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March 9, 2022, Fiido, the E-Bike manufacturer, launched its first bike in 2019 as Fiido D11. After that company launched many e-bikes, which were successful in the global market. Now, the company is set to launch its first electric product under the name Fiido Beast Electric Scooter. The company has been working for years to launch its first electric scooter. This new scooter is quite different from other scooters. In all, it is the comparative result of electric scooter and go-kart, which allows go-kart riding mode by sitting down riding. According to the officials, the company wishes to make the e-scooter for outdoor off-road sports. The e-scooter is made for professional users and outdoor fans. 


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FIIDO Beast E-Scooter China

About Fiido Beast Electric Scooter:

The powerful performance Beast shows us, just like his name. It is equipped with a dual-drive high, speed powerful motor, and 11 inches professional off-road run-flat tire, which could show superior performance for muddy mountain roads or steep climbing. Beast’s large battery capacity could reach a maximum of 100KM of range in single drive mode. With double brake and double shock absorption system support, Beast provides a faster braking response and a more comfortable experience for off-road riding. The removable battery is easy to replace, providing users with more diversified use scenarios.

FIIDO Beast E-Scooter United States

As for the overall design, Beast continues the minimalist futuristic style of Fiido. The overall design is simple, clean, and yet remains tough. Thanks to its aviation-grade magnesium alloy body, the scooter’s weight is only 36.5kg. It also uses Fiido’s exclusive keyless security system, which allows the keypad to control the scooter instead of the key. No more worry about the risk of key loss in the process of off-road riding, which has a sufficient security guarantee.

FIIDO Beast E-Scooter United Kingdom

Fiido Beast has completed the supply chain preparation and plans to start mass production in the middle of this year. In March, it will be launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website and start global pre-ordering. Later it will also be available on Fiido’s official website. 

Features of Fiido Beast Electric Scooter:

  • 1300W Dual-drive motor
  • 11-inch off-road flat tire
  • Removable battery
  • 1536Wh Large battery capacity
  • Dual Drive mode
  • Magnesium alloy design
  • Display: LCD, with USB port
  • Maximum Range: 100KM
  • Brake: Dual Hydraulic brake system
  • Maximum Load: 120Kg

Even though some specs still need to be released, based on what is known so far, as the first electric scooter of Fiido, Beast is a very exciting product, both in terms of design and performance. Fiido’s concept of courage and freedom is strongly expressed in Beast’s product design and functional expression. It’s a nice piece of work which fully pays tribute to every knight who is always keeping ahead, and also pays tribute to every soul who keeps pursuing freedom and dreams. Now all the Outdoor enthusiasts, off-road enthusiasts, E-scooter fans and Go-kart fans can add the Beast electric scooter to this year’s bucket list in advance.

According to Fiido, Beast will be available for pre-orders on Indiegogo in mid-March, and will also be released on Fiido’s website later. According to Fiido’s past two crowdfunding projects, the  early bird price would be announced with a great discount. Let’s wait and see.

“More details and updates can be found on Fiido’s official and social media pages:



Facebook?@Fiido Beast E-Scooter Group


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