SuperEQ S1 Headphones Review: Unique Budget Headphones

In this emerging technology, we all are sounded by in-ear earbuds from the last few years. Using these in-ear wireless earbuds, we might have forgotten about the headsets. But Xiaomi Today is here to collaborate on the new wireless headsets from SuperEQ. Xiaomi Today gets the opportunity to review the new budget wireless headset (SuperEQ S1). Let’s dive into the test done on the new headset and do you need to buy these.

Features of SuperEQ S1 Headphones:

SuperEQ S1 Unboxing:

In the fantastic colorful box, SuperEQ is placed in the fantastic and clean box in the vibrant packing. The outer box arrives with the quote “Be Young Be Free” this might be the quote for the new headphones from the company. When we moved to the inner box, it got the image of headsets with the branding on the top right corner. Unboxing the inner box, we see the SuperEQ S1 headphones placed in it along with the 3.5mm audio cable, an airplane adapter, and the USB charging cable. Along with this company also provides the carrying bag of good quality.

Active noise cancellation headphones

SuperEQ S1 Design:

Taking the headphones out of the box, the device looks astonishing in the first look. They look like a pretty portable device that can be folded easily and packed in the carrying bag provided in the box. If you are a frequent traveler, you will find these headphones easy to carry, as they do not occupy much space.

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When the headphones are unfolded, they look much similar to the other headphones in the market. The big difference you get in the new SuperEQ S1 headphones is the cups on both sides are open. The reason for this is to support active noise cancellation. So, overall if you are a frequent headphone user and looking for a cheaper headphone, you will be in love with these active noise cancellation headphones.

SuperEQ S1 Headphones now available for purchase at just $52.19

SuperEQ S1 Headphones United States

Xiaomi Today learned that the headphones are available in two color variants, i.e., Black and White. As we have only received the black headphones, the company provides the red clashing design on the inside of the headband. And on both sides of the device, we can see the branding batch of the SuperEQ slogan. Along with this, we can see the metal finish on the top and the matte finish. As we have already mentioned, the headphones are most probably similar to the other ordinary headphones in the market, and there is nothing much special in the design aspects. The difference the S1 headphones make is the price, making it a special product in this range.

Wearing Comfort:

This is always a question from customers: Is the headphone comfortable for the long term, or will gamers be in love with them? The answer is Yes, as the company has worked hard to provide comfort in the headphones. As mentioned above, the sides of the cup are open with foam made from leather material, offering a good fit for the ears. When I put these headphones on, I feel very comfortable with the soft finish, which covers my ears and does not squeeze them.

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I used the headphones for about 3 hours watching a movie, and I feel comfortable using the headphones. Also, the retractable headband of the top is so soft and user-friendly which can be adjusted easily according to the head of the user.

After three days of use, I can see a small drawback in terms of design. The drawback is when I tried to adjust the length of the headband; the SuperEQ S1 headphone became loose. But when using the same position for the long term, the headphones adjust themselves.

SuperEQ S1 Connectivity:

In terms of connectivity, there are four physical buttons on the right side, three near to the ear and one on the bottom. The single button at the bottom is to controls the active noise cancellation. And from the three buttons, the center one is to power ON/OFF the headphones. Whereas the other two on the up and down increase and decrease the volume. Also, these two buttons can help the user to switch between the songs. If you like to use the SuperEQ S1 headphones with the wire, we also get the 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom. Or, in the airplane, you can attach your headphones using the 3.5mm to watch the movies or listen to songs on the plane.

SuperEQ S1 Headphones

The downside, which I think is the charging port, which is still the macro-USB rather than the type-C port.

To connect the headphones to your devices, we get the AAC Bluetooth encoding providing better sound quality. The company focuses more on the heavy bass, which gives the best sound quality in all adjustments, i.e., pop music, Jass, or rock.

Active Noise cancellation headphones 2022

When I turned on the active noise cancellation, the noise was reduced significantly. When working out on the ground or in the gym, the SuperEQ S1 headphones work quite effectively. The maximum noise reduction strength is 33db which is not enough, but enough for a cheaper headphone.

SuperEQ S1 Battery:

In terms of battery, the new SuperEQ S1 headphones can be used for about 45hours if we use them at a 60% volume setting. The great battery will allow you to use them for days. Xiaomi Today is still working on the headphones, checking the battery using the ANC for the long term. But overall, we recommend that users buy these new headphones.

Below are the buy links for the new headphones:

SuperEQ S1 Headphones now available for purchase at just $52.19

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Amazon US: $52

Amazon UK: $52

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