Liectroux XR500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 58% off Super Deal

Liectroux XR500 is the best vacuum cleaner for home with premium features and low cost. This latest robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new 360-degree LDS Laser scanning system. Also, there is a SLAM algorithm and signal acquisition that rotates for scanning all kinds of complex home environments. So, this automatic cordless vacuum has a mopping function, 600ml dust box, 350ml water tank, Google and Alexa assistant support. A 6500Pa suction power, Nidec brushless motor, floating v-type cleaning brush, low noise, collision avoidance, 5-year warranty, and anti-fall smart technology. All of this is available at an excellent 58% discount for a limited time.

Original Price: $689     Exclusive Deal Price: $289.38

Liectroux XR500 Liectroux vacuum cleaner robot vacuum cleaner robot cordless vacuum robot vacuum best vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner for home

Liectroux XR500 Vacuum Cleaner for Home Navigation Features

The LDS Laser radar, precise mapping, multi-layer map management, and intelligent control via app make this the best vacuum cleaner. Also, the Liectroux XR500 robot vacuum has house-wide cleaning, zoned cleaning, automatic return, and charge features. There are sensors for low-light and dark objects detection. Plus, the Y-Routed sweeping and mopping for deep cleaning. So, this vacuum cleaner for home has the most useful functions at the lowest price because of the incredible 58% off sale price. You can have a full-time laser navigation robot, vacuum, mopping, sweeping, automatic recharging, App control, and Google or Alexa assistant support.

Liectroux XR500 Liectroux vacuum cleaner Liectroux XR500 robot cordless vacuum robot vacuum best vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner for home

Spec Sheet

Navigation: LDS + SLAM
Control: Voice, WIFI App, Infrared Remote Control
Trash Box: 600ml
Water Tank: 350ml
Charging: Automatic/Manual Charging
Battery: LG 3000mAh
Cleaning Mode: House-Wide, Selected Area, Customized Area, Cleaning Wherever you point, Forbidden Area Setting
Suction: 6,500Pa
Power: 28W
Weight: 2.7KG

Other Features

There is a high-density 3000mAh battery to cope with a large-size home. Also, there is one year warranty for the battery, extended life cycle, and high temp resistance. The Liectroux XR500 robot vacuum cleaner and mop has a shockproof elastic driving roller. Therefore, this best vacuum cleaner for home climbs at a height below 18mm. In addition, this cordless vacuum has twisting protection from wires or scraps. The fall prevention sensors help to keep it protected from damage. There is also collision avoidance technology. So, with low noise and automatic cleaning/mopping/sweeping around the house, this robot certainly helps. Plus, the Nidec brushless motor has stronger suction, longer life, and less noise.

Liectroux XR500 Liectroux vacuum cleaner Liectroux XR500 robot cordless vacuum robot vacuum best vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner for home

What’s in the box?

There is the XR500 robot vacuum, dust box, water tank, main brush, charging dock, mop, HEPA filter, remote controller, side brush, cleaning brush, and power adapter inside the box. Also, manual and warranty information is provided.

Price and Availability

The Liectroux XR500 is available at 58% off the original price. Also, this vacuum cleaner for home comes with a 5-year warranty and complete accessories. There are many Super Deals with up to 70% off at Aliexpress, and you can check out the best discounts on the latest tech products.

Original Price: $689     Exclusive Deal Price: $289.38

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