GameSir X3 Type-C Review – Mobile Gaming Controller with Built-in RGB Cooling Fan

With Xbox Cloud Gaming available and some developers launching great titles on mobile, such as Diablo Immortal, mobile gaming is on the rise and Android is becoming one of the quintessential gaming platforms. And with this panorama, his thing is to turn your mobile into a real portable console. You can do this with controls for Android. Some you can connect by cable or wirelessly to play as if it were a console, but even better is to get a controller that turns your phone into a kind of Nintendo Switch.

Some of the most famous mobile controls are Razer Kishi or GameSir X2, one of the favorites. But The GameSir Brand has decided to take a step forward and improve its controller with a new model: GameSir X3, the best wireless mobile controller you can buy. There are many reasons why we can say this with complete certainty, and what better than showing them to you? You should have no hesitation in buying the GameSir X3 if you want to play big on your mobile, but here we tell you why the new GameSir X3 is the best mobile wireless controller of 2022.

  • Its built-in fan
  • Your competitive advantage
  • Its interchangeable buttons
  • Its ergonomic design
  • Its price

The biggest feature of this new model is that it includes a cooling system that will allow you to keep your phone at the right temperature, without overheating, and even more so if you use the built-in fan with RGB lights, the main novelty compared to the previous version. In addition, the fan is placed in such a place that it is still very comfortable to hold this controller.

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Of course, the GameSir X3 Type-C is compatible with all games that support controllers. To find out what games you can use with this controller, you can use the TapTap app, which is a very cool platform for downloading all kinds of Android games, even those that aren’t on Google Play. There you will also find news, opinions, reviews, and much more about mobile games since it is a kind of social network at the same time.

The one we want to talk about today is produced by a company that sells high-quality gaming accessories at a competitive price. Therefore, we present to you the Review of the Gamesir X3, the new controller with a cooling RGB Fan for smartphones.



The GameSir X3 comes in a handy black travel case with red accents around the zip. The bag looks good, feels very well made, and is quite robust. This makes the bag perfect for transporting your controller with all accessories and even a smartphone. There is also a small loop with a ring on the bag if you want to attach the bag with a carabiner.

When we open the zip and open the bag, the GameSir X3 greets you with a red box with the slogan “GAMING IS WINNING” in the lower half. We’ll get to the contents of the mysterious box in a moment. A safety net is attached to the top half of the case, containing a 1.5-meter-long USB-C cable that is held together by a black rubber band. The USB-C cable is quite long at 1.5 meters and is therefore suitable for having the necessary freedom of movement even in wired operation. The velvety smooth coating of the cable is also positive.

GameSir X3

Below the red box is the actual controller, which is secured in the pocket with Velcro. Now you should remove the protective film from the silicone plate in the middle of the controller because that’s where the smartphone is placed.

What else is included in the box? A shiny metallic GameSir sticker, a certificate of quality, and a small advertising flyer for an app called TapTap are also included, in addition to the English-language instructions, 2x concave Thumbstick Cap and 2x convex Thumbstick Cap attachments for the analog sticks, 2 extra analog sticks with extra height and an alternative D-Pad that has a modern faceted design instead of a classic steering cross.

Package Contents:

  • GameSir-X3 Type-C *1
  • 5 m Power-only Type-C Cable (For cooler) *1
  • High-rise Thumbstick *2
  • Faceted D-pad *1
  • Concave Thumbstick Cap *2
  • Convex Thumbstick Cap *2
  • Carry Case *1
  • User Manual *1
  • Thank You & After-sale Service Card *1 Certification *1

It also contains a thank you and guarantee card that takes you to this page to register your GameSir product and thus extends the regular guarantee by 6 months.


As for the design, we can see that we are dealing with a model very similar to the X2 that we already had on the market, the highlight being the incorporation of thermoelectric cooling in the rear. The GameSir X3 adopts a stretchable design, which is very similar to the previous model. But compared with the X2, which supports a maximum length of 173mm, the X3 extends the length of the smartphone to between 110mm and 179mm, and the maximum length is increased by 6mm, which is perfectly compatible with most smartphones on the market.

The GameSir X3 is made of PC+ABS material and adopts black and white color matching, which looks fresh and good-looking. The edges are rounded, the hand feels comfortable and smooth, and the production process of each part is fine. The overall size is small and can be easily carried in a pocket. It is also quite light. The size of the main body is 180 x 88 x 48 mm, and the weight is 291 g (actual measurement value). The size and weight are about 120g heavier than the conventional model.

It will not feel any burden when holding it with both hands, and it is more convenient to play games. If we talk about the grip and ergonomics of the controller, this controller also gets honors. And it is that this new version is less likely to slip from your hands after long gaming sessions thanks to its textured back. By the way, the design continues to resemble that of the previous model, following the Nintendo Switch format, where the mobile is placed in the center of the controller and the joysticks and buttons go to the sides. An incredibly comfortable design to play with for hours on your phone.

Another aspect that it retains from the X2 is the USB-C connector that, when moved during the placement of the smartphone, greatly facilitates this process and prevents the connector of our device from being damaged. (The X3 Type-C does not have its own battery, it works with the power provided by the smartphone).

A USB-C port is available to easily connect your smartphone and charge it, another is used to power the fan. Indeed, the Gamesir X3 Type-C does not include a battery. Compatibility has been increased for this new model, the X3 works with the majority of smartphones on the market equipped with an Android 9 system and +. However, it is incompatible with Apple devices.

At the same time, it can be noticed that the button layout of this controller is somewhat similar to the NS game console. In the upper left corner is the red joystick and the direction key, and on the right side is the ABXY key and the blue joystick.

On the left side is the red joystick and the D-Pad / Control Pad, directly below is the Screenshot / Capture button. There is also a G button (View button) at the top.

In addition, LEDs 1, 2, and 3 are visible here.

On the right are an S button (menu button), another directional pad (clockwise X, A, B, Y), a blue joystick, and a home button.

At the top are the buttons LB and LT on the left and RB and RT on the right. All buttons and the two joysticks have a good pressure point and can be easily removed/replaced because they are magnetic. The XABY buttons can be used in the Xbox or Switch layout. There is no wobbling or anything like that.

All buttons are equipped with Kailh switches. The short confirmation distance is only 0.6 mm, 40% less than a normal membrane controller. Clicking on the buttons immediately triggers an action, allowing you to perform very fast reactions and movements in the game. All buttons are equipped with Kailh switches. The short confirmation distance is only 0.6mm, 40% less than a normal membrane controller. Clicking on the buttons immediately triggers an action, allowing you to perform very fast reactions and movements in the game. The controller buttons and joysticks react very well and precisely. You have good controls over running, jumping, or driving, its depending on the game. Adjusting the controller (Xbox or Switch style) and the joysticks in a high-rise or low-rise format is a very good solution.


On the back of the X3, you can see the cooler with a cooling surface of 4000 mm². The port for the USB Type-C charging cable is located on the underside to put the cooler into operation. The fan rotates at 7,500RPM. The smartphone surface temperature can be reduced by up to 24 degrees during the playing games. Also, Fan has dynamic RGB backlighting. There is also another Type-C port on the bottom right for charging the smartphone while using the gamepad.

Overall, the processing of the Gamesir is very good. The gamepad can be pulled apart easily and without jerking. The X3 has rubberized supports for smartphones so that your smartphone is protected from scratches. Also, there are two curved surfaces on the back of the Gamesir X3. They fit snugly on the hand and ergonomically adjust the gamepad.

Compatibility / Pairing

This gamepad uses a connection through the USB Type-C port of our smartphone, so by dispensing with wireless connections, we obtain reduced latency. You connect your smartphone to the gamepad’s USB Type-C connector and start your game. No setup or anything like that is necessary. The Gamesir X3 supports all smartphones from Android 9 and with a USB Type-C port. The USB Type-C plug in the gamepad is movable and makes it easier to plug in the smartphone. No Bluetooth connection is necessary. The controller itself does not have a built-in battery but is powered by a smartphone battery. If the battery should ever run out, power can be supplied via the gamepad’s USB Type-C port. Smartphones up to a maximum size of 179 mm are supported.

Any protective covers must also always be removed before the smartphone is pushed into the GameSir X3, otherwise, the device will not be recognized. Even thin cases can interrupt the connection, as our test showed. Thanks to the moveable USB connection, the smartphone can be pushed in easily. Once you’ve done that, the center-left signal light should turn solid blue to indicate that a connection has been established with the smartphone and that’s the whole setup! From this moment on, the cell phone should already be able to be controlled via the controller.




  1. Insert the phone’s Type-C port into the controller’s one.
  2. Pull the left side of the controller to fix the phone on it. LED 1 is solid blue to show a successful connection.
Blinking blue Connecting
Solid blue Connected


Use the included Type-C cable to connect the Type-C port of the cooler and a USB power adapter (not included). The back fan lights on and the cooler starts working.


Disconnect the external power supply for the cooler to turn off the cooler.


Hold the right side of the controller firmly and gently pull the left side of it to detach the phone.


Only some Android phones are supported pass-through charging. Not all Android phones are supported.

Use the phone’s Type-C cable (not included) to connect the Type-C charging port on the controller to the USB power adapter (not included).

Blinking white Phone not connected
Solid white Charging

TapTap App

TapTap is a platform that allows you to discover, download and install mobile games for Android for free, which is especially useful when a game like Fortnite isn’t available on the official Google Play Store. Betas and exclusive games that are otherwise not available in this region or may not be known here are also available via TapTap. You can download TapTap here. You can also follow the GameSir community in TapTap to get more news or chat about the mount.


In the TapTap app, you register either with your Google account or with another email address and Phone number. Then enter your name, gender, and birth date and choose the game genre you are interested in. Up to 6 entries are possible. Next, you will be presented with a selection of games that you may like.

In The TapTap app homepage, divided into Home, Search, Plus / Create, Notifications, and Games / Downloads, you can find tips for yourself, search for games, create videos or comment on articles, and more. Via the Games tab, you can see installed games that you can now launch through the app, see games that need updating, and more. At the top, you can see your profile with various information about you and your games.

Of course, the GameSir X3 Type-C is compatible with all games that support controllers. To find out what games you can use with this controller, you can use the TapTap app, which is a very cool platform for downloading all kinds of Android games, even those that aren’t on Google Play. There you will also find news, opinions, reviews, and much more about mobile games since it is a kind of social network at the same time.

Unlike Google Play, which is a general store, TapTap is a platform 100% focused on video games where, in addition to downloading and updating your favorite games, you can be part of its community of gamers who share guides, reviews, and discussions about each game. . As if that were not enough, on this platform, it is possible to access some betas and exclusive games. So, if you like to play on your mobile, TapTap cannot be missing from your Android. Install it with this button:

RGB Cooling Fan

By the way, if you plug the USB-C cable into the connection at the bottom center, the fan is activated, which is a highlight of the GameSir X3 controller. In fan mode, the X3 ensures that smartphones always remain cool and do not overheat, even during performance-intensive games. According to the manufacturer, the fan should be able to reduce the temperature on the device’s surface by up to 24°C. The fan is audible with a slight whirring, which should be covered by the game sound and can be neglected, especially when using Bluetooth headphones.

Incidentally, if your mobile phone has a jack plug connection on the top or bottom of the device, this will be covered by the GameSir. You should therefore use Bluetooth headphones to be able to play without disturbing your surroundings with the game sound. For the style factor, the fan also lights up in changing colors, as PC gamers are familiar with RGB lighting on mice or keyboards.

Use Experience (Quick to USE)

And here is a big advantage compared to other controllers, because you don’t have to set up a cumbersome connection via Bluetooth or, in the case of Stadia or Luna, via WLAN. Thanks to USB OTG (On-the-Go), the GameSir X3 works directly without having to make any further settings, as if you were connecting a controller with a USB cable. Thus, there is no input delay.

The GameSir X3 also does not require a battery or rechargeable battery. So you no longer have to worry about whether the controller still has enough power. The energy consumption is very low and comes directly from the smartphone, which can be conveniently charged during operation using the supplied 1.5 meter-long USB-C cable via a connection on the bottom right of the GameSir X3. Although no power supply is included in the scope of delivery, you can simply use the power supply from the mobile phone to charge your smartphone via USB passthrough through the GameSir X3. When you’re not playing with the GameSir.

As you saw during the unboxing, various customization options are included in the scope of delivery. In the test, we liked the standard short sticks with the inwardly curved attachments best, since the taller sticks offer a greater range of motion, but ultimately got in the way when pressing the buttons. When it came to the D-Pad, however, we couldn’t decide so easily. The classic lens cross feels a bit more precise, but the more modern faceted D-Pad is smoother. So it all depends on how easily you want to slide your thumb back and forth on the D-Pad. Even the layout of the A, B, X, and Y buttons can be changed if necessary, although the standard layout that we are used to forming a Stadia or Xbox controller already fits.

Changing the sticks and buttons is pretty easy, mind you. To do this, simply pull off the parts upwards with a little force and put them back on in the desired arrangement. The concave and convex caps can simply be slipped over the sticks. And then there is the home button at the bottom right, the start button (S) at the top right, the select button (G) at the top left, a button for screenshots at the bottom left, a shortcut key for screenshots in the game so that we can record the moment when we are very powerful during the tense game process. Press the small round button in the lower-left corner to quickly take a screenshot, without having to rush to find it like in the past. Power + volume keys” screenshot.

The buttons and sticks feel decent, although the buttons could use a bit more resistance. On the other hand, they are pleasantly quiet. The triggers sound a bit like clicking a mouse button. In several games, we also noticed inaccuracies in the sensitivity of the left stick in a diagonal direction to the top left, which was somewhat slowed down. All in all, though, we were happy with the controls.

Games Experience

The controller is powered by the mobile phone by default, which has good compatibility with mainstream Android phones, but the OTG data exchange function of some mobile phones is disabled by default and needs to be manually turned on, such as my Redmagic 6S Pro and Redmagic 7.

The controller defaults to HID mode, which is very compatible with native gamepad games, plug, and play. At present, many stand-alone masterpieces support the native controller mode, such as my favorite Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, the popular Assassin’s Creed, and so on. After trying several rounds of Asphalt 8, it is indeed much more intuitive to control the direction of the car through the joystick than to touch the screen. The adjustment of the angle is more accurate and the game operation is improved.

However, some popular online mobile games do not support native controllers and need to be mapped through Android G-Touch. Here, you need to download and install the “Gamesir APP” from Google Play Store.

When you enter the Gamesir APP, there will be a mode switching prompt, which requires you to debug according to the actual game nature. After debugging, the color of the indicator light will also be different. It is divided into blue and green for easy distinction. The switching method is to press and hold the G key + Home key at the same time. You can check and test the buttons of the controller when you connect to the Gamesir APP. The default mode of the X3 controller is HID game mode. Through HID, players can play almost all native controller games. Switch the controller to G-Touch mode, which can connect to the current mainstream mobile game experience.

In the Gamesir APP, you can set a separate button mapping method for each game, and customize it according to your own operating habits. Of course, you can also directly download the mapping configuration file shared by the official or netizens. Through the mapping, you can use the joystick and buttons to operate the game characters, which is convenient and fast.

The sensitivity of the controller is very high, and there is no problem in playing FPS games such as “PUBG Mobile”. The corresponding button operations are very fast, which is more convenient than touching the screen. During the game, the corresponding button icons will also be displayed on the screen, which is convenient for initial getting used to.

Of course, the X3 also supports native HID Android games, such as Genshin Impact, which is often used to evaluate the performance of flagship mobile phones. This type of RPG game feels the best with a controller.

Cloud Gaming Experience

The GameSir X3 supports major Cloud Gaming Platforms. For players who are keen on large-scale 3D games on PC, they can also play with their mobile phones. The controller can be used directly without setting up. Usually, I like to play Resident Evil: Village, Far Cry 6, and Red Dead Redemption 2, played on the mobile phone, the experience is quite good, almost the same as playing on the computer.

The GameSir X3 can also play thousands of Switch games through the NS Emulator. It is quite friendly to players who like to play Switch games. Even if you don’t need to buy an expensive Switch, you can play Switch games, including the more popular Diablo. , Cuphead, and other games are quite smooth to play. Through wired connection, data transmission is faster than Bluetooth, and there is no sense of delay at all.


After a period of experience, I was deeply impressed by the GameSir X3 gamepad. The appearance design is simple and stylish, the black and white color matching is highly recognizable, and the operation experience is inherited; the pull-out design is compatible with mainstream flagship mobile phones, and the Type C interface supports 51-degree pitch adjustment; supports HID and Android G-Touch modes, Compatible with native gamepad games and mainstream Android mobile games; supports Switch handheld games, supports major Cloud Gaming Platforms and the game picture quality and fluency are relatively good.

Of course, as far as the current experience is concerned, this gamepad also has some areas that need to be improved. For example, the controller does not have a battery, and it needs to be powered in reverse by the mobile phone, which will increase the power consumption of the mobile phone. Overall, the Gamepad X3 is still very easy to use.

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