JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone now available for just $277.54

JJRC is a professional drone maker with an extended product portfolio for avid users and aerial photography lovers. The latest entry in the foil is the JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone with a greater range of advanced features and technical specifications. It is a versatile upgrade over predecessors to serve users exceptional photography experiences. The following is a brief description of various qualities the new quadcopter is nurtured with.

JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone

JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone – Features and Specifications


JJRC introduces the latest X22 RC drone in a foldable integration. The unit looks elegant, glossy and ergonomic with a dual-color combination. Four propellers are aligned impeccably to capture a great flight around. There are two cameras mechanism with one on the top for protection from obstacles. Further, the quadcopter weighs 520g and measures 18×11.5×6.5cm in the foldable state.


JJRC X22 drone houses a 3300mAh battery inside that is said to deliver a flight time of around 33 minutes. It takes around 5 hours to charge to the full potential, however.


JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone


The quadcopter drone installs Grade 7 wind-resistance brushless motor. It produces silent performance and offers good stability throughout the journey.


In terms of shooters, the JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone features a 6K pixel ESC camera with a larger aperture lens. The HD camera supports a 90-degree remote control angle to make aerial photography freer and more professional.


JJRC X22 Brushless RC Drone

Under the hood, the drone carries a 3rd-gen brushless gimbal to offer more stability and an anti-shake approach during the flight. It can rotate 500 horizontals, 600 side and 1000 lengthways.

Remote Controller

The JJRC X22 drone comes with an external remote-control device with 5G WIFI applications. With inbuilt GPS, it allows you to get precise position/altitude hold, point of interest and follow me modes. It boasts a 650mah battery.

JJRC X22 Quadcopter now available for just $277.54

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