HONOR Watch GS3 Hands-On Review: Powerful and comprehensive

At the end of the last century, many people had the habit of wearing watches. Later, mobile phones gradually became popular, and many people took off their watches. However, with the continuous development of technology, watches endowed with “smart wings” have become popular again. Popular with the public. As a digital enthusiast, I started wearing smartwatches several years ago. I have been in contact with many brands and models, and I am relatively familiar with such products. Recently, I have been wearing the glory that has not been on the market for a long time, Watch GS3.

What is the design of this popular smartwatch in the market? What are the functions? How was the experience? Is it worth it? Next, I will share my views with you.

Features of HONOR Watch GS3:

Color Variants:

The Honor Watch GS3 has 4 different themed versions of Global Voyage, Streamer Classic, Racing Pioneer, and Glory Moment. The first two are equipped with leather straps, while the latter two are made of fluorine rubber straps, except for the color of the dial shell. In addition to the difference, the price of Global Voyage and Streamer Classic is also 200 yuan higher than that of Racing Pioneer and Glory. The author experienced Racing Pioneer, which has less business style and more sports atmosphere.

Honor Watch GS3 Canada

Honor Watch GS3 now available to purchase at introductory price of $159


Because the strap is detachable, if you want to change the material or color of the strap, it is also very simple. Honor Mall has also launched blue and light gray fluororubber straps. I believe that there will be leather watches soon with accessories.

When I first saw the Honor Watch GS3, I was attracted by its simple and stylish design. It adopts the common round dial design, the black 316L low carbon stainless steel bezel is matched with a 1.43-inch AMOLED color round screen, and the surface is covered with a layer of 3D super-curved glass which looks more classy. The diameter of the dial is 45.9mm, the thickness is only 10.5mm, and the weight is only 44 grams, which is very suitable for Asian wrist wear.

Honor Watch GS3 United States


The display effect of the AMOLED color circular screen equipped with the Honor Watch GS3 is very good. The resolution is as high as 466 x 466, the PPI value of 326 reaches the retina resolution level, the screen color gamut of 100% NTSC and the maximum brightness of 1000nite, whether it is a pattern Or the text, it looks very clear and delicate, and the colors are more gorgeous.

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Physical Buttons:

There are two physical buttons on the right side of the watch that is comfortable to press. The upper right button is the power button. The power button can be switched on and off by long pressing, and the main screen interface can be quickly returned by short pressing. The default in the lower right corner is to enter the exercise menu, but users can customize it according to their preferences, which is quite user-friendly. Of course, the screen supports touch, but it will be more convenient to operate with two physical keys.

Honor Watch GS3 Spain

The bottom case of the watch is made of ABS plastic with a skin-friendly coating, and the touch is good. In the middle of the bottom case, there is also a PPG biological data sensor and two metal charging pole pieces. Unlike the previous Honor Watch, the Honor Watch GS3 is Honor’s first smartwatch equipped with the heart rate monitoring solution “8-channel heart rate AI engine”, which can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen more accurately whether worn daily or during exercise.


The Honor Watch GS3 also integrates a microphone and a speaker on the body, and the system has a built-in music player, which also supports voice calls for incoming calls. You can answer calls without taking out your mobile phone, which is very convenient in actual use.


The charging base is a Type-C interface and adopts a magnetic design. When it is close to the bottom case of the watch, it will automatically attach to the metal pole piece and start charging, and ordinary mobile power can also charge it.

Honor Watch GS3 Malaysia

The Honor Watch GS3 has a built-in 451-mAh lithium battery with fast charging technology. It only takes 5 minutes to charge for a day, and it can be fully revived in less than 1 hour, and it can bring up to 14 days of typical scenes. And 30 hours of battery life for GPS sports scenes can meet most people’s needs.


The waterproof performance of smartwatches is not bad, so is the Honor Watch GS3. Its waterproof level reaches 5ATM (50 meters underwater), so there is no problem swimming or bathing. Put it directly under the tap; rinse it off.

A truly great smartwatch should not only have appearance but also connotation. How about the system control and interface design of the Honor Watch GS3? First of all, its system operates very smoothly and stably. Whether by sliding the screen or pressing the physical button, the system’s feedback and the program’s startup are very fast. The author has used it for about a week and has never encountered a system freeze or freeze—the problem.

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Sports Modes:

For those who like sports, the Honor Watch GS3 will be a good choice because it not only supports 100+ sports modes. It includes 85 custom sports modes and more than 10 professional sports modes. But it also provides users with professional sports Evaluations and suggestions so that users can better understand the effect of exercise.


It is worth mentioning that the Honor Watch GS3 has a built-in high-precision GPS positioning system and adopts five dual-frequency satellite navigation systems. Through the fusion positioning of multiple sensors, the positioning of each outdoor exercise is faster and more accurate, and it can also draw accurate positioning—movement trajectory.

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Other Features:

The author chooses the outdoor walking test that most people like. The Honor Watch GS3 will automatically monitor the heart rate, pace, distance, time, and other data in real-time during the exercise. The movement data is very clear. The watch will also prompt through vibration and voice whenever the exercise reaches a certain small goal. After each exercise, you can view the detailed exercise record through the watch or mobile phone APP. The monitoring data is relatively detailed, and various data are presented in charts, which is very intuitive.


Health App:

The Honor Watch GS3 supporting mobile client is a sports health APP. You need to register an account to log in for the first operation and then perform the device addition operation. A wizard guides this step, so it is relatively simple.

The interface of the Sports Health APP is designed to be concise and orderly. The default “Health” main interface lists various monitoring data in the form of a grid, including steps, medium, and high intensity, exercise records, heart health (heart rate), sleep, Pressure, and other options, so that users can see at a glance when they open the APP. In addition, the main interface also has 4 sub-interfaces of exercise, discovery, equipment, and me, but the two options of “health” and “equipment” are usually used the most.

Honor Watch GS3 now available to purchase at introductory price of $199

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