Fiio M11 Plus ESS player available at just $689.99 (6.18 Sale)

Fiio announces the new FiiO M11 Plus ESS player. The company released the new HiFi player on May 20 at 19:00 in China. The product comes with two AK4497EW out-of print DAC chips.

Features of FiiO M11 Plus ESS:

FiiO previously warmed up this player and stated that the fire at the AKM factory in Japan in 2020 caused the production of chips such as AK4497 to stop, and it will be difficult to resume production in the future, so this player was forced to postpone its release. M11Plus LTD will be priced higher than the current M11 Pro models. In addition, the display and main control will be upgraded.

Fiio M11 Plus China

According to the official pictures, the M11 Plus LTD player still adopts a full-screen design. Compared with the old product, the volume knob is cancelled, and the button is used to adjust the volume. The product shell has obvious trapezoidal chamfers to ensure the grip feel, and there is a hidden microSD card slot on the right side.

Fiio M11 Plus LTD Player Russia

Xiaomi Today learns that the FiiO M11 Plus ESS player comes with a Snapdragon 660 processor. The product supports WiFi, two-way Bluetooth and other connection methods, and provides three interfaces of 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm. The product uses a 6000mAh battery, is equipped with THXAAA-78 amp technology, and weighs 310g.

Dimensions136.6 x 75.7 x 17.6 mm
Weight310 grams
Screen5.5 inch,
720p resolution,
18: 9 aspect ratio,
Connections2.5mm balanced port, one 3.5mm unbalanced port and one 4.4mm balanced port.
Operating SystemAndroid 10
TechnologiesDouble AK4497 DAC,
THXAAA-78 Amplifier,
550mW balanced output power
ProcessorSnapdragon 660
Internal Storage64GB

Is it worth buying a music player in 2022?

Perhaps the question that is hovering the most in your head is precisely this. About fifteen years ago, personal music players were a must-have and we all had one at home, it accompanied us everywhere. However, the pyramid has been inverted with the arrival of smartphones and it has its logic. Most of us do not need to listen to the music of the highest quality and with what our mobile offers us we have more than enough.

But there are some cases where having a player like this Fiio M11 Plus ESS can pay off. If you are one of those people who enjoy HiFi sound or if you like to have your moments of disconnection from your mobile and, for example, go for a walk without the smartphone stealing your attention, it can be very interesting that you have one of these new Music players.

It can also be a good option if, on the contrary, you need to make intensive use of your mobile phone, you always arrive drowned at the end of the day due to the battery and you do not want to spend autonomy in other tasks that are not professional. In that case, having a device just for music or podcasts can come in handy.

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