Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver now available for just $599

Atomstack continues to consolidate its portfolio of high-tech and efficient laser engraving modules. The latest development to get entry is the Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver which comes equipped with a great package of professional capabilities. The 130W Quad Laser Module is up for preorders on the official channel for a discounted price. Early birds (first 500 customers) can snatch the product with up to 15% off on the regular price. Shipment is likely to commence on July 10.

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Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver
Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver

Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver – Specifications and Features


Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver
Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver

The physical construction of the latest Atomstack M100 is assembled by utilizing the high-quality aluminum 6061 Anode material. It looks fabulous in its compact design and physique with the world’s first optical power 20W upgraded version. Hence, the machine is durable, safe, and easy to assemble for beginners as well. The housing and circuit board size is 140x65x60mm and 44x52mm, respectively. The laser engraving machine weighs 715g.

Promo starts July 7

Optical Power Dynamic Compensation

Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver
4-in-1 beam engraver

Along with the 4-in-1 beam spot coupling technology, the advanced inbuilt algorithm realizes the dynamic compensation of the power of four lasers. It can monitor the power of the four lasers in real-time to keep the power compensation and laser stable above 20W optical power.

4x6W Laser Coupling Technology

The Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver installs four 6W laser diodes that are further coupled with optical mirrors to enhance the laser power to 20W. ultimately, it becomes eligible to compress the spot to 0.08×0.1mm size.

Laser Power

Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver
20W laser engraver

Atomstack’s latest laser engraving module comes with potent 20W laser power to cut more materials with precision. You can engrave more than 40 materials which are nearly impossible with 5W and 10W laser.

Air Assist Pump

Additionally, the upgraded Atomstack M100 machine integrates a 15-30L/min air assist pump kit to promote the cutting and engraving speed along with the service life.

Atomstack M100 Laser Engraver now available at just $599

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