FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review: New Upgrade with New Remote

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review: After having several popular versions under the X8 series, the famous drone maker FIMI has come to light with its new development. This is the time to introduce FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 for enthusiasts involved in the market. In this guide, we would like to share thoughts to review the FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 drone and disclose various technicalities it packs for adventurers.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

In recent days, several teaser photos of the upcoming second-generation drone have surfaced online. Since the company’s slogan reads ‘Keep Climbing’ for the X8 series, it introduces only shy updates of the original model by keeping the design of the drone and the controller the same. The new enhancements it conveys are an extension port for the release-and-drop mechanism and megaphone integration. Also, the unit features two searchlights and a couple of extra bottom sensors.

A Good Enhancement Over Predecessors!

Inarguably, the latest version brings plenty of updated specifications and enhancements over its predecessors. It reveals some great features that have never been seen in other establishments of this kind. The new RC quadcopter is portable, and foldable like its predecessor to bring greater portability and lightweight scenario. As per the physique, the latest X8 SE 2022 V2 measures only 204x106x73mm when folded and weighs only around 770 grams, including the propeller and battery.

Some of the key features and technical specifications include;

  • 3-axis mechanical gimbal
  • Rain and snowproof
  • Folding and compact design
  • Level-8 wind resistance brushless motors
  • 48MP ½” SONY CMOS image sensor
  • UHD 4K camera
  • Remote ID (FAA and EASA compatible)
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Extension port for accessories
  • 35-minute battery life
  • RokLink communication technology

Therefore, the latest upgraded version of the X8 series compiles lots of advanced features to add more thrill and adventure to users’ aerial photography experience. Keep reading further to grasp in-depth insights into the RC quadcopter drone.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 Quadcopter Review

The drone industry continues to evolve dramatically with the discovery of innovative developments across the global market. FIMI is a popular Chinese brand involved in the scenario to launch proficient products with high-tech features. The latest X8 SE 2022 V2 is a new member of the X8 family with numerous upgrades. Check out the review to capture details.

Design and Build

The design and physique are vital prospects to consider when it comes to choosing the best RC drone. Thankfully, FIMI has prioritized the concept deeply and did a handsome job in this regard. It introduces the latest invention, X8 SE 2022 V2, in a professionally-crafted posture to cater to the aerial photography requirements of enthusiasts. Compact size, folding design, portability, and lightweight body are some of the scintillating parameters of the drone.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

Further, the white-colored drone looks elegant in the folding structure with a gimbal camera mounted at the front. It provides four propellers as well as a unique release-and-drop mechanism to be eligible for carrying goods weighing up to 200g. In the box, you’ll get a classic remote controller to control the drone flight via commands through the smartphone.

In terms of physical measurement, the new FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 quadcopter measures 204x106x73mm only. It weighs (including propellers and battery) 768g only to be a lightweight integration of its kind.


FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC drone equips upgraded SONY ½-inch CMOS Sensor that is further supported with 48 million pixels. It provides a 79-degree FOV with an aperture of f/1.6. Similarly, the ISO range stays between 100 and 6400 while the focal distance is 4.71mm. It allows users to enjoy super night scene shooting and more light to come through the larger aperture. Also, it makes photos and videos look stunning with HDR technology.

RokLink 10KM Transmission System

Further, the latest X8 SE 2022 V2 features a 3rd generation RokLink HD digital image transmission system along with adaptive stream-encoding technology. It ensures smoother transmission through the distance of up to 10 kilometers and lower latency.


It is another creative integration the X8 SE 2022 V2 drone brings together. It installs a megaphone to transit voices or sounds remote. Moreover, this system also allows the drone to store multiple audio files and support text-to-audio conversion. Ultimately, it can offer a maximum sound projection range of up to 100m to make tasks such as search and rescue quicker and easier than ever before.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 Release and Drop

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

This is another amazing aspect to deal with. The FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 Drone is able to carry and drop a payload of up to 200g. Hence, the drone can fly over obstacles to deliver essential goods and materials. Make sure the payload should not exceed 200g and the size of the load should be smaller to let the drone handle the flight efficiently.

3-Axis Mechanical Gimbal

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

The front of the drone highlights the 3-axis mechanical gimbal system with a LOS stabilization algorithm. It is a high-precision control sensor with an accuracy of 0.0050 as well as a fully closed-loop servo system. Consequently, it eliminates jitters in real-time to contain silky smoothness in every shot.

Remote Controller

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 RC Quadcopter Review

There would be an external remote controller well-studded with several impressive features and specifications. It comes equipped with an inbuilt screen to showcase real-time shooting. It delivers a more professional flight experience to make your observation convenient and delightful. The unit hosts two antennas and other functional buttons to manage and control the flight.

FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 Additional Features

In addition to various major considerations on the list, the latest X8 SE 2022 V2 drone provides smart tracking modes and allows you to plan the flight in advance. You can create awesome panorama pictures with just one tap. SAR (Search and Rescue) Mode is one of the best features the device has. Using the downside camera, you can land the drone precisely on the designated launch pad. Users will also have access to an App to perform various productive functions.

For more information, you can visit the official website.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 2022 V2 now available to purchase for just $499.99 (Introductory Price)

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