Skyloong GK61 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

In the past two years, the mechanical keyboard circle has really been very, very winding. Various new shafts, new color schemes, and new themes of keyboards have emerged one after another, which has caused players to become pickier about their eyes and hands. Especially the current mass-produced mechanical gaming keyboards have learned almost all the customized ones, making the current mass-produced keyboards look better and feel better. The Skyloong GK61 I got today is the product of such a key ring.

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Let’s talk about its Specs First:

  • 61-key layout
  • All keys support five-pin, and three-pin hot-swap
  • Customized chocolate shaft
  • Macron color matching GSA ball cap
  • RGB lighting
  • Support full key macro

Of course, there is also the most important patented Lite Gasket structure, which feels softer and elastic.


A very simple packaging box, the silver-gray box has the iconic villain logo and the English characters of the Skyloong GK61. Great feeling from the geek circle.

The SkyLoong’s packaging has always been rich in content, a keyboard, a Type-C data cable, a key puller, a shaft puller, a warranty card, six shafts, and a mysterious white plastic roll.

Skyloong GK61 Design

The appearance of this keyboard is very high, coupled with excellent artistry; it can be said to be beautiful at 360° without dead ends.

The GSA height ball cap is a highlight, and the market price of such a set of keycaps is more than 100.

The back of the keyboard is a silver metal nameplate, which is very customizable.

The RGB backlight brightness is very good, and the default is the streamer and magic mode, which looks very attractive.

The letter area adopts the design of colorful large characters, the different colors are arranged randomly, and the closed characters are clear and round.

The six shafts sent are four red chocolate shafts and two regular red shafts, all of which are customized shafts of the Skyloong GK61. The transparent shaft cover and shaft seat of the red shaft are rare in the market and are very recognizable. The white plastic roll mentioned earlier is opened to a bag, and the inside of the bag is the screws, screw seats, and silicone pads seen in the picture.

This set of screws and silicone pads is the heart of the construction of this nerd keyboard Lite Gasket.

Through the middle layer of silicone cushions covering the entire keyboard and the silicone sleeves on the fixing screws, the keyboard can obtain buffering from the silicone part during the tapping process, reducing the fingers’ impact, improving the hand feel, and eliminating the cavity sound.

Zoom in to see the screw and silicone cover.

This keyboard is divided into a Bluetooth version and a wired version. The one I started with is the wired version. It comes with a braided wire with a gold-plated metalhead, which is good quality.

Skyloong GK61 Use Experience

First of all, it is really special. The smoothness of the chocolate shaft is very good, and the pressure is similar to that of the traditional red shaft. I think it should be close to the level of the 2 yuan shaft. The touch feeling is very comfortable, and the typing is very light, especially after a long time, the fingers will not feel tired. The sound is beautiful, like raindrops, and there is no noise on the big and small keys, especially with the help of silicone and sound insulation cotton; there is basically no cavity sound.

Several function keys are mainly light blue, with beautiful cartoon patterns on them, especially the rainbow and hot air balloons add a touch of childishness to this keyboard. With the backlight, the macaron style of the whole keyboard can be said to be full.

The large key part uses a black and white contrasting satellite shaft, the texture is very good, the hand feels smooth and not fleshy, and there is no noise even if you press it in quick succession. Especially because the space bar is relatively large and heavy, a larger pink shaft is used in this position, which can better balance the consistency of the strike force.

The GSA-height keycaps are not only good-looking but also very good in artistry. The nozzle is opened in a fixed position, and it is very neat. It feels very delicate and matte.

Pull out the shaft body to see the Lite Gasket structure silicone pad, black PCB board, and black buffer mute sponge inside.

The keyboard’s backlighting is more pronounced after turning off the room lights, leaving the screen light behind.

The color scheme of this keyboard strikes me as lively, soft, and harmonious. All keycaps have shading powder, so the light is only exposed from the edge of the keycaps, and since the whole keyboard is warm, the backlight is also more suitable.

In addition, the reserved program of the Skyloong GK61 keyboard, the exclusive driver, and the choice of different backlight modes, you can also customize the key macros.

In addition to the 61-key arrangement, it also has 68 and 84.96 arrangements, which you can choose according to your needs. The 61-key structure is very compact. This arrangement can realize most of the functions of the full-key keyboard through key combinations based on retaining the main keyboard area. It is very space-saving and convenient to carry on the desktop.

Skyloong GK61

Here is an additional explanation for the structure of this Lite Gasket of the Skyloong GK61 is not the same as the traditional Gasket. It is a unique structure of the little bug. The same thing is that they are both buffered by silicone and have soft and flick button feedback. . The difference is that the Gasket is basically fixed by longitudinal pressure, so while getting a better Q-elasticity, it has extremely high requirements on the structure, which brings higher costs and lateral instability. The Lite Gasket is fixed with screws and has double silicone cushioning. Although the maximum cushioning stroke and forces are weaker than the traditional Gasket structure, the cost is lower, and the lateral structure is more stable.


Skyloong GK61 is a very innovative mechanical keyboard brand. From the previous silicone keycaps to the Lite Gasket structure launched at the end of last year, Skyloong GK61 always brings us new experiences. And this macaron color matching keyboard can be regarded as the pinnacle of the Skyloong brand. Compared to the entire market, it is also a first-class standard. It has been well received by my wife and my daughter at home. If you are looking to buy a good gaming keyboard with good looks, full functions, and a good feel, it is definitely the right choice.

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