SuperEQ Q2 Pro hands-on Review: Earbuds with longer battery life

It all began in December 2016, when Apple launched its first-generation Airpods in the market, which the Samsung Galaxy Buds then followed. And soon after, the market was flooded with the clones of these both company’s earbuds. Today in 2022, we have many OEMs manufacturing their earbuds at an affordable price with high-end specs. And now, to stand in the race with their new high-end earbuds comes the OneOdio, which is already in the race with their Fusion A70 and OneOdio A30 earbuds. The sub-brand of the company SuperEQ has now launched its second-generation (SuperEQ Q2 Pro) earbuds at an even lower price and upgraded specs. 

Xiaomi Today received the earbuds from the company, and I have been using them for the last couple of weeks. Looking at the company’s earlier earbuds, I expected them to be more upgraded in every aspect, and my expectations were not let down. 

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The SuperEQ Q2 Pro is a solid choice for customers looking not to spend a lot on their new earbuds. Now, let’s dive into the article to check why the earbuds are good for your daily use and why you need to upgrade your older earphones. 

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Features of SuperEQ Q2 Pro:


A sleek printed box from SuperEQ is designed elegantly from every end with the branding of Q2 Pro on the front and SuperEQ on the top right corner. On the bottom, we can also check the content included in the box with the specs of the earbuds. 

Package included in Box:

1 X SuperEQ Q2 Pro Hybrid ANC Earphones

1 X Type-C charging case

1 X User Manual

3 X Eartips (S, M&L)

As mentioned, the box contains 3 types of ear tips that can be selected as per your ear size. The ear tips push into the ear canal, which helps the active noise cancellation feature. 

The company has used tough plastic in the charging case and is compact, which can easily fit into the pocket. With the help of a Type-C charging cable, it took me about 2 hours to fully charge the charging box, including the earbuds. 

SuperEQ Q2 Pro United States

Touch controls:

After I was all set with ear tips of my size, charging the case, it was time to learn the touch gestures of earbuds. In the user guide, I look at how the gesture and taps work and long presses, which helps in answering the calls, skipping the tracks, and playing and pausing the music. 


When you look at new earbuds in the market, the first question is why I need to buy these. The answer for the SuperEQ Q2 pro is the listening modes, where it stand out from the crowd. At first, when I used them, they were in transparency mode; I was easily open to the surrounding voice of TV, someone talking to me, and footsteps. 

In the second step, I pressed the earbud for a long, and it was switched to the active noise cancellation mode. A women’s voice saying the active noise cancellation mode is turned on will listen. Testing the earbuds with this mode, I used them in my living room with the TV’s volume UP, and the result was I could not hear the volume of the Tv at all. With the volume up on SuperEQ Q2 pro, I can not hear someone trying to talk to me. 

SuperEQ Q2 Pro Malaysia

Last week I was walking on the road, and there was a construction site near my house. I turned on the active noise cancellation mode which helped me mute the volume of hammering. 

Answering the phone call is easy on the new SuperEQ Q2 pro. I had to tap on the earbuds to answer the call, and then I was able to cancel the call with a tap. 

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If you are looking for lighter earbuds, you need to know that the Q2 pro is much lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Buds pro. The weight of SuperEQ Q2 Pro is only 48 grams. Buds are perfect for people with small ear Auricle. 

SuperEQ Q2 Pro Japan


In terms of connectivity, the SuperEQ Q2 pro arrives with Bluetooth 5.2. The latest Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to connect the earbuds easily to your smart devices. 

How to connect SuperEQ Q2 Pro?

Whether you like to connect your smartphone, TV, or PC to the earbuds, you will have to follow simple steps;

  1. Make sure your earbuds are charged.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth from your device, which you like to connect, 
  3. Now open the charging case, which powers on the buds automatically. 
  4. Simply, at last, select SuperEQ Q2 pro from the list in the Bluetooth option. 


The SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds get a 55-mAh battery, while the charging case has a 370-mAh battery inside. As I have been using the earbuds for weeks, I could use the earbuds with ANC on for 7 hours. Even after several charges, the earbuds’ battery is pretty solid and working in the same condition. To charge the charging case, we get the Type-C interface on the charging box, which can charge in just 2 hours, including the earbuds. 

SuperEQ Q2 Pro Canada

Our Verdict:

SuperEQ Q2 Pro is a budget earbuds manufactured not to cut your pocket. These earbuds are meant only for someone looking to buy earbuds under $60. As in the market, we too have earbuds for $100 without ANC. And if you are looking for earbuds near $60-$100, you also need to check out the article of best Chinese earbuds here. 


The SuperEQ Q2 pro is available to purchase from different platforms like the company’s website or AMAZON. I recommend you to use the company’s official website, where you get the 20% off using the code GETQ2PRO at the price of $59. 

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