ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station Review

With the improvement in appearance and technology, notebooks are getting thinner and thinner, but there are fewer and fewer jacks. Some even only leave a type-C, and even a traditional U disk can’t be used. It’s really amazing Go crazy! Therefore, the demand for a multi-functional expansion accessory has been born. If you cut it off, you will make up for it with a peripheral. Before you know it, there will be a “notebook companion” – a docking station.

For the laptop of an office worker, every day is faced with the scene of connecting the keyboard, the mouse, the charger, the storage disk, the monitor, the projector, and the network cable… It is really a scene of plugging in all peripherals anytime, anywhere. Therefore, the core standard of purchasing is to have multiple types of jacks, and at the same time, the charging port has high power, and the information port can have high speed. Based on this, I easily found a multi-functional docking station with high-cost performance launched by ORICO. ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station is really fragrant! Let’s take a look at how this product performs.

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Technical Specification

  • Model: ORICO MDK-6P
  • Name:6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station
  • Series: ORICO-MDK
  • Material: ABS
  • Input Interface: Type-C
  • Output Interface:HDMI*1, USB3.0-A*1, USB2.0-A*1, SD&TF*1, USB-C (PD)
  • Transfer Rate: 0, 5Gbps
  • Controller : AG9311, SL2.1S, HX812
  • Color: Gray
  • Output:USB 3.1 Type-C
  • LED Indicator: Blue
  • Cable Legnth:13 cm
  • Support System: Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad


ORICO-MDK-6P is our protagonist today, but in fact, when searching, you can directly find the ORICO Type-C docking station. From the product packaging above, you can have a general understanding of the product, and you can also see some of the core technical support, such as the use of Type-C interface, HDMI connection, the transmission rate of 5Gbps, etc. because these contents can be discussed with you later, so I will not repeat them one by one for everyone.

The box is very simple, A docking station is equipped with an instruction manual.


The ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station is currently only available in one color. Frankly speaking, I don’t care about the color, but I think this texture can be canceled and changed directly to frosted because the dust in the stripe is too difficult to clean. However, aside from this point, ABS material + compact body design still has certain advantages in practical use, especially for notebook users, such computer peripheral products are more portable.

In terms of interface support, the ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station has 6 interfaces, which is why there is a “6P” in its model. Among them, the Type-C interface is the PD 55W charging interface, because there are many C ports for thin and light notebooks for dual purposes of charging and battery life + data transmission. With this interface support, even if we occupy the C port of the notebook when using It will not delay its battery life assistance support.

In addition, this docking station also has a USB2.0 port, USB3.0 port, SD port, TF port, and HDMI port.

At the bottom of the ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1, Type-C Docking Station is some product-related information, mainly which certifications it has passed. I think everyone has a good understanding of this content.

Experience & Benchmark

Let’s just look at the actual experience of the ORICO MDK-6P HUB. The author did a simple speed test for the 32GB 3.0 USB Flash Drive and the ORICO CN300 Chroma PSSD.

The first thing to do is to measure the speed of a 32GB 3.0 USB Flash Drive. The speed measurement software is CrystalDiskMark 8.0.1. The reading speed is as good as some current high-speed flash drives, I am satisfied with this speed test result.

Then I did a read and write test of the ORICO CN300 Chroma PSSD. The read and write rate performance of 450MB/S is not much different from the data performance claimed by this mobile hard disk. That is to say, ORICO Type-C As a transmission medium, the ORICO MDK-6P docking station has not affected the original read and write rate performance of the device because of its appearance. Compared with some similar products, ORICO, as a brand of computer peripheral product research and development, has defended its position in the industry.


In addition to reading and writing, in fact, the ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station can also connect a monitor to an external notebook and an external PD55W power supply, but these two contents can only be posed for pictures on the display, so I will not do too much here. ‘s displayed. Well, I will share the experience of the ORICO MDK-6P 6-in-1 Type-C Docking Station with you here. If you have anything else you want to know, you can leave a comment below the article.

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