Midea S8+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self Care Super Deal


The Midea S8+ robot vacuum cleaner is what the doctor ordered for busy households and the lazy. You can find the best vacuum cleaner and still need to dust manually because the robot cleaning machine leaves a few corners untouched. Therefore, a fully automatic cleaning tool and cordless vacuum that performs all the tasks is a must-have device. So, how will the S8 Plus do it all for you? There is an automatic dust collection station, auto-return for emptying the dustbin, vacuum, and mop cleaner. Also, this bad boy deploys vibrational mopping for excellent floor shining. All this and more, with an incredible 55% discount and a 2-year warranty, can be the best savings you ever made easy.

Original Price: $1,699.98      Sale Price: $764.99

Midea S8+ Midea robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner robot vacuum robot cleaning machine cleaning tool cordless vacuum best vacuum cleaner best vacuum for pet hair home robot

Why is the Midea S8+ Robot Vacuum the most popular dirt devil?

Many reasons why this home robot is expensive. Yes, this best vacuum cleaner is over the US $1,500 price. The reason is that this cordless vacuum is a complete automatic cleaning tool. The Midea S8+ best vacuum cleaner for home comes with an automatic dust collector. So, when it requires charging or the 2.5-liter dust box is complete, it will return to the dock station, empty litter, and recharge itself. Also, this best vacuum for pet hair can perform up to 30 days collecting dust and pet hair because of the large-capacity bin. It strongly mops the floors and has carpet detection sensors, LDS Laser navigation, and OTA updates.

Midea S8+ Midea robot vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner robot vacuum robot cleaning machine cleaning tool cordless vacuum best vacuum cleaner best vacuum for pet hair home robot

Midea S8+ Home Robot Cleaner Review

This new robot vacuum has 4000Pa suction power, high frequency vibrating mopping, the latest LDS navigation tech, 5200mAh battery, 450ml dust box, and over thirty sensors. The Midea S8+ best robot vacuum cleaner uses an innovative Dual-air-duct self-cycle design to empty trash into the 2.5-liter automatic dust box dock station. Moreover, there is a 19,000Pa suction power for this dustbin dock. Thus, it quickly cleans itself and returns to complete the cleaning tasks. There is electrolysis for converting tap water into distilled water for germ-free mopping floors. This robot cleaning machine vibrates 500 times/min to wipe clean the floors.


This new best robot vacuum decontaminates water for mopping, vibrates strongly to wipe the dirt, and applies a 5th Generation LDS Laser mapping system. There are over 30 sensors to efficiently clean every corner safely, not fall off the stairs and bump into objects. Also, the Midea S8+ home robot vacuum has built-in settings according to the types of rooms it cleans. Thus, it will use maximum suction power to dust the kitchen but become quiet and cover all floors/carpets in the bedrooms. The BLDC motor allows you to adjust up to four levels of cleaning power. This robot cleaning machine can be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. There is also a 2-year warranty. 

Spec Sheet

Robot Vacuum Suction: 4000Pa
Dock Station Suction: 19,000Pa
Cleaning Mode: Sweep Vacuum Mop 3-in-1
Dust Bin Capacity: 450ml
Dock Station
Dust Bin Capacity:
2.5 liters
Battery: 5200mAh
Working Time: 180 mins
Net Weight: 4.4kg
Robot Noise:
Smart Control:
Automatic and Manual Divide Areas, Multi-Floors Map, Virtual Wall, Scheduled Cleaning, Voice Assistant support
Dock Station Noise:
Station Rated Power:

Price and Availability

Some premium and expensive home robot vacuum cleaners offer self-cleaning features for optimum house cleaning. The Midea S8+ robot vacuum cleaner is one of the best robots in this regard. This best robot vacuum costs over the US $1,500. However, you can buy it at an exclusive 55% discount of US $764.99. Super deals like this one are for a limited time or while the stocks last. There is a 2-year warranty, and this offer is available at the Official Midea Store at Aliexpress only.

Original Price: $1,699.98      Sale Price: $764.99

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