TEAMGROUP Launches T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 Memory Made for Creators

Unleash Your Creativity! New Cooling Structure Delivers Strong & Stable Performance

TEAMGROUP Technology welcomes the new generation of DDR5 and has launched related products for different user needs. Facing the vigorous development of digital content creation, its brand T-CREATE, especially for the creators market, will launch the leader series E XPERT DDR5 tables respectively. Top-tier memory and the pioneer series CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 notebook memory, marching into the next era hand in hand with global digital content creators.

T-CREATE leader series EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory is different from the DDR4 generation. It adopts a unique heat dissipation module designed for DDR5 and a new heat sink structure design to enhance the heat dissipation effect of the memory module in high-intensity applications. So that the digital content creation process can maintain stable high-speed performance at the optimal operating temperature. To meet creators’ high-performance and large-capacity operational needs, EXPERT DDR5 provides overclocking specifications up to 5600MHz and dual-channel 16GBx2, and 32GBx2 sets to perform perfectly multi-tasking creative needs and significantly optimize the creative experience.

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In addition to DDR5 desktop memory, T-CREATE also launched the pioneer series CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 notebook memory for creators using notebook computers; providing a single 16GB capacity up to 5600MHz, high-frequency large-capacity Specifications meet creators’ endless creative needs for inspiration. The standard working voltage of CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 is reduced from 1.2V of the original DDR4 to 1.1V. The power-saving and energy-saving specifications effectively reduce the power consumption of notebook computers and prolong the battery life. They are tailored for creators who need space mobility, The perfect creative mobile platform.

TEAMGROUP Technology established its brand new T-CREATE creator brand in 2020. The core concept is to provide creators in various fields with stable, high-performance, and large-capacity storage solutions, whether it is graphic design to play with visuals. In the era of comprehensive digitalization, T-CREATE will provide products with three elements: stability, performance, and aesthetics, allowing T-CREATE and global creators to sway their inspiration and freely achieve high-quality products. Creative digital content.

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