is a Level 2 smart charger, it provides up to 40A integrations to charge any EV with 7x fast charging. It is compatible with all types of EVs and PHEVs with J1772 charge ports. Your vehicle will achieve up to 30 miles of range per hour.

Environmental Resistance

The MaxiCharger Home is designed to adjust to almost all life scenarios. The device overtakes the market standards with NEMA 4 protection for water and dust resistance. Hence, your charger will remain clean and safe forever.

App Support

Autel MaxiCharger Home
Autel MaxiCharger Home

The smart EV charger by Autel makes charging an EV more fun. Using a mobile app, you can track, monitor, manage and optimize your EC charging at any location at any time.


With Bluetooth, WIFI, and ethernet connectivity, the Autel MaxiCharger ensures automatic OTA firmware update and communication with your mobile device.

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