Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro TWS Interprets 42 Languages Easy

The Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro TWS smart earbuds can easily interpret 42 languages when paired with the Xiaodu app. It is great news for travelers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, and tourists. Also, these latest wireless earphones feature Bluetooth 5.2, 32hrs battery, 12mm large Dynamic speakers, and 40dB noise cancellation. These smart and multilingual true wireless in-ear headphones support call recordings, have Transparency Mode, and two quick translations/interpretation modes. There is an In AI Translator Mode and a Simultaneous Interpretation Mode. So, you can order food, shop, or communicate on foreign tours with ease.

Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro Xiaodu Du Du Smart Buds Pro smart earbuds wireless earphones earbuds

Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro TWS Earbuds Helps in Communicating and Translating Foreign Languages

You can pair these wireless earphones with Xiaodu App on a smartphone to communicate, attend meetings, do memos, record calls, translate in real-time, and more. The Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro smart earbuds offer the best technology for barrier-free communication, 42 language translations in real-time, order delivery, or wayfinding on international tours. There is also a Transcription function plus real-time voice recording for doing memos and automating writing. So, lawyers, students, or businessmen can transcribe speeches, meetings, memos, etc. These true wireless stereo earphones can pick sounds emitted in front of you in real-time for transcription features.

Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro Xiaodu Du Du Smart Buds Pro smart earbuds wireless earphones earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds Features

The pro version of the latest Xiaodu Bluetooth earphones has some of the flagship-level specs. There are oversized 12mm Dynamic drivers made up of strong neodymium magnet material to enhance sound. Also, the Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro TWS earbuds have AI and big data-enabled tuning from professionals at Baidu Acoustic Laboratory. Thus, you hear immersive music, gaming, or voice sounds. You can use it with both iOS and Android for smart voice call recordings. Each wireless earphone can last up to 7hrs and up to 35hrs with the charging case and noise-reduction off. You can also charge for only 10minutes for a 2hr playback. The Bluetooth 5.2 tech offers ultra-low latency for gaming and wireless operation.

Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro Xiaodu Du Du Smart Buds Pro smart earbuds wireless earphones TWS

AI-Enabled 3 Microphones, High-Precision Touch Sensor, IPX4 Water-Proof, and AI-Enabled Superpowers

There is an auto-pause function because of the high-precision touch sensors when you take off the earbuds. So, when you wear these, auto-play is activated. Also, the Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro uses three AI-Enabled microphones with wind noise detection to reduce background noises. The new wireless earphones use AI-Enabled Superpowers for simultaneous translations and voice recordings with support for 42 languages. There is an IPX4 waterproof and dustproof rating for daily use at the gym or during workouts.


Price and Availability

The Xiaodu Du Smart Buds Pro TWS earbuds are now available for purchase at an exclusive discount. Initially, these are valued at 114.91 USD. However, you can buy these at Aliexpress for 91.92 USD for a limited time. We will admire it if you use our affiliate link if you plan to buy. You pay nothing extra and show that you appreciate our work and help us get coffee when we work. Thanks a million.

Original Price: $114.91        Sale Price: $91.92

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