Can I Get XLM or DGB from Crypto Faucets?

Desc: This article is about crypto faucets — a great way to earn your first DGB and XLM coins. Read and find out which faucets are suitable for making money and what needs to be done for this.

How to Earn XLM and DGB by Completing Simple Tasks?

There are several methods of earning crypto besides buying. For instance, you could choose to participate in a crypto airdrop, where a blockchain project, mostly a newly launched project, gives out free tokens to promote itself. Another way is by using crypto faucets — a great way to get your first DGB and XLM coins. 

To start with, you can earn various cryptocurrencies from crypto faucets. However, you will have to be specific in case you are looking to earn a particular cryptocurrency since crypto rewards differ. If you need Stellar (XLM) coins, for example, you will need to look for an XLM faucet. Similarly, if you want to get free Digibyte (DGB) coins, you should look for a DGB faucet.

You could also exchange the reward: for example, if you wanted to own DGB coins, you could look for an XLM faucet and then convert XLM to DGB.

The Working Mechanism of a Cryptocurrency Faucet

Crypto faucets are websites or apps that give out small amounts of cryptocurrencies to participants for completing specific tasks. They are called so because of the tiny amount of rewards you can get with them, which can be compared to water drops trickling out of a leaky faucet. Among the tasks you are to complete are viewing ads, completing quizzes/captchas, clicking links, and watching videos.

Some platforms set a minimum payout threshold you must reach to be able to withdraw your reward. Others have a time-lock for your rewards to be released into your online wallet.

It is important to note that crypto faucets are not a get-rich-quick scheme since the rewards correspond to the magnitude of the tasks. The smaller the task, the smaller the reward.

All you need is to register on the website or app by entering your personal details and crypto wallet address. You automatically get a micro crypto wallet with the faucet immediately you sign up. Rewards are first released into this micro wallet before you can withdraw them to your linked wallet address.

Crypto faucets differ. Some give out more rewards than others; others give out the rewards more frequently or do not charge any withdrawal fees. Let’s get acquainted with the recommended options.

Best DGB Faucets

DGB faucets are websites or apps that give away small amounts of DGB token rewards once you complete certain tasks.

The top three DGB faucets are:

  1. Faucet Crypto – It has a time-lock of 40 minutes, a 20% referral reward, a minimum withdrawal of 0.8 DGB, and does not charge any withdrawal fees.
  2. ClaimFreeCoins – you can claim the reward every 5 minutes! Earn up to 50% of referrals and get up to 0.02 DGB.
  3. Fire Faucet – 12 most popular cryptos supported, including Digibyte. It offers 20% referrals and a maximum of a $10 reward per day.

Besides faucets, you can also purchase DGB coins from a crypto exchange or look for DGB airdrops.

Best XLM Faucets 

The top three XLM faucets are:

  1. Xfaucets – It has a time-lock of 10 minutes, a minimum withdrawal of 0.005 XLM, up to 25% referral reward, and does not charge any withdrawal fees.
  2. Coinmonster – It has a time-lock of 15 minutes, a minimum withdrawal of 3.00 XLM, and up to 100% referral reward.
  3. ES Faucets – It has a time lock of 5 minutes, a minimum withdrawal of 5.3 XLM, up to 25% referral reward, and charge 0 to 0.3 XLM withdrawal fees depending on the amount of XLM coins being withdrawn and the wallet they are being withdrawn to.

What Are the Conclusions?

Crypto faucets are a great way of earning crypto, especially if you are new to the industry. You do not have to invest any of your money to buy cryptocurrencies. The above-mentioned platforms are a fantastic resource to start your crypto journey. They provide you with an opportunity to learn, earn, collect, and hold Stellar and Digibyte coins. 


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