IIIF150 Air1 Pro smartphone launched and now available to purchase here

There are plenty of rugged smartphones launched by various manufacturers. The IIIF150 Air1 Pro is the latest launched powerful smartphone with a more prominent display and triple rear camera to let you capture beautiful pictures that will create unforgettable memories. This young smartphone manufacturing company focuses on offering smartphones to users worldwide at a reasonable price with high performance and more extended durability.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro Design

This smartphone is a build-up to survive accidental falls. The large display of 6.5  inches HD gorilla glass lets you browse into a beautiful world with excellent visual clarity. This smartphone includes a brighter flashlight that can easily let you find anything in the darkest environment. You can easily grip this smartphone despite its heavyweight.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro Malaysia

IIIF150 Air1 Pro Camera

The front camera is enough to get your best selfies pictures with your loved ones and your lovely face with beautiful background. The triple camera at the back gets the best quality out of every click, and four LED flashlights never let you feel lost even during low light clicks. This smartphone delivers pictures at best, even in the darkest environment, due to night vision support. This smartphone provides an opportunity to enjoy clicking photographs underwater.

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IIIF150 Air1 Pro Performance

This smartphone includes an MTK6765 processor. You will never face problems related to an application crash, freezing, or slow processing while watching Netflix movies or youtube videos, using social media apps, or gaming with your friends. The presence of 6 GB RAM ensures you can enjoy working on this smartphone without any lags. This smartphone’s higher storage of 128 GB is enough to satisfy any professional, gamer, entertainer, or student’s storage requirement.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro United States

IIIF150 Air1 Pro Additional Features

This smartphone runs on Android 12, which offers a dark theme, faster controls, and improved security and privacy. The powerful battery of 5000mAh with an 18-watt fast charging feature makes this smartphone one of the first choices for users who want to avoid worrying about frequent charging their smartphone. This smartphone is tough to survive a drop from 1.5 meters, and the battery can last for 2 days with primary usage. This smartphone is way better than other outdoor use smartphones as it offers resistance against dust and water so that you can always focus on entertainment and forget about thinking about any mishap.

You can consider all the above features that will make you choose this smartphone compared to other smartphones. Most of the phones available are black or single color, but you will find a variety of color ranges in this smartphone.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro smartphone now available for just $139

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