Oukitel WP19 to launch with the World’s most extensive battery

On June 7th, 2022, Oukitel is set to launch its new smartphone, Oukitel WP19. This is another addition to the rugged smartphones from the company. The best feature which will attract the customers is the larger battery of the device. According to the poster on AliExpress, the new device will launch on June 27th and be available to purchase on the same day. The company is to bring various upgrades to the smartphone compared to its predecessor.

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Features of Oukitel WP19:

As we know, rugged smartphones are meant to survive the worst climate conditions. Similar is the situation with this device. It is a perfect companion for adventurous people and globe trotters. Outdoors, whether it’s traveling, doing research work, or studying, the WP19 is an ideal companion.

Oukitel WP19 Malaysia

As already mentioned, the best-selling point of the smartphone is the battery, i.e., 21000mAh. The larger battery will let you use it for about a week continuously. Also, the reverse charging feature of the smartphone will let you use it as a PowerBank to charge your other devices.

We get the dual-camera setup with the 64MP primary sensor on the back. This is supported by the 20MP night vision sensor, which helps in high-quality images at night. Along with this, the infrared radiation Emitters help to expand the visual range up to 20 meters.

Oukitel WP19 United States

The new Oukitel WP19 arrives with a 6.78-inch display and 8GB of RAM. We are yet to receive more details about the smartphone. So you can stay tuned with us for further information.

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