TEAMGROUP Showcases Its Best New Tech Concept at Digital Expo 2022 “Evolving Invincibility”

TEAMGROUP is a global memory brand that, in 2022, will present its latest product technology concept, “Evolving Invincibility,” at the 2022 Digital Expo. By TEAMGROUP’s commitment to product reliability and continuously improving its products. At the 2022 Digital Expo, the keynote speaker of TEAMGROUP will present this year’s product diversification and its latest technology concepts to global consumers. Before holding Digital Expo 2022, TEAMGROUP launched two exciting videos on the official TEAMGROUP YouTube channel. The two videos are “TRUST – TEAMGROUP Industrial 5 Technologies” and “T-FORCE Gaming Spirit – Invincible TEAM (Official Music Video).”

In the video “T-FORCE Gaming Spirit – Invincible TEAM (Official Music Video)”, the gaming performance of T-FORCE products is visually showcased with music. The music in the video is the exclusive original work of the TEAMGROUP marketing team. The music expresses the company’s dedication in provide the best gaming hardware for gamers.

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Meanwhile, the video “TRUST – TEAMGROUP Industrial 5 Technologies” shows how the company’s built-in TRUST technology is widely used in various industries. Applications in these industries include aerospace, military, security, automation, servers, automobiles, and other sectors. This year TEAMGROUP has delivered the brilliant digital content to invite gamers around the world to gather to witness the new technology.

TEAMGROUP also invited YouTuber Toasty Bros. who is an American hardware reviewer to share his thoughts on TEAMGROUP products. Toasty Bros will tell the reason why he chose TEAMGROUP products in the video “Why choose TEAMGROUP”. The video lays out how to experience attending TEAMGROUP’s cross-generational technology event online for global consumers.

TEAMGROUP’s 25 years of R&D and manufacturing capabilities were showcased at the official TEAMGROUP 2022 keynote released on June 8, 2022. The keynote also demonstrated the latest state-of-the-art performance of TEAMGROUP’s next-generation DDR memory products and Gen5 SSDs from TEAMGROUP. This Gen5 SSD from TEAMGGROUP is a technological breakthrough that brings SSDs into a new era. The performance of the classic all-in-one dual liquid cooler and other TEAMGROUP products was also demonstrated at this event.

T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 memory from TEAMGROUP will showcase the unbeatable high speed of T-FORCE technology across generations. This technology reaffirms TEAMGROUP’s position as a leader in the industry.

TeamGroup DELTA RGB DDR5 6400 MHz 16 GBx2 memory kit

TEAMGROUP also holds contests for gamers and their partners around the world to make this year’s digital exhibition even more memorable. The winner will receive an exclusive DELTA RGB DDR5 6400 MHz 16 GBx2 memory kit and the All-in-One SIREN GD360E Liquid Cooler. Apart from that, other prizes are also available. The way to win the prize is simply to watch the video and answer the questions. More detailed information about DIGITAL EXPO 2022 “Evolving Invincibility” can be found on the event’s official website.

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