Edifier MG300 Computer Speaker Review: Astounding Design and Powerful Technicalities to Heat the Music

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is the hot deal of today. We come across times when we do prefer to have a competent music player to take party enjoyment to the next level. Edifier has gathered enough potential to support clients with performance-centric products. The latest Edifier MG300 Computer Speaker is responsible for pushing customs further for the brand to soothe customers’ specific needs overwhelmingly. Consider the detailed Edifier MG300 Speaker review to create a familiar relationship with the device.

Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker

Needless to say, the Edifier MG300 Speaker is crafted uniquely and loaded with state-of-the-art specifications. It is a special development by the brand to ensure buyers get the intended performance at all phases. Externally, the device reflects an immersive look and well-carved design to obtain an exquisite personality. Inside, the unit contains a pair of powerful and high-quality 52mm drivers, Bluetooth, RGB light effects and USB connections. Overall, the new MG300 Speaker is supposed to deliver superior sound output to make your celebrations unforgettable and rewarding.

EDIFIER MG300 Computer Tabletop speaker now available for just $109.99

Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker


Edifier MG300 Computer Speaker Review: Features and Specifications

This is a dedicated review to drag you through every nook and corner of the latest Edifier MG300 Computer Speaker. Let’s hop right in!

Design and Build

Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker

The primary aspect to woo eyes is always the first appearance of the product. Edifier has done an applaudable job with regard to the Edifier MG300 Speakers. The craftsmanship looks stunningly gorgeous with 3D metal mesh and minimally-textured robust construction. The design of the unit is captivating with a glossy finish and horizontally-aligned physical layout. The top of the speakers holds silicone buttons as well as a hidden microphone. On the front, you witness the brand logo mounted in the centre of the two curvy sides. Around the chassis, the Edifier MG300 Speaker features an LED light in the lining design to generate dynamic RGB lighting effects.


To accommodate connections with external devices, the new Edifier MG300 Tabletop Speaker integrates Bluetooth 5.3 profile inside the unit. It permits users to create wireless connectivity by approaching any external device such as a smartphone, laptop and tablet etc. Users can create unbreakable connections within the range of 30m. Hence you are free to enjoy wireless connectivity within a small to medium hall while playing your favorite library. The Bluetooth connectivity will be stable, uninterrupted and smooth across all sorts of environments.


Indubitably, coil units are the crucial organs in any speakers and the Edifier MG300 is just impeccable in this context. It equips 2.5W Dual drivers to obtain a powerful and high-quality sound output. It carries a pair of customized 52mm drivers with dual inverter tubes to generate natural treble and powerful bass. Further, the internals is professionally tuned 30 times by experts to match every sound profile. It is simply a glimpse of perfection in collaboration with professionalism and precision.

RGB Lighting

Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker

Perfection can be observed around the development of the innovative Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker. It brings RGB lighting effects to make the device look more vibrant and attractive. While you are playing your favorite music, the automatic lighting effect will create an enticing effect with six color modes. For certain, it will match your mood to enhance your overall music-listening experience.

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Game Sound Effects

Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker

The Edifier MG300 Computer Tabletop Speaker puts both music and gaming sound effects together to be a multidimensional product for users. In the music mode, listeners will enjoy the singer’s voice amplified to create an immersive music experience. On the other hand, the tabletop speaker presents every detail finely in the gaming mode to make you feel like a winner and maintain the crown. Ultimately, the speaker is assembled to kill two birds with one stone by giving you the full value against your investment.

Hidden Mic

The Bluetooth speaker hosts a unique system with a hidden mic placed on the top near silicone buttons. It is covered with a silicone top but expels external vibrations to produce crystal clear voice calls. In case you do need to make a phone call using your speaker, you’re welcome! You can simply dial the number on your smartphone and get to the speaker for your voice inputs and outputs as well.

EDIFIER MG300 Computer Tabletop speaker now available for just $109.99

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