OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition Review: A true Flagship of 2022

Before the release of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition, the expectations threshold for this product has been continuously raised because of the title of “World’s First Dimensity 9000“. The reason is that everyone wants to know whether the performance and energy consumption of MediaTek Dimensity 9000 can continue the gorgeous data when the engineering machine is lifted after the actual terminal is implemented. Mediatek borrowed the Dimensity 9000 this time. Is it possible to “rush up” smoothly? Finally, on the evening of February 24, 2022, the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition officially met with us, which also made those consumers who have been concerned about the Dimensity 9000 finally let go of their worries. 

About OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition:

This time, the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 is not only on the high-end flagship product line of OPPO but also has a flagship configuration in the whole machine. There is no doubt that as a flagship product, the paper parameters of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition are very addicting. Today, we are finally fortunate enough to get the real phone of the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition in advance, and the quick flashing process of “One Week” starts now. 

OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition China


This year’s OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition can be said to be the ultimate in terms of materials. Then we will return to the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition. From a flagship mobile phone perspective, let’s see how the Find series has always been “delicate” and how the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition will be interpreted. 

First of all, this time, the entire OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity version uses a body made of “integrated nano-microcrystalline ceramics”. The feel of “ceramic”, as the “darling” of high-end flagships, its excellent feel and gentle texture, as well as its outstanding and gentle temperament after being illuminated, make it a flagship device on the body. OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition is based on the “integrated nano-microcrystalline ceramic” body, and the edges and corners of the whole machine are polished into a rounded design. 

OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition United States

After getting started, it is very friendly and fits the palm. There is no industrial design—the sense of distance, which narrows the distance with the user. The black glaze is deep, and the white porcelain is cool, the feel and texture, the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition has achieved the ultimate. 

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As for the screen, as I mentioned in the previous article, the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition uses a 6.7-inch 2K+120Hz punch-hole screen and supports the latest LTPO variable refresh rate technology. The design of the micro-curved surface reduces the formation of blind areas on the edge of the screen as much as possible while expanding the field of view of the screen. LTPO technology can adjust the refresh rate adaptively according to different usage scenarios, reducing the power consumption of the screen while ensuring the experience. Increase battery life. The OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition display is still delicate after 2K+120Hz is turned on. In terms of visual experience alone, this screen is a superior work.

Dimensity 9000

Finally, let’s talk about the “sense of security” that OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition as a flagship can bring us. This mobile phone supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Whether it is a flagship phone or not, this function can be one of the functions that consumers are more concerned about. 



Therefore, in terms of design and experience, you can always trust OPPO, especially in the high-end Find flagship series, that delicacy can penetrate from the physical level into the spiritual level.

AnTuTu’s benchmark scores are beginning to emerge.

Whether it is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version of the OPPO Find X5 Pro or the Dimensity 9000 version of the OPPO Find X5 Pro, except for the processor, Mariana chip, and slightly different character notes on the appearance of the camera, the other configurations are the same of. Since the evaluation data related to the OPPO Find X5 Pro of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version has been lifted, the performance of the OPPO Finds X5 Pro Dimensity version has a natural benchmark for comparison. 

OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition France

Before officially entering the testing session, we must review the relevant parameters of the Dimensity 9000 to understand better the level of the various tests achieved by the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition. What does it mean to achieve such a result? 

First of all, Dimensity 9000 is the world’s first chip product using TSMC’s 4nm process technology. It uses a 1+3+4 three-cluster Armv9 CPU architecture, including a Cortex- X2 architecture super core, with a main frequency of 3.05GHz; Three Cortex-A710 architecture performance cores, clocked at 2.85GHz; four Cortex-A510 energy efficiency cores, clocked at 1.8GHz. At the same time, the Dimensity 9000 also has a large 8MB L3 cache and a 6MB system cache. Official data shows that this can bring a 7% performance improvement and reduce bandwidth consumption by 25%. In terms of GPU, Dimensity 9000 uses ARM Mali-G710 ten-core GPU and supports dual-channel UFS 3.1 flash memory. 

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Returning to the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity version, this phone uses a 6.7-inch 2K+120Hz punch-hole screen, the screen material is Samsung’s E4 material, the storage combination is 12G LPDDR 5+256G UFS 3.1, built-in 5000-mAh Large battery, equipped with 80W super wired flash charging and 50W wireless fast charging. The camera part is a rear three-camera lens group consisting of a 50-megapixel IMX 766 main camera (OIS) + 50-megapixel IMX 766 ultra-wide-angle (free-form surface) + 13-megapixel telephoto lens, supporting five times hybrid optical zoom 20 times digital zoom. 

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The debut of Mediatek Dimensity 9000:

OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition release is a milestone node for both OPPO and MediaTek. First of all, the flagship chip market, which has not changed for a long time, has been torn apart by the arrival of the Dimensity 9000. Today, MediaTek can fight head-on with Qualcomm. It is not difficult to imagine that the flagship chip will have a situation where the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and the Dimensity 9000 are divided into two parts for a long time in the future. This situation will last for a long time. 

From OPPO’s point of view, the Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition has contributed to the birth of a new option in the high-end flagship market. The Find series, which is committed to expanding the latest technological capabilities, took the lead in opening up the “Qualcomm + MediaTek” dual flagship product line model, making this year The release of the OPPO Find X5 Pro series is more interesting. At the same time, because consumers are given a wider and more free choice, relatively, consumers will have a higher desire to choose OPPO. The first launch of the Dimensity 9000 is almost a win-win situation for OPPO. The debut of the Dimensity 9000 on the OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition is equally exciting. 

OPPO Find X5 Pro Dimensity Edition now available to purchase here at just $1099

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