Samsung LPDDR5X memory is 1.2X faster than LPDDR5

As we know, Samsung is the biggest memory chip manufacturer globally. And Samsung is always the first to bring new technology in terms of memory chips in the market. A few days ago, the company announced the new Samsung LPDDR5X memory chip cooperating with Qualcomm. According to the reports, the new LPDDR5X also gets the uplift with its performance; according to the reports, the new RAM will be 1.2X faster than the older LPDDR5 RAM.

Samsung LPDDR5X Japan

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About Samsung LPDDR5X RAM:

With the cooperation with Qualcomm, Samsung is mass producing its new LPDDR5X memory chip with the 7.5Gbps bandwidth for Snapdragon smartphones. Also, Samsung states that the new memory chip is 1.2 times faster than its predecessor, which only has the 6.4Gbps bandwidth.

The new Samsung LPDDR5X memory chip will enhance video capturing, image recognition, voice recognition, and natural language processing in the upcoming smartphones of 2022.

Samsung LPDDR5X Memory Chip

The new memory chip from Samsung will also reduce the power consumption in the smart devices with the help of dynamic voltage and frequency scaling.

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The official of Samsung also reveals that the new Samsung LPDDR5X memory chip will be used in more devices other than just smartphones.

You might also wonder, like Samsung, in its official statement, also revealed that the new LPDDR5X will be about 1.3 times faster than its predecessor with the bandwidth of 8.5Gbps instead of 7.5Gpbs. But with this, the company ran into the efficiency problem, so the bandwidth was reduced to get the power consumption level to 20 percent.


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