CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch Review

Watches are now completely beyond the role of just looking at the time and more of embellishment for the overall outfit of the individual. To a certain extent, a watch still has a lot of effects on the overall temperament improvement. Compared with Smartwatches and quartz watches, mechanical watches have a stronger sense of metal and mechanics, and the gears drive the pointer to move around, giving them a more “watch” feel. Many people are beginning to choose to wear mechanical watches.

There are many different shapes of watches according to the shape of the dial. The most common watch dials shapes are square and round. With the development of market demand and technology, various shapes of dials have begun to appear in front of the public. , Among them, the barrel-shaped watch has gradually become mainstream, and the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch adopts such a unique design.

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CIGA Design is a watch design brand in the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. As we all know, more and more watches carry the functions of accessories, and the importance of design is also increasing. Founded in 2012, it’s well known that CIGA Design has won two German national design awards and eight German red dot designs. The award, a German iF product design gold award, swept eight of the twelve domestic watch red dot awards and is the only double winner of the German red dot supreme award and the German iF product design gold award in the domestic watch field. The Z-Series Mechanical Watch is the third masterpiece of CIGA Design.

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Although the price is not expensive, The high visual and haptic standards were continued by the manufacturers in the packaging. After getting the package, I couldn’t wait to disassemble it in the car. But after all, it is an exceptionally beautiful object, so take it home and take a serious photo of it out of the box. It is said that the packaging of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is also exquisite enough. Although it is only a paper box, the three-dimensional printing also shows full of beauty.

The way to open the box is even more interesting, just like opening a beautiful book, open the first page, you can see the beautiful dial of the watch through the round hole, there is a slogan at the bottom: “Audible Heartbeat of a Machine”, I think this sentence also perfectly interprets the beauty of mechanical watches. Turn another page to see the entire dial and two straps 1x Silicone Strap and 1x Leather Strap.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch
  • 1 x Leather Strap
  • 1 x Silicone Strap
  • 1 x Manual with Printed Instructions


The CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is a double-sided hollow design. Whether it is viewed from the front or the back, the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch can be “see-through”. The sunlight can directly penetrate the watch body, forming a beautiful pattern on the ground. Projection, such a design is very rare. The Xinjiang mechanical watch adopts a silver-style dial design. The original silver color of the metal will give people a sense of elegance and cleanliness. In terms of appearance, it adopts a streamlined design element similar to the barrel shape, which is compared with traditional round watches. , looks more personal.

This CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is still a mechanical watch with a double-sided hollow design. The movement part adopts the seagull customized automatic mechanical movement ST2553JK, an AAA-level automatic mechanical movement. This movement does not need to install batteries. The stored power inside the body can store energy for 30-40 hours, and the movement frequency is 21,600 times/hour. Simply put, you only need to wear the watch for a few hours a day, and the watch can go on and on. This should be CIGA Machinery One of the charms of the table.

The mirror of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is made of artificial sapphire material, which not only maintains the high-definition visual effect, but also has a Mohs hardness second only to natural diamonds, which are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and bump-resistant, and can be used with confidence in daily life. The double-curved mirror also makes it more natural to wear on the wrist. Because of the upper and lower double hollow design, CIGA chose red on the pointer, which is more eye-catching and more convenient to check the time. The “bridge protection” design on both sides of the crown makes the crown itself not so abrupt, and the overall sense of coordination is stronger.

Next, let’s talk about the overall size. The head size of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is: 40.8mm*48.0mm, the length of the watch is: 250mm, and the thickness: is 12.3mm. The case of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is made of 316L stainless steel, and the strap is made of food-grade silicone material. It is also available in black, red and blue colors. After matching the silicone strap, the weight is about 90g. In terms of control, it should be pretty good.

In terms of waterproofing, the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch has 3ATM waterproof performance. If the watch is dirty, rinse it with tap water, and you don’t have to worry about any problems. Of course, there are also things to pay attention to. It is not suitable for use in bathing or other places with water vapor.


In addition, the strap also adopts a switch-type ear design, which can be disassembled without tools. The width of the strap is 22mm. Simply put, as long as the strap is 22mm in size, it can be changed to the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch.

The standard version of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch should be a silicone strap, but it may be because it is the first time on the shelves, in addition to the silicone strap, an additional top-layer leather strap is included.

The Leather strap is designed with a black slub pattern, and the surface is waterproof, which should be able to resist sweat and odor. In terms of style, I personally think that the silicone strap looks more fashionable, and this first-layer Leather strap looks more business-like. There are two kinds of straps to choose from, which are quite kind.

USE Experience: Value For Money

After using it for a period of time, the mechanical watch of CIGA gave me a better wearing experience than expected. First of all, the accuracy of travel time is much more accurate than expected, and it is only about 10 seconds faster a day. Secondly, in terms of wearing experience, the silicone strap is very comfortable, and the dial crown is not awkward.

Let’s take a look at the appearance after changing to the leather strap. CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is equipped with two straps, one is a red silicone strap, which is enthusiastic and sporty, and the other is a black leather strap, which is calm and capable and has a business style. Therefore, one watch can be used for two purposes, and different straps can be used for different occasions. Through the sapphire mirror, you can see the internal structure of the mechanical watch, which is very fine. In terms of workmanship, I personally feel that this mechanical watch of CIGA has no flaws.

The sapphire mirror is also one of the places that moved me to this CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch. Watches under 1000 pieces rarely have mirrors made of sapphire. Of course, this sapphire refers to artificial sapphire. Some people will say, why do you have to choose a sapphire mirror? In fact, it is very simple. The mirror surface of the ordinary glass will be scratched after a long time, and there are small scratches everywhere on the mirror surface. Over time, the dial cannot be seen clearly. This is why many new watches look so beautiful that after a long period of time, no amount of cleaning will make the dial transparent. Therefore, one of the hard requirements for me to buy a watch is that it must be a sapphire mirror, preferably with anti-glare. Of course, although the sapphire mirror has a blue character, it is not blue, but transparent and colorless, just like glass. Unfortunately, this watch has no luminous function or luminous coating.

Tell me about the feeling of wearing it. First of all, in terms of appearance, I have to say that the red strap is really a coquettish feeling, it is no longer boring, but bright. However, the round and the square dial is more restrained, so on the whole, although it is very individual, it is not an unconventional watch. At the same time, the silicone strap is really comfortable, even more, comfortable than the matching leather strap. The bump design fits the skin very well. In addition to feeling the weight of the watch, the silicone strap can even give The feeling of not wearing a watch. However, it seems that there are many gaps and it is easy to get dirty. Fortunately, it can be washed with water and is easy to clean.


I personally think that the CIGA Design Z-Series is a watch with a strong sense of mechanics, especially the double-sided hollow design makes it look very “forced”, the movement adopts the seagull custom automatic mechanical movement, every day Wearing accurate time without batteries, silicone, and leather straps allow users to choose between fashion and business, and the price is still very kind, this may become the first hollow mechanical watch for many young people, you guys Say what? Well, the review of the CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Watch is here, we will see you in the next review.

You can find this amazing CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical watch on, Amazon, and Aliexpress at an incredible price.

Buy From official CIGA Store at $259 Buy From Amazon at $259 Buy From Aliexpress at $166.40

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