70mai M500 Dash Cam review

A good memory is not as good as bad writing, and the old driver cannot do without the dash cam. I have been driving for nearly ten years, and I have encountered a lot of small cuts and rubs in daily life. I thought about how an old driver like me might encounter a rear-end collision until the last time. After the accident, I still had to install a 70mai M500 Dash Cam to ensure my driving safety.

Although I am an old driver, I am a “novice” in choosing a dash cam, so I have done my homework. There are three functions that I need, so I also choose according to these three most practical functions:


  1. The effect of high-definition recording is required, and high-definition recording does not need too much explanation.
  2. There must be parking monitoring. Otherwise, the car is parked and hung up without knowing who did it.
  3. Installation must be simple; the screen is not just needed.


After sorting out the above needs, I started to choose the dash cam. The screen in the dash cam is not important to me, especially when driving for a long time at night. If the dashcam screen is on, it will distract the driver, so The screen is passed directly on my side. When choosing a dash cam, I found an interesting product, that is, the 70mai M500, which is a dash cam that supports a 4G SIM card. The remote mobile phone can check the situation in front of the vehicle, which is very interesting, and other Aspects also meet my needs, so I start directly.

I started with M500 Silver Wing Gray + 4G Bracket + Parking Monitoring Cable. The last two accessories are optional, and you can choose according to your preferences. There are a lot of accessories, but each one has its function. The parking monitoring line is different from the power connection line. You need to open the fuse box of the vehicle for installation. If you do not understand the vehicle circuit or have a little less hands-on ability, it is recommended to go to an authorized professional store for installation.

70mai M500

Oh, by the way, there is also a customized IoT card from China Unicom in the accessories, which will give 1G traffic every month, and you can also order packages in the APP according to your needs. This traffic is completely sufficient for the usual remote retrieval of vehicle surveillance video.

Design of 70mai M500

The main driver’s field of vision is limited, so too much equipment installed in the car is a hidden danger for the driver, so the compact dash cam has become the driver’s first choice. The 70mai M500 driving dash cam adopts a very compact design, and the size is very similar to that of a lady’s lipstick. When I installed it, it was fixed directly behind the interior rearview mirror, and it would not affect the driving vision if it were hidden.

In front of us, we saw a relatively large lens assembly. This lens has a resolution of 1944P, a 170° super-wide-angle, and a large aperture of F2.0, which is considered a very high configuration among the similar dash cam products I have inquired about. I believe that recording at night will also have a good performance, and there will be pictures taken at night later.

Because my home is in the northeast, I have concerns about the working environment temperature of the dash cam. According to the official data query, the temperature and humidity of the working environment of this dash cam are between -10°C and 60°C. I don’t need to worry about the low temperature because the large vehicle will stay in the parking space underneath for some time, and I have also measured the high temperature in the car in summer. The highest temperature can reach 55°C at noon. This temperature is not a problem for the dash cam. In addition, a lot of heat dissipation can be seen on the fuselage. Opening holes can more flexibly respond to changes in ambient temperature brought about by the changing seasons.

Installation of 70mai M500

If you want to install the parking monitoring line, there are three ways. The first is to get power through the indoor light because the reading light is directly powered from the battery after parking, and the key door is closed. The second is to choose the fresh-keeping box. The control contact, the third built-in USB interface of some models, is always powered and controlled by the key door.

It is recommended to pair the dash cam before installation to ensure the position of the dash cam and meet the ambitious vision. Generally, the A-pillars on both sides can be seen smoothly.

Although the driving dash cam itself has memory, we can also choose a larger version according to our needs, but it does not support memory card expansion. Just because the simple extraction method can also be taken home and inserted into the computer to read in the form of a U disk, these two methods are faster than taking out the TF card alone, so I chose the 64G storage version.

Why should I choose a 4G stand-alone such as 70mai M500?

The standard bracket of the fuselage can meet the daily driving record function, but we cannot complete some functions that require network support.

Smart aspect of 70mai M500

In terms of intelligence, the 4G bracket provides very good support. At this time, we can use the vehicle positioning to go directly according to the positioning. Find your car in the past.

In the 70mai APP, you can see various features on the home page, such as remote monitoring, vehicle location, electronic fence, and other functions. Among them, the electronic fence is also very interesting. I think it is more suitable for official vehicles or some specific occasions. When the vehicle leaves this area, it will be pushed in the APP further to understand the location and status of the vehicle.

Record monitoring of 70mai M500

The function of remote monitoring is very interesting. After combining the above functions, we can directly view the real-time status of the front of the vehicle when the vehicle vibrates. I also recorded a moving picture to show the status of the front of the vehicle, not to mention the network. It is more convenient to view the vehicle status with support.

As for the actual imaging effect of the driving dash cam, I will directly give you a few pictures of the actual status day and night. First of all, the lane can directly cover the three lanes in front. In the screenshot of the video, you can see the number of the vehicle that can be seen visible. On a dark day with insufficient light, it was not affected by the billboards and street lights on the roadside, and the information of the vehicle ahead was still clearly visible.

Tips: This dash cam supports voice control. For example, if I want to take pictures or videos, I can use voice control to take pictures and videos. This is how the pictures in my article come from.

I captured a video recording while driving. The actual recording effect is very good. It can be seen from the pictures taken above, but the motion picture is compressed and cannot show the actual picture quality.

Summarize of 70mai M500 Review

Both new and old drivers will fall in love with this dash cam. First of all, it has a strong image capability and can ensure excellent recording quality both day and night. Second, it supports remote connections. You can still manage your car in other places. The third parking monitor and 4G bracket are the best companions.


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