iQOO Neo6 is obvious: Specs, Review, and more details here

March 10, 2022, every mobile phone brand has an ace series. For iQOO, the digital series is the high-end flagship line, and consumers also recognise the high-cost Performance of the Neo series. Almost every new generation of Neo series phones The launch will set off a wave in the market. At present, iQOO has iterated to the “5” suffix for the Neo series, and several derivative models compete on the same stage, but the next iQOO Neo6 is what everyone cares about the most. Today, some digital bloggers are suspected of exposing some parameters of Neo6; let’s have a sneak peek.


iQOO Neo6 Processor

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Features of iQOO Neo6:

According to the blogger, the improvement of iQOO Neo6 is obvious. The first is the battery life and fast charging, the battery is upgraded from 4500-mAh to 4700-mAh, and the fast charging is upgraded from 66W to 80W; then the screen. Neo6 is still equipped with a straight screen of about 6.6 inches, but the screen material will use the new e4 type. iQOO has always been generous in performance “stacking”, this time Neo6 will be directly upgraded to the latest Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. It will also be equipped with iQOO’s proud rare earth cooling technology.

According to the blogger, iQOO Neo6 has two configurations inherited from the standard version of iQOO 9, but the specifics are not stated.

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