Teclast T40 Pro Gaming Tablet now available for only $249.99

Teclast is one of the most reputable and high-quality manufacturers out of China. Teclast T40 Pro is yet another addition to its amazing catalog of high-performing tablets. Teclast has produced some of the most high-selling products in the market. It includes medium and low range tablets and laptops with incredibly hardware specifications. This is time it comes with a powerful T40 Pro tablet which possesses specs making it perfect for gaming as well as casual use.

Features of Teclast T40 Pro Gaming Tablet

The Android 11 gaming tablet comes with features that makes it distinguishable from other tablets in the market in the same price range. The Teclast tablet includes ultra-definition display, allowing you to experience visuals in UHD and have an excellent gaming experience on your tablet. Not only that, Teclast T40 Pro tablet comes with a powerful CPU chip and a large RAM capacity, making it possible to run smoothly while tackling large APPs and games.

Teclast Tablet

Let’s have a deep dive into its features and find out what’s special about the gaming tablet and what makes it different from other in this price range. It comes in a machined aluminum unibody. The silver body looks stylish and feel sturdy. The fine sandblasting makes the texture of body smooth at the same time.

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Teclast T40 Pro gaming tablet has a 10.36-Inch display with 1200x2000p ultra high resolution. It has a peak brightness of 350nit It is designed to give you an excellent visual experience, play games, watch movies, or conduct a video conference.

The tablet also possesses high hardware specs which makes it handle all the features and APPs. The UNISOC T618 Octa Core CPU capability along with its large 8GB DDR4 RAM capacity makes it a powerful machine that can handle any powerful APP. It also comes with Mali-G52 GPU, making it powerful enough to handle your favorite games.


Additionally, it comes with a large in-built storage capacity, allowing you to store a large amount of data. The 128GB ROM in the tablet is large enough to store many large APPs including your personal data. If you still deem the storage low, then no worries, the tablet also has an SSD slot. The SSD slot allows you expand its storage up to 512GB.

Teclast T40 Pro

The gaming tablet has built-in speakers and several must-have wired and wireless interfaces. The wireless interfaces include dual-band 2.4G & 5G WIFI, v5.0 Bluetooth with high-fidelity transfer. It also comes with a dual sim slot which supports 4G/VoLTE. With 13.0MP rear and 8MP front camera capability. It allows you to conduct video conference from virtually anywhere. In addition to that, Teclast T40 Pro gaming tablet has a long-lasting 18W 7000mAh battery. The battery supports fast charging and lasts for hours.

Teclast T40 Pro gaming tablet

Where To buy Teclast T40 Pro gaming tablet?

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