OPPO Pad First Hands-on Review: Interpretation of Office Entertainment

Technological products are inseparable from trendy design, and easy-to-use tools are inseparable from efficient collaboration. Finally, the Android tablet has ushered in a trendy new player, bringing an eye-catching design and a comprehensive and complete experience. In this article, we will combine the product close-up and actual experience of the OPPO Pad to exploring the tablet PC’s Efficient use and new gameplay.

Features of OPPO Pad:

The monotonous tablet appearance seems to have become the established routine of tablet design, but for young people, the appearance design that can show individuality is good. Especially for tablets, monotonous large-area color matching cannot meet the trend; only innovation can meet the style of young people.

OPPO Pad China


In terms of design, OPPO Pad is ingenious, showing a distinctive design concept and unique design aesthetics. Taking my aurora purple as an example, the design of the spliced ??back panel, matched with colorful purple, will make you fall in love at first sight. At the same time, the streamer crystal diamond plate is fitted with the double grain and double plating process. It is also embellished in the details and texture to achieve a comprehensive Aesthetic and polished, bringing a new idea to flat design.

OPPO Tablet now available to purchase here at just $419 OPPO Pad Artist Limited Edition now available to purchase here at just $519

In addition to the overall design texture, when we consider the details from the whole, we can also explore the ingenuity of OPPO. The embellishment of the right-angle frame ensures that there is no C angle at the junction of the middle frame and the back, which provides more comfort for daily holding. The high-quality hand feel and the large-area flash sand process on the back can also ensure that the grip is free of fingerprints, which echoes the inner lens pattern, extending the layering of the design of the whole machine, allowing the tablet to keep the original color at all times. Aesthetics are always implemented.

OPPO Pad Malaysia

In addition, in my daily use, I can also find the unique easter eggs of Aurora Purple. The faint purple color at night looks like a beautiful night sky. When the sun shines on the tablet, the golden light effect brought by it gives me a double beauty. ‘s amazing experience.


Design is about aesthetics, and configuration is about the experience. A comprehensive and complete design is the key to the experience for tablets. Here we will focus on three aspects and analyze the OPPO Pad in screen, configuration and details.

OPPO Pad Germany


As a visual window, the tablet needs a stunning display and a smooth high brush. OPPO Pad is based on a 2.5K full screen, supplemented by a 120Hz high-speed brush and 2048-level fitting exponential curve dimming to ensure a perfect light transition. The O1 super-sensing image quality engine, through SDR to HDR technology, gives more color and details to the video, ensuring a perfect experience.

OPPO Pad SriLanka


In terms of core configuration, OPPO Pad uses the flagship chip of Snapdragon 870, which can be regarded as the most comprehensive chip selection, which can bring powerful performance and control the heat more effectively. OPPO’s solution for heat dissipation is to arrange multi-layer graphite + silica gel heat dissipation. The heat dissipation area of ??27413mm² covers almost the main heat source output range, effectively controlled at the physical level.

In addition to these, the software level also arranges intelligent charging control with 33W flash charging; in the scene of charging while playing, it can achieve faster charging, and there is no fear of getting hot in the whole scene. We conducted a data test here, and the measured AnTuTu running score was 729778, which is enough to prove the completeness of this configuration combination.

OPPO Pad Denmark

Of course, if you want a good tablet experience, you have to arrange it comprehensively in all aspects. OPPO Pad brings AAC second-generation speakers and four large independent 1.8-1.9cm3 pure sound chambers in terms of sound quality. In terms of sound quality, it has an incredible listening experience. At the same time, it has also passed the Hi-Res certification. Click to reflect the listening experience of the OPPO Pad.

Dolby Atmos Technology:

At the same time, OPPO Pad also supports Dolby Atmos technology for movie viewing scenes. It has deeper optimization and decoding to ensure an immersive experience of movie viewing sound effects in movie viewing scenes. From the sound effect configuration point of view, the OPPO Pad is also fully loaded. After the actual measurement and shock of the speakers, it has an immersive feeling in watching movies and listening to songs, which brings a strong sense of atmosphere.

OPPO Pad Spain

In addition to these configurations that can be perceived through parameters, OPPO Pad has also made great efforts in optimization. AI self-smoothing engine 2.0 can prioritize background applications and intelligently allocate resources according to actual scenarios and usage habits. Make the tablet smooth all the time. And like our most commonly used memory expansion and the ultimate stable frame 3.0 in-game scenarios, OPPO Pad also considers all of them, becoming a divine assistant that cooperates with the configuration.

Office Experience:

Now that we have a comprehensive and complete configuration, we can continue exploring and using it. In my opinion, the rich entertainment of the tablet is only one of the links of use. As a “worker” most of the time… or work. So can OPPO Pad be turned into productivity, let me work efficiently, and achieve fast processing?

Speaking of which, I have to mention ColorOS for Pad. The tablet system is not ready to use. If you want the tablet experience to be in place, the first thing is to optimize the scene for the tablet. The answer given by ColorOS for Pad is a four-finger pinch, two-finger split-screen, parallel windows, and interconnection. Here we share the experience one by one.

Four Finger Pinch:

If it is entertainment, the tablet’s large screen is enough to use, but for efficient work, the emphasis is on multi-threaded processing and responding to various events. At this time, the large screen alone is no longer sufficient. The blessing of a four-finger pinch can realize a personalized small window display, thereby expanding multiple windows.

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In the experience, just as the name suggests, you only need to pinch with four fingers to make the window smaller in seconds. The setting of dragging can be placed at will, and the touch feeling has a feeling of pinching a ball, which is very decompressing.

In this way, when encountering new news, we can quickly change the current window to a floating window, which is convenient for finding data and query information and easily uses the dual functions of viewing and recording.

“Two Finger Split Screen”

If a four-finger pinch is a brilliant floating window display, then a two-finger split screen is a more efficient split-screen method. When you encounter dual applications, you don’t need complicated operations. You only need to swipe down with two fingers to split the screen, bringing a smart and fast split-screen experience.

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This is extremely practical when you need to record urgently or share photos, which greatly simplifies the operation steps and achieves efficient use. At the same time, this operation step does not require difficult learning costs. After getting started, it can be started naturally when needed.

“Parallel Windows”

After the split-screen, when we encounter news previews or online shopping, we need a special function to make browsing more convenient, and this function is the parallel window.

The so-called normal window means that when a new interface is opened, the old interface will not disappear. The content of the primary and secondary interfaces will be presented to avoid repeated jumps.

In actual use, such as shopping apps, news apps, and OPPO Pad can be cleverly connected, showing extended split screens and multiple windows, which brings us more efficient decision-making and maximizes the tablet experience.

“Cross-screen collaboration”

As a large-screen window, the tablet has natural advantages in reading and browsing, but in the office scene, how should we make good use of the advantages of the tablet? This is inseparable from the collaboration between cross-screens. The smooth communication between mobile phones and tablets can bring true portable use.

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The mobile phone screen can be directly projected into the OPPO Pad to realize cross-screen input, reverse control, and efficient operation in the actual office scene. The device I paired here is the OPPO Find X5 Pro. During this period of use, the combination of the two is quite good. When I receive a new job on my mobile phone, I can quickly process it with a large screen when connected to a tablet, giving full play to the advantages and efficiency of the tablet’s large screen so that the work can be completed quickly.

It is worth mentioning that the connection between the tablet and the mobile phone mainly relies on the 5G channel. When connecting, you can search or scan the code to connect automatically. In addition, the OPPO Pad also increases the scanning frequency of BLE and reduces the P2P interaction process, which greatly improves the performance of the mobile phone. Increases the speed and responsiveness of the connection for a consistent and efficient experience.

“OPPO Pencil”

We can choose according to our needs in terms of accessories, with OPPO Pencil or magnetic keyboard.

Since my main office scene is more inclined to writing, I chose OPPO Pencil as an accessory for auxiliary use. As far as my actual perception is concerned, the OPPO Pencil is very cleverly designed, beautiful and durable, and interesting.

OPPO Pad Dubai

In terms of value, OPPO Pencil still uses an ingenious design, exquisite pure white color, very simple and beautiful, and exquisitely shows the external beauty, at the same time, 4096-level pressure sensitivity and side peak writing further show the internal use.

In actual use, it can also be connected with the 120Hz high brush and 240Hz touch sampling rate of the OPPO Pad. The ultra-low latency brings smooth writing, perfectly restoring the touch on paper. For example, I often use it to sign agreements. , while having a sense of ceremony, it is also more convenient. Due to the USI protocol, the connection between the touchpad and the tablet is more stable, online in real-time, and writing in time, and the experience is quite pleasant.

Movie entertainment

In terms of movie viewing entertainment, the 11-inch display with HDR10 and P3 wide color gamut can perfectly present the colors in the movie and bring shocking visual effects. When encountering SDR video, it can also be optimized and converted to HDR to enrich color details and bring perfect viewing.

In addition, in the case of long-term entertainment such as weekends, ambient light adaptation can also be turned on, with 2048-level intelligent backlight, bringing a comfortable experience in a low-brightness environment, coupled with the protection of double eye protection certification, further Guard your eyes.

Indeed, in the experience of entertainment viewing, OPPO Pad shows super-sensing picture quality and sound quality, adding more joy to tablet entertainment.

OPPO Pad Pakistan

Parent-child interaction

Of course, rich entertainment life is inseparable from parent-child interaction. The tablet will naturally attract children’s hearts as a large screen window. In terms of parent-child interaction and learning, OPPO Pad has a built-in learning space, which can satisfy children’s entertainment and learning and bring rich gameplay.

In the space, there is the elaboration of the learning situation and the arrangement of the plan and the rich learning APP so that children can learn to plan from an early age and grow up happily while teaching and having fun.


Overall, OPPO Pad takes trend design as the core, showing the design concept of extreme aesthetics, dynamic humanities, and beautiful technology, which satisfies our enjoyment of the new generation of tablets; and the comprehensive configuration and brand-new office experience provide OPPO. Pad gives stronger creativity, creating an all-around tablet that considers both office and entertainment.

Suppose you pursue trendy design and efficient office experience and hope the tablet can have a more functional experience. In that case, OPPO’s first tablet will not only allow you to try it out but also bring practicality.

OPPO Tablet now available to purchase here at just $419 OPPO Pad Artist Limited Edition now available to purchase here at just $519

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