GOGOBEST GF600 bicycle launched and now available to purchase

Cycling has always been considered an essential part of living a healthy life. Bicycles have improved with technology. Cycling benefits you in losing weight, preventing heart disease, maintaining mental well-being, stronger immune system, and many more. Today, we can choose from a wide range of options available in electric bicycles. We will discuss one of the electric bicycles with some beautiful. Gogobest GF600 has a beautiful design to attract eyes with an aluminum alloy rim. GT600 has a more robust battery life with outstanding power.

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The GF600 promises to deliver you 110 km mileage with the support of a 13ah power supply. You will get outstanding power from your bicycle with the help of 1000 watt motor. The GF600 takes only 4.9 seconds to reach its full speed, making it lightfast.


GOGOBEST GF600 Battery

The best feature is that the battery is waterproof, which lets you enjoy cycling even in the rainy season and enjoy the rain. You can easily remove the battery and pick it up as it weighs only 3.5 kg. The GF600 has a Samsung 18650 inbuilt hidden battery, touching a full charge in 5-6 hours. The Gogobest has upgraded fast wired charging to prevent the risk of overcharging and prevent damage to the battery.

Traveling Modes

You can enjoy three traveling modes on GF600 electric bicycle and easily switchable according to gear. Electric Mode helps turn on the electric throttle, and zero gear provides the electric drive. Power-Assist Mode offers 10% to 80% output power with a 1 – 5 gear option. Riding Mode enables the bicycle riding mode. You also get a five-level power assist mode which delivers output from low to high power mode. Your ride is made comfortable with the spacious and wide bicycle seat.


LCD Meter & Safety

The GF600 has an inbuilt LCD meter for displaying Mileage, battery remaining, and current speed. You get the advantage of a headlight for riding in the dark with a headlight switch. Your safety comes on priority; the electric bicycle shortens the braking distance with its Taiwan zoom disk brakes. The emergency disk brakes can apply the brakes smoothly without letting you slip.

Buy the new GOGOBEST GF600 bike here at $1399.99


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