TOP 8 Must-Haves for Your Living Space When Settling Down

Growing up in a family is one of the most loving things a person can have. But everyone will eventually grow into young adults, meaning the desire for independence will be there. One of the things that an independent person will desire is their own living space, which most likely is an apartment or condominium unit. After a long time of hard work, having a living space is a huge accomplishment, but the responsibilities do not end there. 


Being independent means that you have to be good at decision-making, so you would not face too many consequences. Filling your living space will be challenging and tedious, but a comfortable life is at stake. You should be able to do the little things like choosing the perfect plastic storage shelves for some house items or canvassing the right cleaning products to keep a fresh home. If you are new to this, continue reading this article for some of the must-haves when establishing your new home.    


Secure Your Living Space

Before thinking about getting all the items for your new living space, you must secure your new home first. It is exciting to move out of the house you grew up in and start an independent adult life. But make sure that your preferred space is 100% yours. 


Apartments and condominiums are popular these days, and so many real estate agents are offering the units. It is crucial to decide on what area you want to live in. Do you want to live near your office building, or do you live near your family’s house? Things like that. If you have zero knowledge about getting a unit, you can always consult these real estate sellers and ask for a price list. Make sure to take your time, and you eventually have the keys to your home. 


Brainstorm Ideas and Have an Interior Design Vision

After securing your new apartment or condo unit, the next big step is filling your home. It is good to plan out all the interior designs first before executing them because you do not want to rush this matter. You can also start small and browse for design pegs on Pinterest and Instagram so you can visualize some of your ideas. It also will not hurt to ask for help from family and friends, and their suggestions will surely help you decide what your new living space will look like. 


If you have an extra budget, you can consult a professional interior designer. If you do this, your design ideas will 100% come to life. Talking to a small repair company can also do the trick in case of minimal renovations. 


Save up and Always Budget Your Money 

It is a tough reality, but we must expect that prices for different items are pricey. So if you want a good living space, it is a must to save up and budget your expenses well. Having a job can be challenging on most days, but all the labor will surely pay off. Listing down your dream purchases will help you motivate yourself to work smarter, invest, and acquire different sources of income. 


If you are lucky enough to have a supporting family, it will not hurt to ask them for a little financial help. They will surely help to lessen the financial burden. 


Check Your Electricity and Water Supply 

The flow of water and electricity is different for an apartment and a house. So this factor can overwhelm you as you transfer from your family house to your new living space. But you have to calm down and think things through. Make sure to know every socket so you can look out for them. It is also essential to learn how to save electricity, assuming that you will be the one paying for the bill. Always talk to your condo community concerning the water flow, so you would know what to do in case there is an interruption. You do not have to panic over these things, but knowing how they will flow in your new place is crucial. 


Owning Various House Items 

After accomplishing the first three things mentioned, it is a sign to start working on your interior and filling your new living space with all the stuff you need and want to have a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. 


  • Establish a Durable Storage Unit

Every living space needs a storage unit for a tidy and organized home. If you do not want your things lying around, it is time to purchase some items for storage. Head to the department store and look for a cabinet that will fit all your clothes, shoes, and bags. And make sure they will fit inside your room perfectly. Plastic storage shelves are an excellent addition to your kitchen or pantry because you can store some snacks, candies, and chips for your guests to munch on. 


You also have to consider putting up shelves in your living room, kitchen, and room to get your house items whenever you need them. It is essential, especially in establishing a work-life balance. 


  • Invest in High-quality Furniture 

A comfortable living space requires great-quality furniture. Make sure to find the perfect couch that is comfortable to sit on for long hours and one that will suit your entire living room design. Your dining area will also need a uniform set of chairs that are also comfy. No one wants to eat while sitting on a hard, uncomfy chair. 


One of the essential parts of your living space that you will need is exquisite furniture. Your bed should be the most comfortable area. So aside from the mattress, you should have a solid bed board and bed frame. You can browse through home depots or have it custom-made by a small local repair company. Investing in high-quality furniture may sting your wallet, but it will surely be worth it. 


  • Look for the Best Kitchen Tools 

The kitchen is a particular part of your living space because that is where you will cook and prepare your everyday meals. You will have to prepare food three times a day, so there is no doubt that you will use the kitchen often. You have to be on the hunt for long-lasting and durable kitchen tools and look for a solid knife set that does not need sharpening repeatedly. It is always nice to purchase a set of pans and pots, especially when you start your cooking and would like to experiment with different recipes. Or you could always ask for some of your family’s kitchen items to save up on that. Also, invest in good-looking and high-quality plates and cutlery to impress your house guests and satisfy your aesthetic. 


If you want to explore the world of baking, then you must know that baking items are more expensive than the typical kitchen tools. So make sure to have a budget for baking trays, mixers, bowls, a rolling pin, and other baking tools you will need. 


  • Be Meticulous and Canvass Well-functioning Appliances

Nobody likes a short-circuited electric fan or an air-conditioner that barely has cold air. Repairing low-quality appliances is a hassle and an absolute waste of money. So it is crucial to take your time and canvas the best-quality appliances for your living space. List all the major appliances you will need, like an electric fan, an air conditioner or air cooler, a refrigerator, and a vacuum cleaner. Before the other secondary appliances like a thermos, microwave, or oven, make sure to prioritize them. 


If you have no idea about looking into appliances, you can always ask the help of your parents or even talk to the appliance salesperson. Make sure that each of your items has a warranty. Canvassing through popular brands with good reviews is also a good idea. Once you complete all your home appliances, it will surely be a fulfillment, but take your time and budget your money first.  


  • Purchase a Comfortable Mattress and Beddings

We all know that the sleeping place should be the most comfortable part of the room. So if you want the best quality of sleep, you must invest in a good mattress. One common and affordable mattress is one made out of foam, and it has the appropriate softness but at the same time can hold a person’s weight up. A modern mattress that is also popular is the polyfoam one, which has a better hold on weight and is perfect for spinal care. Laying down on a comfy bed will surely be life-changing and can improve sleep quality.  


  • Splurge on the Latest Technology

Technology is now part of everyone’s lives nowadays. Especially with the pandemic, many turned to gadgets, the internet, gaming, and social media for entertainment and to pass the time. So at this point, it is safe to say that technology is a need in your new living space. Having a nicely-sized Smart TV is suitable for a late-night series or movie marathon after a busy day at work. It will also be a good bonding experience whenever your friends or family come over. Having a free day while sitting in front of the TV while eating your favorite snack is rewarding. 


If you are in a work-from-home setup, it is wise to build a PC setup. Canvas on a high-quality PC with the specs of your liking, and the keyboard, headphones, and mouse can follow. You can also use this to play online games if gaming is one of your past-time hobbies. 


Splurging on other gadgets such as an iPad, Smartphone, or even a game console can also be an investment. So do not be afraid to spend money on them once in a while. Having technological entertainment around can also improve mental health and prevent you from absolute boredom.  


  • Hang Some Stuff on Your Walls 

If you are a minimalist person, seeing too much stuff hung on the walls may not please you. But it should not stop you from having a bit of frame or hanging wall decors. Doing this can improve and lift the mood of your overall interior design. It is always nice to see something that will remind me of something positive at an eye level. It can be anything from your family portrait, a picture of your pet, a lovely painting that you bought from a local artist, or even a piece from your favorite movie or series. Exploring possible wall decor is an excellent step in completing your living space’s aesthetic because plain walls are boring. 


  • Never Forget Your Wants Too

Once you complete everything you need for the new living space, it is time to take a step back and have fun. If you have the extra budget, you can always splurge on what you want to include in your new home. Try purchasing some plushies to give you some extra comfort while sleeping. You can also start your toy collection or buy the figurine of your favorite character. If you are a bookworm, it might be the perfect time to shop for some new books to read, especially if you already have good storage space. Having a new place has a lot of responsibilities, but it is also a must to enjoy the journey. 


Final Thoughts

We hope that this long list will not overwhelm you. Our main goal is to prepare you for what will come once you step into your new living space. Getting to know all these factors will help you prepare more to become an independent young adult, and it is something you can share with people who want to move out. It may take a leap of faith, but the result will be worth it when executed properly. Always remember to focus and also have fun on the journey. 


We appreciate you for reading until the end. Hopefully, you will achieve the home of your dreams with the perfect living space. Still curious about more information on home living? Visit Storables.com today!

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