LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver now available to purchase at just $1699

The latest LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver is a handheld engraving machine designed for multifarious engraving purposes. It is a masterpiece for metal and plastic engraving with excellent DIY support. You can get an accurate engraving experience with 4K HD resolution and Image Algorithms Technology. Here is a brief scan of various technicalities coming with the advanced yet portable engraving machine.

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LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
Chinese Laser Engraver 2022

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver: Specifications & Features

Design & Build

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
Cheapest laser Engraver 2022

The LaserPecker 3 Basic engraving machine demonstrates a portable physique with an elegant finish. It implements high-quality materials for assembling and can be used at multi-angles on any size and surface. Further, the silver-colored engraver is easy to carry with a 15.35cm width and 26.11cm height. It weighs 2.54kg only.

Laser Accuracy

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
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With the laser wavelength of 1064nm, the laser accuracy is doubled with the inclusion of the new optimized algorithm. It allows users to select 1K, 2K, and 4K resolutions according to specific engraving requirements. Also, the Field Mirror Focusing Technology ensures 0.01mm high-precision engraving with faster speed and better effect under the same electric power.

Engraving Speed

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver

Furthermore, the latest LaserPecker Basic brings integrated design and high-speed vibration technology to achieve the max 600mm/min engraving speed.

Dual Red Light Focusing

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver

It is another innovative algorithm to gain fast and accurate engraving. The intelligent dual red-light focusing technology helps control the machine and adjust it as per different heights.

3600 Engraving

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver

The new engraving machine by LaserPecker integrates electrical rollers to rotate cylindrical objects for 3600 engravings.

Power Supply

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver
LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver

Incredibly, LaserPecker’s latest engraver comes with the support for a 12V-6A customized mobile power supply that can provide up to 4 hours of engraving time on a single charge.

Other Features

In others, the latest engraver Basic provides 1000mw average power, 10kw max power, 60mmx60mm engraving area, Windows/Mac/Android/iOS support, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

LaserPecker 3 Basic Engraver now available for just $1699.99

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