HiBy FC4 MQA Portable USB DAC/AMP now available for $119

HiBy has already contained a larger collection of portable DAC amplifiers in the product portfolio. Now, the company has come up with another competent product to extend its FC series – HiBy FC4. It reflects the professional audio architecture, dual-DAC integration, and several other creative features to enhance overall performance. Underneath, we have listed various specifications the unit comes with.

HiBy FC4

HiBy FC4 MQA DAC/AMP: Features and Specifications


Exploring the physical construction and look, the new HiBy FC4 Headphone Amplifier appears stunning and elegant in its glossy finish. On the front, the unit hosts the brand logo as well as an LED indicator while the top-end features two ports. Physical measurements and weight are 65.3×22.1×11.9mm and 21.7g, respectively.

Dual-DAC Chipset

HiBy FC4

The latest HiBy FC4 Amplifier equips a premium Dual DAC chipset. It integrates two ES9218PC DAC chips developed by Sabre Technologies. Further, the efficient USB processor supports the chipset to let the device bring high-resolution PCM (32-bit/768kHz) and native DSD256 decoding.

Dual Crystal Oscillators

HiBy FC4


The FPGA audio segment comprises dual 45.158 MHz and 49.152 MHz crystal oscillators. Hence, users are sure to get a smooth and clear audio experience since oscillators avoid jitters and protect the signal output.

MQA Support

HiBy FC4

The new HiBy FC4 Portable DAC/AMP incorporates 8x MQA unfolding. This integration ensures high-resolution master-recording level sound quality performance by uncovering the recording to its full potential.

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RGB Light Effects

Interestingly, there is a multicolor RGB indicator light featured on the HiBy FC4. It shows different colors to indicate the bitrate of the active file. For MQA signals, it glows into Blue, Magenta, and Green, for PCM signals, it shows Orange, Yellow, and Aqua, and White for DSD signals. The paused music is shown in the red color.


The latest HiBy FC4 DAC/AMP provides a driver-free plug-n-play feature. Also, it is greatly compatible with Android/iOS/Windows/Mac as a USB dongle.

HiBy FC4 Decoding Audio Headphone Amplifier now available for $119

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