QCY T17S Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Sports Car light design

Bluetooth headsets are digital products for mobile phone users nowadays, and wireless Bluetooth headsets are more and more popular among young people without the entanglement of wires. With the increasing demand in the Bluetooth headset market, major Bluetooth headset manufacturers have joined the Bluetooth headset market one after another. Faced with a wide variety of Bluetooth headsets from brands on the market, many novice users are inevitably at a loss when choosing. The brand QCY is relatively well-known among domestic Bluetooth headsets. Its Bluetooth headsets are mainly affordable and cost-effective, and many Bluetooth headsets launched have also been praised by many headset users. Today, the author will share with you the evaluation of a new T17S Bluetooth headset that QCY has just launched.

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Features of QCY T17S Earbuds:


Users familiar with the brand QCY may know that the packaging box of QCY is the same. This time, the QCY T17S Bluetooth headset also adopts the same packaging box design as the previous products of QCY.

QCY T17S Malaysia

The front of the QCY T17S is printed with a picture of the headset, the brand logo is printed on the upper left corner, and the three major highlights of the headset, “Bluetooth 5.2, aptx audio decoding and low-latency mode,” are printed on the left.

Open the headset box to see what accessories are equipped with the QCY T17S Bluetooth headset. The QCY T17S Bluetooth headset is equipped with headset × 1 pair, manual × 1, TYPE-C charging cable × 1, ear cap × 2 pairs, accessories information. It is relatively simple, but it is necessary and practical for headphones.

QCY T17S United States


The design of the charging compartment of the QCY T17S Bluetooth headset is unique. This time, the QCY T17S continues the streamlined design. The lights of the sports car inspire the design of the charging compartment. The flip part adopts a transparent lens design to see the charging—the status of the headphones in the warehouse. I think that the design of the charging compartment is quite trendy, and the design of the sports car lights looks very cool.

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The shell material part is designed with smooth piano paint, the appearance looks quite high, and the texture is relatively comfortable to hold in hand.

QCY T17S China

This time, the QCY T17S adopts the same in-ear design as the previous generation. A single earphone weighs only 4.2g. In addition, the earphone adopts a unique “small ear” contour design, which will firmly fit the ear when worn. Outline, even if you exercise vigorously, you don’t have to worry about the earphones falling off.


The QCY T17S Bluetooth headset has been upgraded with Qualcomm’s flagship chip and the newly upgraded Bluetooth 5.2, which can achieve a stable link within a distance of 10 meters. Compared with the previous generation, the Bluetooth transmission performance of the headset is still relatively large. It brings system-level ultra-low latency optimization and a new sound quality effect. Watching live videos or brushing small videos can achieve audio and video synchronization.

In addition, the QCY T17S has upgraded the aptx high-definition audio coding technology. The built-in polymer composite diaphragm unit of the headset can present more delicate and full sound details.

QCY T17S Spain


The QCY T17S Bluetooth headset is equipped with a binaural 4-mic array, coupled with the performance of the Qualcomm CVC algorithm; its call noise reduction function can be said to be powerful. Whether in a noisy subway station or on the street, it can parse and transmit clear speech for you.

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In terms of battery life, the QCY T17S can continuously listen to songs for 7.5 hours when fully charged, and with the use of the charging compartment, it can provide a total battery life of 26 hours. With such strong battery life, even if you travel for a long time, you don’t have to worry about the headset’s power!

QCY App:

By the way, it can also be used in conjunction with downloading the QCY APP to unlock more hidden functions. For example, there is a pop-up window pairing function, and you can also check the remaining power of the headset in the APP. And you can set your favorite sound effects in the APP, and you can also customize the sound effects. This APP can satisfy you with the sound effects you want.

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QCY T17S is still a big upgrade in audio configuration compared to the previous generation. Its in-ear fit auricle design has inherent advantages in noise reduction performance, and it can also be very good when listening to songs with QCY T17S. Good shielding from ambient noise.

Every time I buy a new earphone, I will connect my mobile phone to try out its sound quality for the first time. This QCY T17S also auditioned its sound quality the first time I got it. After my sound quality experience for almost a week, let’s talk to you about my experience with its sound quality!

How about the sound quality performance of “Hotel California”? Pull it out and practice it. The accompaniment of the electric guitar of the intro is still relatively clear to the ear. After more than a minute, the singing in the song and the audience’s cheers sounded at the same time. At that moment, the test of the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset was still relatively large, and the QCY T17S showed the sound quality of the song “Hotel California” very well.

Our Verdict:

QCY T17S, like a Bluetooth headset with a cost of about $15, has upgraded the appearance design of the car lights with a sense of trendy design. I am quite satisfied with its Bluetooth transmission performance and sound quality performance. In particular, you can customize the sound effects you like with the APP, which is powerful.

Buy the new QCY T17S Bluetooth earbuds here at price of just $29

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